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Chapter 70 Let go

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    "Then don't hate, okay? Hate what can you get? Tired isn't it? Then try to let go of the hatred, they are not worthy of your hatred, are they?" Han Yuze's voice echoed in Mu Ye  There was a sound above Hitomi's head, as if a hand had calmed her anger!  Her unwillingness!

    "How about going back to that Mu Yetong from before? How about that Mu Yetong who is aloof, cold and contemptuous of everything, and nothing will affect your emotions?" Han Yuze clearly knew how she felt!  He had heard about Mu Yetong, the hero of Fengguo's rescue, a long time ago!  Cold and arrogant, contempt for everything, is a complete king!

    Mu Yetong gradually connected the fog in his heart was eliminated!

    "Thenwill you not get hurt?" Mu Yetong asked in confusion, leaning on Han Yuze's chest and asking!

    "It's good to let nature take its course Someone will heal you when you are hurt, and someone will share it with you when you are happy. See the world as a bystander, isn't it good?" Han Yuze said softly.

    "Hmm" At this moment, for the first time, Mu Yetong didn't feel tired, the exhaustion disappeared, and it was the first time that she felt so relaxed, so much hatred the pain she suffered just let it go away!  There is no need to suffer more for the pain of the past!

    Maybe it's fate, Mu Yetong is destined to have no more hatred in this world!  Otherwise, the mission cannot be completed!  These blows were so connected that Mu Yetong even forgot her original intention of coming to this world!  Letting go is the best, right?  Xiao Ya saw this scene as soon as he arrived, and the two hugged each other harmoniously!

    "It seemsyou are still so good, even if you are disfigured!" Xiao Ya stopped in front of the two of them and said helplessly.

    Mu Yetong was startled, and slowly pushed Han Yuze away, looked at Xiao Ya in front of him, skipped over Xiao Ya, looked at the large group of people coming behind, and said calmly: "I am willing to let go of my hatred, but!"

    Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya were so surprised when they heard Mu Yetong's words, they rushed to Mu Yetong's left and right with one stride and asked in unison: "Any conditions are fine!"

    "But I won't like any of you, don't question my words, because If I want to take your life, it will be easy! Lan Zeyu, Lan Xuanqi, Qiao Yuhao, we  We're just friends!" Mu Yetong swore, without any joke, it's a fact, if she really wants to take their lives, it's really easy!

    "Okay!" Everyone nodded in agreement!

    "That's it for this matter, now it's my problem with you!" Mu Yetong walked in front of Han Mingfeng, and took out a dagger from his arms: "As a condition for helping you, I will ask for it!"  The moment Ye Tong took out the dagger, Han Mingfeng froze!

    "Tong, don't tell me are you going to kill Han Mingfeng?" Wan Yanye asked puzzled.

    The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth raised a slight arc: "Even if I want to kill you, would you refuse?" Mu Yetong didn't know why she asked such a question, maybe she hoped that Han Mingfeng would not be like before!  Maybe it's a test.

    "I If you really want to kill me, I am willing to die in your hands!" Mu Yetong was stunned for a moment, knowing that this might be the result, why was she still surprised?  touched!

    "Hehthen, what's the reason?"

    "My intuition tells me that you won't kill me, and I feel that you have loved me before, and I feel that we have met before!" The dagger in Mu Yetong's hand fell straight down!

    "How could it be!" Mu Yetong thought that some of them must have this feeling, and some would perceive the truth, but she never thought that it was Han Mingfeng. Could it be that Han Mingfeng had really loved herself?  Mu Yetong thought it was all fake, or is Han Mingfeng still lying?

    "I also have this feeling. I felt that I had seen you before when we met for the first time, and that's why I trusted you so much!" Qiao Yuhao came out and said the same thing. Mu Yetong had received too much surprise.  , she thought they would not have a trace of memory!  She didn't intend to let them recover their memories, and she didn't intend to tell them her mission!

    "Since you've said that, I'll tell you the truth!" Mu Yetong didn't stop at nothing, she just told the whole story, just at ease. She always has to worry about the mission: "Lan Zeyu, Xiao Ya, Han Mingfeng, Qiao Yuhao  , Dongfang Mo! We met in the previous life, because the resentment of the five of us was too heavy, which caused confusion on the way back, so I will go back to this era to relieve the resentment, and also find the five of you in another time and space.  Perhaps you will think it is too ridiculous, but Xiao Ya has recovered her memory, this is absolutely true, and my task is not only to eliminate hatred but also to protect you!" Mu Yetong slowly explained  !

      "Then you in the previous life really loved me?" Han Mingfeng stepped forward and asked.

    "I loved but in the end it turned into hate, so much hate that I planned a big trap for you to jump into!" In the endyou know your own life yourself!  Of course, Mu Yetong didn't say this!

    "Then have I ever loved you?" Han Mingfeng continued to ask.

    "I don't know if you loved me or not, but I only know that you hated me and loved me, and my hatred started because of you!" Mu Yetong replied honestly!

    "Then can I not restore my memory, you must hate me in the previous life?" Han Mingfeng pursed his lips and replied, Mu Yetong was dumbfounded, this Han Mingfeng is really different from the previous Han Mingfeng, because there is no beauty  Heart difference?

    "Whatever you want" Mu Yetong chose to escape!

    "What about us?" Dongfang Mo and Xiao Ya asked in unison!

    "You died because of me, and I hate you more because of you!" The concise words included everything!

    "Then what about me?" Qiao Yuhao looked at Mu Yetong with evil eyes, with an interesting evil smile on the corner of his mouth.

    "You" Mu Yetong hesitated. In the whole matter, Qiao Yuhao was the most innocent person who was implicated, and he was the one who resolved Han Mingfeng's hatred!  "I can't say, anyway I don't hate you, you don't hate me!" Mu Yetong still chose to escape!  (Remember the site URL:
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