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Chapter 68 Destruction

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    "If you don't want to, we won't force you, but I will wait! I will wait until the day your heart opens up for me!" Qiao Yuhao walked over from the side with an expression on his face, and put his arms around Mu Yetong's  Shoulders, said firmly and with an expression!

    Just when Mu Yetong was about to be moved by Qiao Yuhao

    Qian Mo, who had been silent all this time, finally spoke, stepped forward, held Mu Yetong's hands and said, "It's okay, even if you are disfigured, they will wait for you! Wait for the moment when your appearance recovers!  It¡¯s okay! I heard that Ya, Mo, Qi, Yu, and Hao, they talked about you! They really care about you! They also said that your appearance is much better than theirs, it¡¯s a pity that I can¡¯t see it anymore!¡±  An ordinary Mu Yetong would definitely not care about these words, but for the current Mu Yetong, Mu Yetong thought that what they were talking about was her own appearance

    "Get out! I don't need it!" Mu Yetong swung Qiao Yuhao and Qianmo away at once. At this time, Mu Yetong didn't see the cunning flashing in Qianmo's eyes at all!  But Wanyan Ye saw it!

    Everyone gathered around: "Hitomi, don't be angry, we don't care about the past, just come back!"

    Do not care!  Ha ha!  Who should be counted?  Mu Yetong stared at the people around her, and gradually raised her hands!

    "Then let's destroy them together!" Mu Yetong's inner strength exploded!  Everyone around was injured by the force of Mu Yetong's palm!  Mu Yetong also spit out blood from her mouth because of the grief, but she won't end just because of this!  When Mu Yetong took out the soft sword at his waist, intending to stop torturing them and kill them directly

    Wanyan Ye rushed up with a stride, and gave Mu Yetong a hand knife!

    Mu Yetong didn't faint, turned his head, raised his fist and was about to punch Wanyan Ye: "I hate you!" The punch hit Wanyan Ye's chest weakly, but fainted weakly, the last sentence  The words just the sentence I hate you!  She could have revenge!  When he could make all the hatred disappear, he didn't let her take revenge!  She, hate him!  I hate it!

    Mu Yetong opened his eyes in a daze

    All the people were standing beside her, but she was lying on the bed!

    Mu Yetong glanced at it, and then said: "Hmph, now I'm in your hands, so you can do whatever you want!" Mu Yetong said disdainfully.

    "Tong We won't hurt you, as long as you come back to us, we don't care about anything!" Lan Xuanqi rushed forward to hold Mu Yetong's hand and said softly.

    "I, refuse, refuse." Mu Yetong said calmly, her face calm and unmoved.

    "Why! Forget everything before. Even if you are disfigured, you are still our friend. After all, you are also a victim!" Dongfang Mo asked puzzled!

    "Hmph, that's rightyou mean you are the victims!" Mu Yetong stood up and threw Lan Xuanqi away, walked up to Dongfang Mo and asked, "Then tell me! Why did you get hurt?"  Huh?" Mu Yetong questioned Dongfang Mo arrogantly.

    "You don't want this kind of tone, I'm really not used to it!" Dongfang Mo said, wringing his fingers and bowing his head.

    "Then what tone do you want from me? Could it be I want to say, please, please tell me how you got hurt! Is that so? Ah!" Mu Yetong yelled at Dongfang Mo, and changed to the usual Mu Yetong.  Ye Tong, this kind of furious expression shouldn't appear on her body. Once a person's hatred and grievances accumulate for a long time, they will deteriorate!

    "Hitomi, that's enough! You're alive but you want to play games and hide from us. We don't care about that! But why don't you want to keep us safe? Don't you want to see us sad?"  Xiao Ya rushed forward and clasped Mu Yetong's wrist and asked Mu Yetong.

    "Shut up! Anyone can say that I did something wrong! You are the only ones who are not qualified! You set fire to murder me in order to protect that girl! I didn't expect you are such a person! I thought that for so many years you are right  I am loyal! What is the result! What is the result? Set fire to murder me for that girl! Betrayed me! How can you say I am wrong!?" Mu Yetong shook off Xiao Ya's hand, everyone was stunned  Staring blankly at Mu Yetong

    "You just saidwe set the fire?" Xiao Ya grasped the point in a daze!

    "Isn't it? Otherwise what do you think? When the fire hit me! I gave up, it was you! It was the chain you accidentally dropped, and I picked it up. If it wasn't for that chain, my  The survival instinct will not be stimulated! It's hatred! It's the unwillingness and hatred in my heart that saved me!" Mu Yetong grabbed Xiao Ya's collar tightly and shouted at Xiao Ya!

    "Wait a minute I think there is some misunderstanding?" Qiao Yuhao separated the two.People, said slowly.

    "Misunderstanding? Okay, I'll listen to your explanations, talk, talk!" Mu Yetong said to Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya disdainfully.

    "We didn't set the fire, it was the girl! The girl snatched the chain, I don't know where it was abandoned! You misunderstood! We never betrayed you!" Dongfang Mo was nervous.  She explained that she thought Mu Yetong would suddenly realize it, but after seeing it

    Mu Yetong's eyes were full of disdain: "Have you finished? Is there anything else to say?"

    "Soyou misunderstood, come back, you are still our master! The girl is already dead, we don't care about it, we won't blame you!" Xiao Ya said with eyes full of affection.

    "Blame me? What can you blame me for? I've never been wrong!" Mu Yetong asked with a mocking smile.

    "You misunderstood us, we won't blame you!" Xiao Ya replied puzzled.

    "Misunderstanding? Can a misunderstanding remove my hatred? Can a misunderstanding restore my appearance? Can a misunderstanding make my pain disappear? Are you too naive? Misunderstanding? Then   so what? Even if it's a misunderstanding, even if you don't care about it, I! I won't let you go!" Mu Yetong snorted coldly, her face full of disdain and indifference!

    "Slap!" Xiao Ya rushed up and slapped Mu Yetong: "Be sober! You were full of hatred before, and you are full of hatred now. Could it be that you can't live without hatred? You shouldn't be full of hatred!  "Xiao Ya kept shaking Mu Yetong and said!  (Remember the site URL:
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