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Chapter 74 Questions

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    "Let's retreat!" It wasn't until a man in black said this that those men in black left here!

    "Don't chase!" Mu Yetong blocked the path of the four people next to him, and then said to Wanyan Ye: "Did you send someone to assassinate Dongfang Mo?"

    "No!" Wan Yanye replied puzzled.

    "Then Mo, did you send your men to assassinate Ye?" Mu Yetong asked the same words again.

    "No." Dongfang Mo replied in the same way. The two of them did not lie. The group of men in black before was definitely not a coincidence.  No, it wasn't that they found these two wooden signs, it was an obvious provocation. Mu Yetong crushed the wooden signs into powder in an instant in his sleeve.

    Then he raised his soft eyes and said to Wanyan Ye: "Your father's tomb was buried in Yunguo, right? Can you take me to pay homage?" Mu Yetong couldn't see it in his tender eyes.  Something was wrong.  The people next to him didn't know what Mu Yetong was thinking.  Xiao Ya and Qiao Yuhao's eyes reflected the powder that flashed past Mu Yetong's sleeves The two looked at each other for a while, as if they knew something.

    "Okay!" Wan Yanye stood up and was about to go out.

    The seven figures flashed past the pavilion, and in a forest outside the wilderness, they saw the figures of the seven people, facing a beautifully decorated tomb, after the seven people worshiped, Mu Yetong walked up to Wanyan Ye and said  :"excuse me!"

    The moment Wanyan Ye looked at Mu Yetong in puzzlement, Mu Yetong quickly tapped Wanyan Ye's acupuncture points, and Wanyan Ye couldn't move at all.

    "Dig the grave!" Mu Yetong just said this, and the eyes of Wanyan Ye who was standing beside her were shining with incredible light.

    "Really dig?" Lan Zeyu asked puzzled.

    "Dig!" Mu Yetong's voice was full of irresistible majesty, and then Xiao Ya and Qiao Yuhao took the lead in digging the grave, because they knew what Mu Yetong was thinking.

    "Tong, don't dig, what on earth are you trying to do!" Wanyan Ye's furious voice rang in Mu Yetong's ears, and Mu Yetong's eyes were fixed on the sarcophagus exposed by the dug-up tomb!

    "I won't hurt you, just trust me!" Mu Yetong didn't look at Wanyan Ye, but just said something like this.

    "Tong, the sarcophagus can't be knocked open, it's sealed!" Xiao Ya said to Mu Yetong standing above.

    Mu Yetong jumped, jumped down, and put his hand on the sarcophagus.

    "Don't!" The moment Wanyan Ye's voice sounded, Mu Yetong had summoned his inner strength and pushed open the sarcophagus. Lan Zeyu turned his face away, not daring to look!  Wanyan Ye also closed her eyes in pain.

    "Why is this so?" Han Yuze's eyes lost the mischievous look, and he stared at the coffin in front of him

    "Humph I was right" Mu Yetong looked at the empty coffin and smiled contemptuously.

    Xiao Ya jumped into the pit, and then unlocked Wanyan Ye's acupuncture points. Wanyan Ye jumped down just after his acupuncture points were unlocked, and inspected the empty sarcophagus: "Tonghow could this happen?"

    "Your father, oh, no, it should be said that the former owner of Dongfang Building is still alive!" Mu Yetong also jumped out of the pit.

    "Xiao Ya, take a shortcut tothe old man's place!" It is necessary to go to the old man's place to find out the truth. What kind of hatred did the landlord on the second floor of the East and West have a few years ago? There was no trace of surprise or panic in Mu Yetong's eyes, as if  It was all in Mu Yetong's expectation, Mu Yetong squatted down calmly, picked up two stones, and said: "The two of you who are hiding in the dark, if you don't come out, be careful and die here!  "The stone in his hand was as dazzling as a sharp weapon.

    A man in ordinary clothes came out of the woods behind him, clasped his hands together and said: "Hehe I just passed by here, I didn't expect to encounter such a thing, I'm really sorry! Farewell, brother!" The man was just about to leave.  A look of panic flashed in Li, as if he wanted to flee the scene now.

    The voice behind him sounded like a song from hell: "Now that you know the truth, do you think you can still escape?" The man opened his eyes wide, and a stone that passed through his chest was shocking and pleasing to the eye!  Blood rushed to his forehead, spit all over the floor, and then the man fell down!  His eyes were full of disbelief!  Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo, Qiao Yuhao, and Lan Zeyu were unmoved, it seemed to be a common thing, but Wanyan Ye was still immersed in the astonishment in the coffin!

    Han Yuze's sobbing voice sounded behind him, and Mu Yetong turned around to look at Han Yuze, with a gloomy look in his eyes, killing Miao on fire!

    "It's just why you want to kill innocent people" Han Yuze asked Mu Yetong with a face full of disbelief: "Could it be???Are you originally this vicious?  !  "Han Yuze couldn't believe it. He originally thought that Mu Yetong was a woman with a weak heart, but she didn't expect her to be so cruel!" "I don't think I need to be with you anymore. There are many dangers, and I don't want to die!"  "Han Yuze took a few steps back and was about to go back.

    "It's late!" Han Yuze looked at the stone in Mu Yetong's hand in surpriseit was so fast that he couldn't escape, it seemed as if he had to kill him!  It's irresistible.

    "Are you going to kill me too?" Han Yuze's surprised voice sounded, the stone entered his body, and the blood stained his clothes immediately.  Han Yuze's eyes widened The stone penetrated into his body like a sharp weapon, and blood spurted out of his mouth!

    Han Yuze's voice shook the sky: "Ah."

    The people next to me were unmoved

    "Don't make noise!" Mu Yetong roared, and Xiao Yaqiao, Yuhao, Dongfang Mo and the others next to him threw their eyes at Han Yuze!

    Han Yuze looked around suspiciously and asked, "Huh? Why didn't I get hurt! Didn't you say it was too late?"

    "Idiot, look behind you!" Lan Zeyu murmured to Han Yuze. Han Yuze turned around in confusion, but another person was lying in front of him. The stone was not aimed at Han Yuze at all, but  The person behind who was about to attack Han Yuze, the stone just passed by Han Yuze and shot straight into that person's body!

    "It's too late, you can't escape! So you can only be safe if you solve the problem with us!" Mu Yetong explained slowly, and then took them to Fengyun Villa!  (Remember the site URL:
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