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Chapter 61 Trouble

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    "Hey? Look what happened over there!" Lan Zeyu was the first to react, pointing his finger at the place where the commotion happened.

    "That's right, what's the matter?" The two princes and emperors who have been staying in the palace all the time and don't know the suffering in the world naturally don't understand that these things are already common events!

    Xiao Ya pursed her lips. Normally, if Tong was around, she would definitely make a move if Tong was interested. If Tong was not interested, she and Mo would not care about it!  Normally, Hitomi would not let herself and Mo meddle in their own business!  Now that Hitomi is not around, I really want to help others!

    Dongfang Mo stared blankly at the front, and frowned at the scene in front of him!

    Just when the dirty hand of the big escort was about to touch the girl, Dongfang Mo stepped in front of the big escort, and grabbed the dirty hand with his slender arm!  The big guy at the head of the bodyguard couldn't exert any strength at all!

    "Warning, don't meddle in your own business!" The escort head frowned, and shook off Dongfang Mo's hand with his other hand!

    "Get out!" Dongfang Mo glanced at the woman lying on the ground sobbing, and then roared at the big man!

    "You have to be acquainted, my uncle is the magistrate of this county!" The big man said triumphantly!

    "" Dongfang Mo hesitated!  This will definitely cause trouble, and Hitomi will definitely blame But Mo was startled, Hitomi is no longer by my side!  Then he backed away in frustration, and returned to Xiao Ya's side, as if he had forgotten that he was going to help others!

    "Hmph, be afraid! I told you to stop meddling in other people's business!" The big man behind him proudly taunted Dongfang Mo's back!

    Lan Xuanqi and Lan Zeyu seemed to understand the situation. With a smile on the corner of Lan Zeyu's mouth, he rushed forward and punched the big man!  The big man fell on the table with difficulty, the table couldn't bear the pressure and collapsed!

    "You dare to hit me! Come on! Give them a good meal! Beat the four people next to them!" The big man stood up and shouted angrily!  The servants and bodyguards next to him also followed!  rushed up!

    "You guys can really cause me trouble!" Qiao Yuhao and Xiao Ya sighed at the same time, and said in unison!

    Afterwards, the four people looked at each other and smiled, Lan Zeyu also turned his head helplessly and shrugged at those four people!  Expressing helplessness, there was still a smile on the corner of his mouth.

    "It's really annoying!" Lan Xuanqi impatiently punched the servant who rushed over to him!

    Lan Zeyu also kicked away the two big men behind him!

    After a while, the five people solved those troublesome people cleanly!

    "Youyou wait for me!" The big man fled with the people behind him!

    "Please change to something new next time! It's very old-fashioned!" Lan Zeyu smiled, revealing two dimples, and replied mockingly!

    The five of them had just finished dealing with those useless big men, and then walked into the box to prepare for dinner

    LAN Zeyu paused, walked up to the bullied woman, took out a handkerchief from his arms, smiled faintly, and wiped it on the woman's face!

    The woman sitting on the ground stared blankly at Lan Zeyu, not to mention that the five godlike men saved her, but this cute man with a baby face in front of her gently wiped the dust off her face,  Wowso handsomeso gentle!  Fair complexion, delicate features with a touch of handsomeness, handsome with a touch of gentleness!  The aura exuding from him is so complicated, like a mixture of various auras, but amidst those tenderness and handsomeness, there is also his own unique ethereal and handsome!

    The woman stared blankly Lost her soul!

    "Hey" Lan Zeyu raised his hand and shook it in front of her suspiciously. The woman finally regained her soul, ah, why did she lose her soul from obsession?  The woman lowered her head shyly!

    Lan Zeyu took out a silver ticket from his bosom: "Live a good life in the future, if you are not so lucky next time, someone will save you!" With a faint smile, a gentle breath enveloped the woman!

    Lan Zeyu put the handkerchief into the woman's hand, then got up to leave, but the woman grabbed Lan Zeyu's sleeve!

    "Take me in, please? I am willing to be an ox or a horse! Please" The woman's tears rolled in her eyes, and she looked very pitiful.

    "Huh? But you can rely on yourself and stay by my side without being wronged!" Lan Zeyu asked puzzled.

    "No! Please! Mo'er is willing to be a cow or a horse!" The woman kowtowed and begged!  Tears rolled down drop by drop.

    "Thisalright!" Lan Zeyu said in embarrassment: "Then he lifted the?Lady, bring it to the box!  "

    Five people walked into the box together!

    "Masters, the slaves are called Mo'er! Qianmo!" Qianmo said with a slight bow.

    "WellActually, you don't have to be so polite, just call us by name!" Xiao Ya has always been approachable.  Qian Mo's eyes fell on Xiao Ya's face!

    Can't help murmuring: "Huh goblin" Can't help covering her mouth and saying in surprise!

    "Um I'm not a fairy! My name is Xiao Ya, you can call me Ya!" Xiao Ya smiled helplessly and said innocently.

    "Oh sorry!" Qian Mo said with an embarrassed smile.

    "My name is Lan Zeyu, you can also call me Yu!" Lan Zeyu secretly smiled, and then continued.

    "And me, my name is Qiao Yuhao!" When Qianmo's eyes fell on Qiao Yuhao, he was even more shocked!

    "You are you really a man?" Qian Mo couldn't help but wonder, his eyes were as clear as crystals immersed in water, but the corners of the eyes were slightly raised, making them look charming.  Pure pupils and seductive eye shapes are wonderfully fused into a very beautiful style, thin lips, the color is as light as water.  Qiao Yuhao is so alluring, he doesn't look like a man no matter what!

    "Otherwise" Qiao Yuhao came to Qianmo's side in a flash, and raised Qianmo's chin with his slender fingers, making Qianmo look directly at him: "Could it bedo I look like a woman?" The voice was full of  Magnetism, the breath spit on Qianmo's flushed face Qianmo's ears turned red!  (Remember the site URL:
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