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Chapter 66: Memories (1)

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    Lan Zeyu also stepped forward in doubt: "There is clearly the smell of pupils? Why isn't it here?"

    Xiao Ya and Qiao Yuhao looked at each other and smiled Xiao Ya picked up the small stone in his hand and popped it out Qiao Yuhao also started at the same time, the stone shot straight at the beam, and then fell straight down from the beam  The figure Qiao Yuhao jumped into the air perfectly, and caught the person who fell from the beam!

    The way of holding Mu Yetong in the princess hug was perfect, and she spun around and landed on the ground perfectly, then turned around holding Mu Yetong!

    "Tong? Let me tell you, Tong is right here! So he hid on the roof beam!" Lan Zeyu finally saw Mu Ye Tong, beaming with joy, slowly smiling on his face, the small dimples appeared even more obvious.  cute.

    "Hitomidon't hide anymore, if you insist on being a little mouse, we'd be more than happy to be that tabby cat looking for you!" Qiao Yuhao turned to the masked Mu Ye with an evil and gentle face.  Tong said, and blew on Mu Yetong's forehead. As they expected, Mu Yetong didn't blush, shy and panicked, but just looked at Qiao Yuhao calmly and coldly!

    "Why are you covering your face? It's in the way!" Standing next to Qiao Yuhao, Lan Zeyu asked suspiciously, reaching out to remove the black veil from Mu Yetong's face, Mu Yetong's pupils shrank  , quickly escaped from Qiao Yuhao's arms, and then flashed to Wanyan Ye and Han Mingfeng's side, the speed was so fast that even Han Yuze was amazed!

    "What pupils come and go! My name is Han Xunruo, and besides, I don't understand what you said earlier about mice and cats!" Mu Yetong replied calmly with a calm face.

    None of the five of them thought that Mu Yetong would answer like this!

    "How come What's wrong with you, Tong!?" Lan Zeyu was about to step forward to hold Mu Yetong in doubt, but was stopped by Mu Yetong's roar!

    "I'm not what you call Mu Yetong! My name is Han Xunruo!" Mu Yetong roared at Lan Zeyu.

    "Tong! I remembered everything! You clearly know that Han Xunruo is Mu Yetong, and Mu Yetong is Han Xunruo, why deny it!" Xiao Ya rushed forward and grabbed Mu Yetong's wrist and asked!

    "No! If Han Xunruo is Han Xunruo, Mu Yetong is Mu Yetong! Mu Yetong was ruined by you and Mo! But Han Xunruo is different! Han Xunruo doesn't care about anyone! None!" Mu Yetong  Ye Tong threw Xiao Ya away, and Xiao Ya was knocked away several meters by Mu Yetong's palm force!  If Dongfang Mo hadn't caught Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya might have been injured, right?

    Dongfang Mo had just stabilized Xiao Ya, then he rushed forward and slapped Mu Yetong, the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth was bleeding "Tong, I want to wake you up, you owe us all  Yes! Do you know how worried we are about you? The moment we thought you were dead, we felt like the sky was falling! And you? You are free and easy in the cloud country, we know your whereabouts, and we have worked so hard to chase you  , was almost beaten to death by the master, and finally got here, but you actually denied it and wanted to hide from us, so be sober! This is not a game, it¡¯s not fun!"

    Mu Yetong's beautiful eyes slowly lifted upfull of hatredwith a hoarse voice: "Youwhat right do you have to hit me? A game!? Do you think it's a game? You are sad, but what about me?  Have you ever thought about my feelings? Who came to comfort me when I escaped death? Who was by my side when I was hurt? Xiao Ya lost his temper with me the moment before I almost died! What qualifications do you have to blame?  Me?!" Mu Yetong's tears welled up in her eyes, but they couldn't fall down again and again: "You slapped me this time, I don't owe you anything! But I want you to owe me forever!"

    "We owe you? You escaped by yourself and hid from us, how can you say that we owe you!" Lan Xuanqi stepped forward and shook Mu Yetong's shoulder in confusion and asked!

    "Heh" Mu Yetong laughed contemptuously, and took out a chain from her bosom!  He lifted it up and placed it in front of Dongfang Mo!

    "This chainwhy is it on you?" Dongfang Mo asked in surprise!

    "This chainis what I saw in the sea of ??fire!" Mu Yetong looked at Dongfang Mo coldly, her heart could not stop her contempt, recalling the situation at that time

    At that time, Mu Yetong passed out, and in his mind, he still remembered to apologize to Xiao Ya But when the fire ignited, Mu Yetong had already caught a cold and was in a coma, but he tried to crawl out!

    Just when Mu Yetong climbed to the threshold the pillar of the beam mercilessly smashed on Mu Yetong's body, pressing down firmly, Mu Yetong no longer had the strength to struggle anymore, and no one came to help her  She was really tired, tired

    She passed out just like that, the pain of her body, the pain of illness and the smoke were all cloudy in her body, she really didn't want to struggle anymore!  But when she absolutelyAt that time, she touched the chain in her hand in a daze. Mu Yetong reluctantly opened her eyes and saw the chain clearly. It was that chain. All the hatred filled Mu Yetong's heart.  !

    "No! I don't want to die!" Mu Yetong looked at the chain, tears welled up for the first time, the first time they were so ruthless, so helpless, the first time Mu Yetong felt so helpless!  : "No! I don't want to die!" How can Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya escape from their hands freely, no!  I don't take revenge, I don't die with peace!

    Just when Mu Yetong felt hatred, despair, helplessness, and many emotions mixed in her heart, she saw hope. Wanyan Ye was looking at the collapsed house with a face of surprise, and helplessly called Mu Yetong's name  At that time, Mu Yetong felt for the first time in his life how bright and cute a person is: "Ye save me" Mu Yetong called out this name just before he fell into a coma, which made Wanyan Ye who was in pain  Found Mu Yetong from the collapsed house on fire!

    Wanyan Ye immediately moved out of Mu Yetong, and gave Mu Yetong the precious Resurrection Pill. The moment Mu Yetong opened his eyes, a large beam and a pillar on the left side of the house, and sparks scattered on him from the right side!

    Mu Yetong resolutely chose to push Wanyan Ye away, she could only choose one of two things, first, let the pillar hit her to disable her, and wave the sparks away to avoid her disfigurement!  Second, push the pillar away with palm force, and sparks will sprinkle on yourself to disfigure yourself!  (Remember the site URL:
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