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Chapter 60 Traps

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    "Hey, this can't be solved! It's probably a new trap set up by the master! Be careful, everyone, I'm afraid there are other weirder traps!" Xiao Ya's voice had just reached everyone's ears, but Lan Zeyu was not careful.  When it touched a branch, a huge cage fell down, imprisoning Lan Zeyu and the innocent Dongfang Mo standing beside it!

    It seems that only Xiao Ya is safe, Xiao Ya inspected the surroundings with sharp eyes, and immediately squatted down, a row of sharp bamboos brushed past Xiao Ya's head!

    It seems that only Xiao Ya is safe, Xiao Ya inspected the surroundings with sharp eyes, and immediately squatted down, a row of sharp bamboos brushed past Xiao Ya's head!

    Xiao Ya then quickly dodged the chili powder that fell from the tree, then narrowed his eyes, and saw the white figure on a tree not far away!  He jumped onto the tree in three steps and two steps. Just as his slender arm touched the shoulder of the old man Copper Leaf, the old man Copper Leaf threw it over his shoulder and fell to the ground gorgeously.  Turning around and jumping down from the tree, a bag of powder was sprinkled over, and he passed out before he could get up!

    When Xiao Ya woke up, he saw that he was already in the courtyard of Fengyun Villa, and he and four other people were tied up together. This rope was specially made by the master, and he couldn't break it!

    "Ya, you finally woke up!" Lan Xuanqi roared anxiously: "Didn't you say it's okay? What's going on now? Your so-called master tied us up?"

    "I thinkthe matter is more than that simple!" As expected of Qiao Yuhao, Qiao Yuhao was very calm in this situation, and the evil smile on his face was even more relaxed.

    "Master, why did you tie me up, Mo and our friends!" Xiao Ya said in puzzlement to the old man who didn't have a hippie smile in front of him.

    "Hmph, this should be me asking you! What did you do to Tong? What happened to Tong's face? Tong wants me to kill you! Tong said, if you go up the mountain! Kill, there will be no pardon!"  Old Man Ye still imitated Mu Yetong's cold and ruthless tone, and the five people could also feel a little bit helpless from Old Man Tong Ye's imitation.

    "Hitomi, what's wrong with her face?" Lan Zeyu asked hurriedly, staring at the old copper leaf questioning with his eyes wide open, his tone was very bad.

    "Shut up! Now your life is in my hands, I can kill you!" The old man Tongye was very dissatisfied with Lan Zeyu's tone, glared at Lan Zeyu, and shouted!

    "Master according to your temper, although you will listen to Tong's wordsbut you must be curious about what happened between us! Right? So you won't kill us for the time being, right? Anyway, it's easy for you to kill us,  Right?" Dongfang Mo spoke weakly, according to the old man's childishness and curiosity, Dongfang Mo followed the old man's voice softly!

    "Of course!" The old man Tongye said triumphantly: "My old man Tongye's martial arts are superb!" Sure enough, Dongfang Mo snickered, and the old man Tongye was still so childish!

    "So masteryou untie us and let us explain to you! Anyway, we can't escape, right?" Xiao Ya followed the steps, and complimented the childish old copper leaf with a smile!

    "Well, anyway, you can't escape!" The vanity of the old man Copper Leaf was satisfied, so he naturally agreed to their request in a daze, walked over, and untied the rope in Xiao Ya's hand.  As soon as he got off the rope, when the old man Tongye was about to untie Dongfang Mo's rope, Xiao Ya, who was standing behind him, smiled strangely, and tapped the old man's back twice!

    Then he quickly untied everyone's ropes, and when the old man Copper Leaf was about to break through the acupuncture points, he quickly clicked on the acupuncture points all over the old man's body.

    "Master, I'm sorry! Although I don't know the situation, Tong is hiding from us. It seems that there has been some misunderstanding. When the misunderstanding is cleared up, Mo and I will come back and explain to the master to apologize, but now there is an emergency, so forgive me!"  Xiao Ya walked in front of Old Man Tongye, and Mo also walked over from the left.

    The two knelt down in a tacit understanding, and kowtowed three times in front of the copper leaf old man.

    Then he took out a very strange bottle from the old man's pocket, looked at it, and smiled.  Then he took the four people behind him and went down the mountain from another direction!

    The place to go is Yunguo, look for Mu Yetong!

    Just after going down the mountain, after a day's journey, they stopped in an inn. Five people just sat down, and most people's eyes were all on those five people!

    Lan Xuanqi looked around, not used to this kind of gaze, and then coughed, some people's eyes shifted, but there were still some!  Lan Xuanqi frowned tightly: "What did they do?Well always look at us!  I'm not used to it!  "Lan Xuanqi said softly in a low voice!

    After hearing this, Lan Zeyu looked around suspiciously: "It's really like this!"

    Xiao Ya was silent, but he was snickering, Dongfang Mo sat obediently and shook his head incomprehensibly!

    Qiao Yuhao finally explained with a sinister smile: "Heh just the looks of the five of us are already very rare in this small town, not to mention the silk on our bodies is also very expensive, of course I'm curious!"

    Yes, Xiao Ya with a face like a fairy, Qiao Yuhao with an evil face, Lan Xuanqi with a domineering face, Lan Zeyu with a cute face, and Dongfang Mo with a cold face, naturally they are all in this ordinary town.  Very eye-catching scenery!

    "This" Lan Xuanqi suddenly realized, but became embarrassed

    "Let's go to the box!" Xiao Ya finally stopped laughing, stood up and said!

    "Okay, okay!" Lan Zeyu smiled, and immediately agreed!

    When five people stood up and walked towards the box

    A shout came from a table not far away

    "Damn, I'm giving you face, but you are shameless!" Qiao Yuhao raised his head and looked at the ceiling helplessly when he heard this voice, and pressed his temple with a headache. Why does this happen every time?  !  It seems that some of them must be joining in the fun!  (Remember the site URL:
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