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Chapter 69 Misunderstanding

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    "Hmph, I can't remember if I don't hit me. Each of you gave me a slap, so I don't owe you any more! And you, please feel guilty forever! I will come back!" Mu Yetong's eyes were full of tears.  Bloodshot, but unmoved, ruthlessly shook off Xiao Ya's two hands, and said bitterly!

    Afterwards, Mu Yetong slammed the door away and left ruthlessly without any hesitation. Han Yuze glanced at it and chased after him!

    Wanyan Ye, who had been silent all this time, also rushed up and slapped Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya: "Anyone is qualified to hit her, but you are not qualified!"  Sticking to the face, lowering the head I can't see the expression clearly!

    Afterwards, Wanyan Ye was about to catch up, and grabbed him with one hand: "Youwhat did you mean just now" Xiao Ya raised his head, eyes full of resentment

    "Lan Zeyu, help chase Tong, thank you!" Wan Yanye said to Lan Zeyu, and then said to Xiao Ya: "What I mean is, you are not qualified to hit her! She has been right  !"

    "Then what right do you have to hit me! Then what right do you have to say about me!" Xiao Ya punched Wanyan Ye instead, and blood dripped from the corner of Wanyan Ye's mouth!

    A war of two men because of a woman!  Nobody next to me intervened because the situation can only be figured out if they let it work out!  Peoplein a situation of rage tell the truth!

    "Then let me tell you why I am qualified!" Wanyan Ye suddenly raised his head, and punched Xiao Ya with all his strength, Xiao Ya staggered back and fell on the chair!  Wanyan Ye rushed up, rode on Xiao Ya's body, and put all his punches and kicks on him!

    "Let me tell you! That day in the sea of ??flames, I thought Tong was buried in the sea of ??flames, but I heard her last cry, that unwilling voice, that voice full of hatred, that voice seemed to be the most wronged voice in the world!  Beside her is only a chain, she was crushed under the pillar, had a high fever, unable to save herself, but I saw her and rescued her, but God did not bypass her, the pillar and sparks fell towards us together, she  Pushed me away! Sparks sprinkled on her face, and the pillar pressed against her body! She vomited blood and was powerless to resist! And what about you? Where are you?!" Wanyan Ye kept yelling at her.  Xiao Ya yelled, yelling while beating, but after hearing these words, Xiao Ya was powerless to fight back

    "How could it be that Hitomihad suffered so much! Idon't know yet!" Xiao Ya's eyes were filled with mist!  Dongfang Mo next to him was also stunned, and everyone was shocked!

    "So much pain? There's more than that! Her legs are disabled. If she wants to be treated, not only will she suffer infinite pain, but she will only have half the chance of survival! She hesitated! It's only because of you! When she was sleeping  I still woke up in a nightmare, calling your names! Later, she asked me to find the chain at the fire scene, and I found it for her. Her confused eyes suddenly brightened, and she calmly told me that she wanted to be healed!  Have you ever tried the feeling of being pierced with needles all over your body? Have you ever tried soaking in high temperature water for half an hour?" Wanyan Ye kept roaring, as if he wanted to vent all Mu Yetong's pain on Xiao Ya,  Xiao Ya vomited blood, but he was no longer qualified to fight back, this is what he owed Mu Yetong!  No, it's more than that, his current pain is less than one ten-thousandth of Mu Yetong's!

    "And then! And then!" Dongfang Mo rushed up and grabbed Wanyan Ye's collar and questioned!

    "Thenshe really started to heal. The doctor said that if she didn't wake up that night, she would never wake up! As a resultshe didn't wake up that night! I killed the doctor, and the blood splashed on her body.  She said a word Do you want to let Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya go? It was that sentence, she woke up, and the chain in her hand was tightened by her! Wake up! Where were you at that time? Who  By her side? It's me! But she almost died because of you!" Wan Yanye's words entered Xiao Ya's mind

    Almost died, she almost died because of you!  She almost died because of you!  This sentence has been lingering in Xiao Ya's mind!

    Xiao Ya's mind suddenly remembered what Mu Yetong said just now!

    "It's hatred! It's the unwillingness and hatred in my heart that saved me!"

    "Blame me? What can you blame me for? I've never been wrong!"

    "Misunderstanding? Can a misunderstanding remove my hatred? Can a misunderstanding restore my appearance? Can a misunderstanding make my pain disappear?"

    "I don't owe you any more!"

    Mu Yetong has always buried hatred in her heart, but Xiao Ya's eyes suddenly regained light!  "Damn it, she has been bearing all this silently!" Xiao Ya gritted her teeth, supported her body, and rushed out, chasing after that body.??!  Dongfang Mo also suddenly realized and followed!

    And everyone behind was stunned!

    Lan XuanqiHan MingfengQiao Yuhaoare all hesitating, she has lost so much!

    "Chasing or not?" Lan Xuanqi asked!

    "Chase!" Qiao Yuhao smiled lightly, and said, all the people in the Yushufang chased him out, just because of one person!

    However, Qianmo, who was abandoned, stayed in the imperial study foolishly, because of their abandonment, he made a wrong step

    Mu Yetong's lightness kung fu was superb, and he got rid of Lan Zeyu in a short while, and Han Yuze's speed was not ordinary, he caught up in a few steps!

    Grabbing Mu Yetong's wrist, he looked at Mu Yetong with a serious face: "Do you hate them?" Han Yuze suddenly asked such words!

    "Hate! I hate so much! If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have to bear so much, I wouldn't have to work so hard, and I wouldn't have to be full of hatred!" Mu Yetong once again fell into Han Yuze's eyes.  Who else is Mu Yetong sensible?

    "Thengive up, okay? Becausewhere there is hatred, there is love, which meansyou love them!" Han Yuze looked at Mu Yetong and said!

    "No! Impossible!" Mu Yetong wanted to escape, but Han Yuze only clasped his wrist. The difference in strength between men and women is not something she can ignore!  Han Yuze tugged Mu Yetong into his arms His slender hands stroked Mu Yetong's hair (Remember this site's website:
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