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Chapter 72 Loveless

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    "You!" Mu Yetong was really angry looking at Han Yuze!

    "Then I'll give it back to you!" Han Yuze handed the tea he had just taken to Mu Yetong pretending not to part with it!

    "No need!" Mu Yetong angrily prepared to continue pouring tea, but this time it was fine, and someone picked it up before her hand touched the teapot!  Mu Yetong patted the table, and the table instantly turned into powder Wanyan Ye and Qiao Yuhao quickly jumped away

    Only the hand holding the teapot remained, still hanging in the air

    Lan Zeyu stared blankly at the collapsed table, looked at Mu Yetong innocently and said, "I just want to pour tea for you"

    Mu Yetong pressed her temples with a headache, who are these people!  Why didn't I realize how troublesome they were together before!

    "Ah! The tablethe table!" A weak child's voice sounded by the door, everyone's eyes were focused there, and Mu Yetong also looked over suspiciously!

    "Hey, Ya, Mo, who is she?" Mu Yetong asked in confusion

    "My name is Qianmo, and I am a maid who was rescued by the five young masters halfway. Hello, Miss Tong!" Qianmo bowed slightly pretending to be reserved.

    "Hmph, since you saved someone, you naturally caused trouble, right?" Mu Yetong glanced at her and asked.

    "Uhwe are in trouble! But I solved it!" Lan Xuanqi looked smug, like a child, wanting to receive the reward in front of Mu Yetong!

    "Yeah, I even killed someone, and I'm so proud!" Xiao Ya, who was sitting next to Mu Yetong, suddenly said something, which broke Lan Xuanqi's self-confidence. Lan Xuanqi snorted and said goodbye.  Turn your face away and ignore Xiao Ya!

    "Can I can I ask?" Qian Mo said weakly.

    "Huh? Sit down and talk!" Although Mu Yetong didn't know this person well, she politely asked Qianmo to sit down and said softly.

    "This why do you guys have completely different personalities in front of Ms. Tong? Why do you listen to Ms. Tong? Do you like Ms. Tong? Ms. Tong, is your martial arts very advanced? That's why they dare not treat you  How is it, right? Is your martial arts higher, or theirs? Has anything happened between you? Why is there such a big hatred? Why don¡¯t you care anymore?" Qianmo¡¯s words followed one after another, making everyone  They were all stunned, unexpectedly how come they didn't realize that Qianmo was so good at talking before?  Could it be that she is too suffocating?  Or did you not discover it yourself?

    "Thisyou have a lot of questions! It's a pity not to be a reporter!" Xiao Ya said with a mischievous smile.

    "What is a reporter?" the naive Lan Zeyu next to him asked.

    "Isn't the reporter just this" Xiao Ya was about to explain, but was stopped by Mu Yetong's eyes, as if to say: Do you want everyone to know the difference between this world and that world?

    "It's nothing, Qianmo, don't you think it's a bit impolite for you to ask so many questions?" Mu Yetong said to Qianmo dignifiedly with a light smile on his face. In this way, it seems that Qianmo is wrong, talking about scheming?  On modesty?  About cleverness?  You Qianmo can't compare to Mu Yetong, the naive Qianmo may think that you can't compare with anything, at least your appearance is better than her, but If Mu Yetong regains his appearance, who can compare?

    "I'm sorry" Qianmo replied awkwardly, and the atmosphere became harmonious. In fact, Mu Yetong had no intention of targeting Qianmo at all, because Qianmo looked like Cheng'er!

    Cheng'er once asked herself in this tone

    "Miss, isn't your martial arts very high?"

    "Miss, have you lived with your uncle since childhood?"

    "Miss, don't you always keep a straight face!"

    "Miss, you look so beautiful in this dress!"

    "Miss, the master is eager to push you out again!"


    "Miss TongMiss Tong!" It wasn't until Qianmo's hand dangled in front of her eyes that Mu Yetong realized that she had lost her mind. When did she start to lose her mind to the point where she forgot what was going on around her?  With Mu Yetong's agility, it is generally impossible to make such a low-level mistake!  what happened?  Is it because of the fire?  Or did she really change unconsciously?

    Mu Yetong smiled slightly to express his impoliteness, and then asked them: "Don't you guys go back to sort out the government affairs?" It was Lan Xuanqi and Han Mingfeng who asked!

    "I I left the government affairs to others!" Lan Xuanqi was domineering with a hint of guilt, Mu Yetong looked at Lan Xuanqi with a smile in his eyes, Mu Yetong didn't even notice it!

    "Let's go back, how can an emperor come here for a woman?Abandoning government affairs is actually still leisurely outside!  "Mu Yetong said.

    "But" Lan Xuanqi was still hesitating

    "That's right, go back quickly!" Han Mingfeng hurriedly urged Lan Xuanqi to go back, wishing that Lan Xuanqi would disappear in front of Mu Yetong in a flash, so that he would lose a rival in love!

    "But that's right! Tong, your brother Mu Yeyuan is still waiting for you at home, won't you go back?" Lan Xuanqi finally found a reason to let Mu Yetong go back, and his face was beaming with joy.

    "Could it be that I want to go back when I was originally in Fengguo?" Mu Yetong asked helplessly.

    Lan Xuanqi was silent!

    Xiao Ya who was next to him asked aloud: "By the way, Tong, I forgot to tell you that on the way the five of us came here earlier, we met a group of men in black who attacked us. Their martial arts skills are a bit like those of the Oriental Killer Building.  But it is a bit like the martial arts of the Western Mysterious Building, but when we were about to capture them alive, they took poison and committed suicide again! It's very strange!" Xiao Ya's words aroused Mu Yetong's doubts!

    "Mo, are you the owner of the Western Mysterious Building now?" Mu Yetong asked aloud.

    "Yeah, what's the matter?" Dongfang Mo came over, sat down and asked suspiciously.

    "How did you become the landlord?" Mu Yetong's question was the key!

    "Because the previous landlord of the Western Mysterious Building said that I was his son, he asked me to succeed the next landlord, and he died soon after, so I became the landlord!" Dongfang Mo explained naively.

    "Then he said you are his son, is there any proof? Are you sure he is dead? Have you seen the body?" Mu Yetong asked several key questions again and again!  (Remember the site URL:
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