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Chapter 67: Memories (2)

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    At that time, Mu Yetong only thought that he should not be disabled, and that he hadn't taken revenge yet, so he would definitely not let their tricks succeed!  but°≠°≠

    But Mu Yetong didn't even have time to make a choice, sparks and pillars had already sprinkled on her at the same time!  The moment sparks sprinkled on her face, Mu Yetong felt that the world hadn't been destroyed yet, but the moment the pillar crushed her, Mu Yetong was filled with anger: "I hate! I hate! God, you're not fair!"  Just like that, Mu Yetong finished the last sentence, spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell down!

    Wanyan Ye completely felt Mu Yetong's heartbroken mood!  Seeing Mu Yetong's tragic and lonely expression, Wanyan Ye hoped that the disfigured person was himself!  The moment Mu Yetong fell down, Wanyan Ye used all the internal force in his body to smash the pillar!  Pick up Mu Yetong and go back to the pavilion!

    Mu Yetong woke up her legs are gone!

    The doctor said: "If you want your legs to recover, it's not impossible! It's just"

    "Say!" Mu Yetong stared at the doctor, as if he was about to kill him!

    "Just to heal your leg, the probability is only half, if you don't succeedyou may die forever!"

    Mu Yetong thought about it for a day and a night This is the first time asking for help Begging Wanyan Ye to look around the palace to see if there is that chain!  In the end, Wanyan Ye really found the chain!  Mu Yetong looked at the chain!  Speak firmly to the doctor!

    "I will definitely wake up! Treat it!" Mu Yetong chose to heal her legs. On the first day of acupuncture, seven or forty-nine needles were inserted all over her body!  Mu Yetong didn't even frown!  The next day, it was soaked in hot water with a temperature as high as 90°„ for half an hour!  Mu Yetong didn't even groan!  On the third day, Mu Yetong was ready to really start to heal her legs!  If Ye Muyetong can't wake up after the treatment, then she won't wake up forever!

    As a result, Wanyan guarded Mu Yetong all night, but she didn't wake up!

    The moment the doctor said she would never wake up, Wan Yanye cut off his head with a furious expression on his face for the first time!  Blood splattered all over the groundWanyan Ye's body!  On Mu Yetong's body!

    Mu Yetong woke up!  Only blood can stimulate Mu Yetong's senses!  The smell of blood made Mu Yetong feel unwilling, and he clenched the chain in his hand tightly!  Wake up!

    But the scars on his face are so dazzling!

    Memories That's the end, where were they when Mu Yetong was being treated?  Where were they when she was in the flames?  Where were they when she was unconscious?  she!  Never owe them anything!  never!

    "I gave you this chain! Because I picked up this chain in the sea of ??fire! Now! Give it back to you!" Mu Yetong slapped the chain on Dongfang Mo's face!

    "This" Dongfang Mo frowned in confusion!

    "I! Never owe you!" Mu Yetong said firmly!

    "But Hitomi! Come back to us! We will take good care of you! After all, you are my queen, aren't you?" Lan Xuanqi said hesitantly!

    "Queen!? I don't care!" Mu Yetong said with her head up in contempt!

    "Don't be a queen, but be my princess, okay? I'm willing to give up everything for you! Even the status of a prince!" Lan Zeyu rushed forward and held Mu Yetong's hand and said!

    "You! I don't even bother! I don't need anyone! Lan Xuanqi, remember, now! I want to divorce! You are not worthy to be my husband!" Mu Yetong took out the jade flute in her arms and held it up.  , Let gofall to the groundbroken!

    "Why!" Lan Xuanqi stared blankly at the broken jade flute on the ground and asked blankly!

    "Because, I don't love you, you don't love me! So, don't force us to be together!" Mu Yetong replied coldly, without any hesitation, she couldn't bear to give the broken and beautiful jade flute on the ground!

    "No! Even if you don't love me, I still love you!" Lan Xuanqi said!

    "And me, I love you no less than Qi!" Lan Zeyu also said quickly!

    Mu Yetong took out the green hairpin from his bosom, and threw it firmly to Lan Zeyu!

    "You love me? Have you ever thought about it?! You only love my appearance! Lan Xuanqi fell in love with me at first sight because of my appearance at that time. Do you dare to say that you were not shocked by my appearance at that time?!  "Indeed, when we met for the first time, Lan Xuanqi was indeed shocked by Mu Yetong's appearance!  "And Lan Zeyu! If I didn't have that appearance at the time, would you have rescued me?" Indeed, if he hadn't seen her appearance, he knew that Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo were by his side, but he wanted a hero to save the beauty  !

    "Butit's different now! Tell you, ?The result is appearance!  I'm gone now!  Why do you have to force me to this point!  ?  "Mu Yetong ruthlessly tore off her veil, and ugly scars and stains appeared in front of everyone

    Shocked!  Everyone was shocked!  They were all shocked!

    "Haha! Thanks to you! These scars! Even if you love me and pity me now, I don't need it!" Mu Yetong looked at the sky sadly, and shouted helplessly!  Her heart was crying, her heart was bleeding!  Who knows?  What does it matter if you restore your appearance or not?   She doesn't care anymore!  What do you care about?

    "No! Even if you are disfigured! I still love you! What I love about you is your character!" Lan Xuanqi still reluctantly said!

    "Yes! Me too! Even if you are disfigured, the world doesn't want you, I want you!" Lan Zeyu also agreed, even though he was shocked!  Still stunned for a moment and then said!

    "Even if you love me and pity me now, I don't need it!" Mu Yetong looked at them and said faintly!

    "I don't pity you! I really love you! Really!"

    "No! I don't feel any love at all!"

    "But it's true!" Why don't you believe it?

    "Herehere! I don't feel it anymore! I don't feel it anymore! I don't feel it at all!" Mu Yetong roared angrily, yelling at them, pointing at her heart!  Helplessly said, I don't feel any more It's gone!  (Remember the site URL:
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