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Chapter 73 Untitled

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    "There is no evidence, and I haven't seen his body!" Dongfang Mo hesitated, and Xiao Ya then said to Mu Yetong.

    Mu Yetong fell into deep thought!

    "Anyway, my father is dead!" Dongfang Mo said angrily, and his eyes fell on Wanyan Ye.  Asked to Wanyan Ye: "You are not the owner of Dongfang Assassin Building!"

    This sentence aroused Mu Yetong's doubts, she stood up and looked at Wanyan Ye and Dongfang Mo!

    "How could it be? Why isn't Ye the owner of Dongfang Building?" Mu Yetong asked suspiciously, could it be that Wanyan Ye deceived herself?  It should be impossible!  Because the previous forces cannot be compiled if they can be compiled!

    "Because I used to be a subordinate of the Dongfang Killer Building. I have met the landlord. He is obviously an old man who is my father's enemy. The old man who separated me from my father! My father died of depression!" Dongfang Mo was hostile.  Wearing Wanyan Ye.

    "Old man? Are you talking about my father? My father passed away a few years ago and was killed by someone sent by the Western Mysterious Building! Your fatheris the mastermind, and my father asked me to avenge him!"  Yan Ye suddenly remembered and stared back.

    "My father asked me to take revenge too!" Dongfang Mo also said suddenly, and drew his sword out of its sheath.

    "Hmph, okay, let's have a competition, for the revenge of killing each other's father! To be fair, one-on-one!" Wan Yanye said suddenly, the two of them were fighting, the cold was overwhelming, two cruel people, fighting,  Dongfang Mo's sword pierced Wanyan Ye's shoulder, and Wanyan Ye blocked it with his sword.  After a few moves, the two went outside to fight in the courtyard. The eyes of Dongfang Mo and Wanyan Ye were full of hatred.

    Qiao Yuhao who was standing by the side said helplessly: "Qi Qiqi, the atmosphere was very harmonious just now, and now swords and swords are facing each other? Hitomi, are the people around you so strange?"

    "Aren't you by my side, you seem to be included among the strange people, right?" Mu Yetong gave him a big roll of eyes.

    "Okay! Let's watch the show! Anyway, they are on par, they won't get hurt, and even if you get hurt, you won't care about it!" Qiao Yuhao's voice increased a lot, reaching the ears of the two who were fighting,  The two of them glanced at Mu Yetong at the same time, and Mu Yetong didn't look away, and he didn't have any intention to stop him. As a result, the two fought even more fiercely!

    Dongfang Mo's sword slashed across Wanyan Ye's arm, Wanyan Ye bypassed his sword and reached Dongfang Mo's back, and cut Dongfang Mo's back, the blood soaked their clothes, right there  In an instant, a figure circled around the two of them, and the sword was snatched away. In an instant, the swords in the hands of the two fell to the ground, and two 'bangs' were faintly heard.

    "Hitomi" The two of them opened their eyes wide in disbelief and looked at the person who took the sword in front of them!  They asked in unison: "Are you caring about me?" There was faint joy in the eyes of the two of them!

    "Hmph, you don't think it's a waste of time, but I think it's a waste of ointment!" Mu Yetong turned around and pulled the two of them into the pavilion. Although his face was expressionless, the strength in his hands increased a lot.

    Two flamboyant hands grasped their big warm hands, and the warmth of the two soaked into Mu Yetong's palms.

    "Qi Qiqi, I knew" Qiao Yuhao looked old and cunning, and Mu Yetong glared at him and said casually, "You, take Qianmo back to my room!" and took him away in one go!

    "Lan Zeyu, Han Yuze, help me get the medicine box!" Mu Yetong said to the two standing beside her.

    Qiao Yuhao shrugged helplessly, and left with Qian Mo, with a slight smile on his lips, even the trace of disappointment that flashed in his eyes was caught by Mu Yetong!

    "Han Mingfeng, you go back to sort out the government affairs, and Lan Xuanqi, you go back too, there is a carriage outside the door!" Afterwards, Mu Yetong drove away the two big men, and only Xiao Ya was left in the room.  Dongfang Mo applied the ointment, while Wanyan Ye was still clutching the wound on his left arm. No one paid attention to it. Mu Yetong picked up the ointment and walked over. Without hesitation, he tore off the entire sleeve of Wanyan Ye's clothes, exposing his entire arm.  !

    Picking up the ointment, he carefully applied it. The eyes on the side almost saw through Wanyanye. Wanyanye's cheeks were blushing slightly, and there was a happy smile on the corner of his mouth.

    "Hey, does it hurt!?" Mu Yetong asked in embarrassment, she had never applied ointment to others, how would she know?  Even when Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo were injured when they were young, they painted it on themselves.

    "It doesn't hurt!" Wanyan Ye didn't know it hurt, she completely forgot that she was injured, Han Yuze couldn't take it anymore, and rushed forward and said, "Let me do it!"

    Mu Yetong nodded, and Han Yuze then helped Wanyan Ye apply the medicine. Wanyanye was not happy, and stared at Han Yuze in front of him.  !Han Yuze looked at Wanyan Ye viciously, as if he was saying: Hmph, who asked Tong to apply the medicine to you, if you stare at me again, I will use even more force to hurt you to death!

    Wanyan Ye pouted helplessly!

    Dongfang Mo, who was silent at the side, said, "Tong, why did you stop us from fighting alone?"

    "Because have you figured it out? Do it every now and then, tell me, what did the former host in the west say to you? And what about your father?" At this time, Mu Yetong just spoke, and the door  There was a commotion in the courtyard, Mu Yetong frowned, and suddenly saw Qiao Yuhao coming back, and said casually: "Xiao Ya, Lan Zeyu, you stay in the room to protect the two of them, Han Yuze, Qiao Yuhao, you  Come with me out!"

    The people next to them didn't know what was going on, but as soon as the door opened, a group of men in black rushed in, and they understood what was going on. Mu Yetong was still muttering in her heart as she dealt with the man in black  , things are too strange!

    How could it become like this just when I was about to explain?  Something is wrong!

    "Hmm" Wanyan Ye's muffled snort behind him caught Mu Yetong's attention. He turned around, and the man in black behind him took the opportunity to stab Mu Yetong.  Ye Tong no longer used his water sleeves, and took out a soft sword from his waist to successfully kill those men in black, successfully reached the two of them, and hit those men in black perfectly!  (Remember the site URL:
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