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Chapter 65 Arrival

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    Just like that Before I knew it, I had already arrived in Yunguo!

    Planning to enter the palace to look for Mu Yetong, it would be inconvenient to use Lan Xuanqi's identity, so Lan Zeyu showed Lan Xuanqi's token to the guard, so the prince paid a visit!

    On the other side, Mu Yetong read the letter passed by the old man Tongye, and knew that Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya had come to find him. Mu Yetong was not too worried, but the hatred in his eyes became more and more  thicker and thicker!

    It's a pity that the old man Tongye missed the other three people!  When Han Mingfeng had settled down, Mu Yetong was ready to ask for the condition that Han Mingfeng had agreed to!

    "Ye Tell me, should I go get my reward back?" Mu Yetong sat on a chair, playing with her fingernails, and asked evilly Wanyan Ye who was sitting next to her shaking her head!

    "Of course! It's exciting to watch now! Otherwise, I was so worried when I was in the building recently. Only when I am by your side is the most at ease, the most comfortable and the most interesting!" And there is no need to put on a mask to be a person, let alone pretend  Make a cold and evil look!

    The door suddenly opened at this moment!  Perhaps Han Yuze overheard the conversation just now!

    "Ruo, I'm here! I heard that Lan Zeyu, the prince of Fengguo, came to our Yunguo as a guest!" Han Yuze chattered endlessly as soon as he came in, Mu Yetong frowned, picked up the pastry on the table,  Gently tossing it, Han Yuze's mouth was sealed: "Uhuhhhhhh! Cough cough!" Han Yuze successfully swallowed the delicious pastry, but he was also successfully choked!

    Wanyan Ye shrugged helplessly, poured a cup of tea and handed it to Han Yuze, then was in a daze Lan Zeyu?  Fortunately, it wasn't Lan Xuanqi, but I don't know if Lan Zeyu came to look for Tong?  It should be impossible, right?

    And Mu Yetong was also shocked, didn't Lan Zeyuhe came back?  It seems that there are three possibilities!  First, he knows everything?  But don't care, just come to visit?  Second, he still doesn't know all of this for the time being?  Just to be a guest?  Third, did he know everything and came to find himself with Ya Mo?  Mu Yetong would rather hope for the second type!  The third kind is unlikely, because my uncle didn't write it in Feige's biography!

    "Yu Ze! The wind king you mentioned, Lan Zeyu, is only here as a guest? So you are still resting in the guest room, right?" Mu Yetong stood up, holding a teacup in his hand, and asked softly!

    "Well that's right! It should be like this!" Before Han Yuze could finish his sentence, Mu Yetong's eyes flashed!

    "Ye, let's go find Han Mingfeng!" Mu Yetong's voice was still in the air, and the figure had already jumped out!

    "Where are you going? I'm going too!" Han Yuze habitually joined in the fun and immediately followed!

    "Hey, there's still me, don't leave me behind!" Wan Yanye just realized that he was the one who helped Tong, right?  Hitomi wants to go with her by herself, but they are better off, leave her alone and get out of the way first!  Wanyanye thought for a while, Tongis he going to ask for a reward?  But what's the rush?

    Mu Yetong, who was ahead of him, didn't think so. Before Ya and Mo arrived and Lan Zeyu didn't know about it, he asked for the reward early, and then he was ready to go and get back what belonged to him.  To return what they owed themselves, nowis not the time yet!

    Mu Yetong had just stepped into the imperial study room where Han Mingfeng was, Han Yuze also followed, and Wanyan Ye also caught up panting!

    "Han Mingfeng, I'm here to claim my reward! You agreed to my conditions a few days ago, and I'm here to claim it!" Mu Yetong said bluntly.

    "Okay you" Before the words fell, the voice of the eunuch outside the door had already sounded, and Mu Yetong's ear power also absorbed the breath of the surrounding people!

    "No, Han Mingfeng, I'll hide first, don't say I'm here!" Han Mingfeng and Han Yuze were panicked when they saw this Han Xunruo for the first time!  Mu Yetong has already turned around and went behind the screen!  Then the agile Han Yuze also flashed over!

    Wanyan Ye originally planned to hide together, but it was too late!

    Those six people have arrived!

    "Ah, it turns out that the prince of the Feng Kingdom is here! We are welcome!" Han Mingfeng was the first to react, and said politely!

    "Hey? Wanyan Ye! You're here too!" Dongfang Mo pointed at Wanyan Ye in surprise and exclaimed!  Qiao Yuhao and Xiao Ya gave Dongfang Mo a supercilious look for free, and Wanyan Ye's presence meant that Tong must be here!  Need you to emphasize?

    "Hehe" Wanyanye laughed awkwardly a few times, regretting why he couldn't move so fast, so he didn't have to be so embarrassing when he hid!

    "I'll cut to the chase! I'm here to find Mu Yetong!" Lan Zeyu was the first to step forward and said to Han Mingfeng and Wanyan Ye.??!

    Wanyan Ye remained silent, but Han Mingfeng asked in confusion, "Who is Mu Yetong?"

    "Mu Yetong is what you call the envoy of Fengguo, Han Xunruo!" Just as Lan Zeyu was about to speak, Xiao Ya took it!

    "Are you" Han Mingfeng tilted his head and asked puzzledly!

    "I am Xiao Ya, the owner of the Western Commercial Building!" Xiao Ya bowed respectfully to express his courtesy, and then introduced the people around him: "This is Qiao Yuhao, the owner of the Southern Merry Building, and this is Dongfang Mo, the owner of the Western Mysterious Building.  And this is" Xiao Ya hesitated when he introduced Lan Xuanqi!

    "Stop talking so much nonsense! Tell me, where is Tong!" Lan Xuanqi said impatiently!  A trace of surprise flashed in Han Mingfeng's eyes. This man's temperament is very domineering. If he guessed right, it should be Lan Xuanqi, the Sage of Fengguo, right?

    Mu Yetong, who was behind the screen, suddenly heard that Dongfang Mo was the owner of the Western Mysterious Building. He was surprised and discouraged!

    Qiao Yuhao naturally sensed this peculiar smell, frowned and said, "There is someone behind the screen!"

    "Hey? Is it Tong?" Lan Xuanqi rushed forward and lifted the screen!

    The screen was opened like this, Wanyanye and Han Mingfeng sweated a lot, and what appeared in front of everyone

    "Who are you?" Lan Xuanqi picked up Han Yuze's collar and asked!

    "Me?" Han Yuze hesitated for a moment Then he quickly patted Lan Xuanqi's hand away, then moved his legs slightly, and arrived behind Han Mingfeng.  figure!  (Remember the site URL:
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