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Chapter 71 Showdown

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    "In your previous life Who did you love? Who loved you?" Lan Zeyu asked a question that made Mu Yetong very embarrassed and speechless!

    "" The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth twitched.

    "Hey, kid, why are you asking so many questions? Besides, who of you ever loved Tong, how did Tong know?" Han Yuze knocked Lan Zeyu on the head understandingly, and said.

    "Hmph, I was just asking, why are you so stingy!" Lan Zeyu didn't seem to realize the embarrassing atmosphere brought about by his question!

    "What about me Is there no me in your world?" Lan Xuanqi, who was silent at the side, finally spoke, he was afraid, he was afraid that Mu Yetong's world really did not have him!

    "Except for the five of them, you have nothing to do with me!" Mu Yetong threw out these words very coldly!  Lan Xuanqi staggered back a few steps!  Han Yuze flirted with Lan Zeyu pretending to be relaxed, but actually the pain in his heart was concealed!  And Wanyan Ye who was at the side was also stunned, it turned out that it was just wishful thinking!

    What Mu Yetong said broke the hearts of the three of them. Mu Yetong also knew that this was the result. Mu Yetong did this on purpose, because only by doing so can the harm be reduced. She knows that the three of them like  Herself, but she insisted that they liked her looks, even though Han Yuze said he didn't mind, but Mu Yetong still rejected the kindness of the three of them!

    "No! Tong! Don't be like this, okay? As long as I can keep you by my side, I am willing to do anything, don't be so heartless!" Lan Xuanqi couldn't bear such a blow, and rushed forward to hold Mu Yetong's wrist and said  .

    "I think you misunderstood! Those five people are watching them because I want to protect them. It has nothing to do with love, including any of you!" Mu Yetong said coldly, and the original five warm hearts were also crushed.  Mu Yetong broke it!

    "No that's not the case!" Dongfang Mo staggered back a few steps, could it be that Dongfang Mo Xiao Ya, they were only there because they wanted to protect?

    "Yes, I have never thought of the word love for you. I used to have hatred, but now it's gone!" Mu Yetong said calmly, even if she betrayed her heart, she must be so ruthless, as long as she doesn't get hurt  , Indifference, sometimes it's not ruthless, it's just a tool to avoid being hurt!

    "Eight people have different ideas, but, Tong I will guard by your side, even if you don't love me!" Xiao Ya was the first to rush up, grabbed Mu Yetong's hand, and stood with her.  Get even!

    Mu Yetong's hands trembled slightly, and panic flashed in his eyes, but was replaced by indifference.

    Seeing a white ball of flesh flying from a distance, Mu Yetong was awakened and remembered something very important!

    "Okay!" Mu Yetong pulled out her hand, picked up the dagger on the ground, and said to Han Mingfeng, "It's just an exchange, I don't want your life!" Then he grabbed Han Mingfeng's wrist and tightened his grip.  Cut the index finger lightly, blood-red liquid flowed out along the finger, Mu Yetong quickly took out the bottle from her bosom and let the liquid flow in!  Then he put down Han Mingfeng's broad hand, and hugged the white figure flying from a distance without asking!

    "Little fox" Wanyan Ye was startled, this silver fox is so spiritual?

    "Lan Xuanqican I borrow something from you?" Mu Yetong asked softly.

    "Of course, anything is fine!" Lan Xuanqi hurriedly replied happily.

    Mu Yetong also grabbed Lan Xuanqi's big hand and cut it on the index finger. The blood also flowed into the bottle, and the two became one. The only thing missing below is it!  A smile hung on the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth, then put away the bottle, put the little fox on her shoulder, and walked towards the house!

    "Tong, where are you going?" Xiao Ya chased up and asked, Dongfang Mo walked to Mu Yetong's left without moving.

    "Go to Wanyan Ye's pavilion to rest!" Mu Yetong's voice sounded, and Wanyan Yefeng chased after her behind him, at a speed that even Han Yuze was amazed at.

    "Hey, wait for me!" Lan Zeyu yelled playfully, and chased after him.

    "And me? You guys have no loyalty!" Han Yuze stomped his feet and jumped over in a hurry. This harmonious atmosphere was completely different from the previous one, as if everything before had never happened.

    Does Mu Yetong really want to live an ordinary life?  Or is her life about to reveal the extraordinary from the ordinary?  Or Will she become ordinary in this ordinary life?  Who could have guessed what Mu Yetong was thinking?

    Even Mu Yetong didn't know what else he could do?  right?  Everyone around me has high rights, money?  Everyone around me is rich, happy?  No one knows about Mu Yetong's happiness!

      Just returned to Wanyan Ye's pavilion, just as Mu Yetong sat down, he saw a group of beautiful men entering one after another, followed by a woman!

    "Why do you only follow me? Are the two emperors resting here without doing their jobs?" Mu Yetong said suspiciously, she still didn't stop pouring tea in her hands, she just poured a cup, and then took a sip just now  Putting it down, the tea in his hand disappeared, and when he looked up, Qiao Yuhao's evil face was next to him, holding his teacup in his hand, drinking with relish!

    Qiao Yuhao said: "The order of Fengliu Building is good, I'm not missing a boss!" He said it as a matter of course, and the tea was delicious!

    Mu Yetong gave Qiao Yuhao a supercilious look for free, but he was not overly angry. Then he poured another glass and asked, "How about you?"

    The tea in my hand disappeared again, and I didn't even take a sip!  Mu Yetong looked helplessly at Wanyanye on the left who was drinking tea with a cold face on his face. Although his face was still cold, the smile in his eyes couldn't hide his joy: "The killer building is not busy!"  One word will explain it!

    Mu Yetong had no choice but to continue to pour the tea. Just after pouring, a hand stretched out. Mu Yetong dodged it perfectly, but Han Yuze's speed was amazing, and the tea in his hand was snatched away again!

    "You!" Mu Yetong stood up and stared at Han Yuze.

    Han Yuze held the tea in his hand innocently, took a sip and said innocently: "I'm just thirsty!" (Remember the website website:
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