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Chapter 78 Ru'er

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    "That's right, it's up to you? Just move your toes and you'll be cleaned up!" Han Yuze also said with a smile, but Qiao Yuhao and Xiao Ya were holding back their smiles because they saw the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth on the stairs  Twitching!

    "Hello!" Mu Yetong's voice came to mind, and everyone's eyes returned to Mu Yetong. Mu Yetong said to the proprietress who was looking up at him: "For your kindness to persuade me, I also advise you  Just one sentence!"

    "What?" the proprietress asked puzzled.

    "You better pack up and leave quickly, or you will lose your life later, don't say we have troubled you!" Mu Yetong said with a face full of disdain, with an evil smile on the corner of her mouth under the veil.

    "Stop being arrogant! You girl, get out of here!" The proprietress immediately became angry.

    But Mu Yetong looked up at the roof unmoved and said, "It's too late" Before he finished speaking, the roof was smashed, and then a dozen men in black landed down, even the back door opened.  A dozen men in black also rushed out of the front door!

    "What about the others?" One of the men in black asked, seeing that apart from Xiao Ya and the others, the proprietress and the others were present.

    "Kill them all!" Another man in black said cruelly!

    Mu Yetong shook his head helplessly: "Hey, lady boss, in order to save my life, shall we cooperate?"

    "How to cooperate??" The proprietress quickly put down her arrogant look and asked.

    "Resist for a while, I'll release them from house arrest! Then we can save your lives, how about it?" Mu Yetong put forward the conditions. After all, Xiao Ya and the others were under house arrest. If they don't release them, it will be in vain  Let those men in black take advantage of others?

    "Okay!" The proprietress immediately led her men to resist the man in black. Mu Yetong jumped down the stairs and sprinkled a handful of poisonous powder in front of her.  Seven small pills were given out, and the seven of them took them one by one, then Xiao Ya and the other six immediately used their internal strength to break free from the rope, and deal with the man in black in front of them!

    "Miss Boss, be careful!" The escort boss quickly blocked the knife that was supposed to stab Madam Boss, and when Madam Boss turned around, she saw people who were loyal to him treat him like this!

    The six people quickly rose up and knocked down the man in black beside him, Mu Yetong quickly rescued Qian Mo, and then went to help the proprietress!

    "Mother, help!" There was a crisp voice at the door, and everyone stopped what they were doing. Looking at the door, a man in black was holding a little girl hostage!

    "Don't move, or I will kill your daughter!" The man in black said to the proprietress!

    "Ru'er! Don't touch my Ru'er, I agree with everything!" The proprietress immediately put down the big knife in her hand in compromise!

    "Okay, I want you to kill the masked woman next to you!" The man in black said with a triumphant smile.

    "This" The proprietress hesitated It is impossible for me to kill that woman successfully!

    "Huh" Mu Yetong walked towards the man in black who was holding the proprietress' daughter hostage without any scruples.

    "Don't come here! If you want to come here, I'll kill her!" The man in black hurriedly said.

    "Hmph, do you think I care about the life of someone I don't know?" Mu Yetong continued to walk over unmoved

    "Don't move!" The moment the landlady's big knife rested on Mu Yetong's neck, the indifference in Mu Yetong's eyes slowly turned into coldness

    Mu Yetong raised one hand and pinched the big knife in a sinister manner, and the big knife was snapped off by Mu Yetong in an instant: "Kill me? Hmph, overestimate!" The proprietress immediately slumped on the ground.

    Mu Yetong looked at the man in black, and continued to walk over

    Raising one hand, a throwing knife shot at the man in black at a speed so fast that it was difficult to see clearly.

    "Ah!" The man in black's hand was immediately shot by the flying knife, and the flying knife happened to penetrate the palm of the man in black, only a few centimeters away from Ru'er's neck!

    Qian Mo behind him immediately hugged the man in black who was far away from Ru'er, and hugged him tightly, for fear that the man in black would hold Ru'er hostage again!

    A trace of surprise flashed in Mu Yetong's eyes, and then he immediately moved to the side of the man in black, pushed Qian Mo away, gave the man in black a palm, and the man in black immediately slumped on the ground

    "Damn it, don't you know it's dangerous?" Mu Yetong immediately roared at Qianmo who was pushed aside.

    "I just want to save that little girl!" Qianmo lowered her head like a child who did something wrong, Mu Yetong ended the battle helplessly, and then found out

    "Damn it" The man in black who was holding Ru'er was not dead, he raised his knife and rushed towards Ru'er, the one closest to Ru'er ???There is her mother, the proprietress!

    The proprietress helped Ru'er block the knife without hesitation, becausethe proprietress couldn't block the knife with a knife at all, and when her body blocked the knife, the potential in Ru'er's body immediately reached its limit, and she snatched the big knife from the proprietress's hand  He stabbed at the man in black, who vomited blood and fell down

    "Damn stop!" Mu Yetong cursed secretly, and immediately rushed over to check if the man in black was dead: "You!"  Who is the owner of the landlord and was killed by her!

    The continuous black-clothed men are always problematic, but this is good. I don¡¯t know if we can kill these continuous black-clothed men unscathed next time!

    "Mother! Mother! Save my mother!" The one named Ru'er can't know the truth no matter what, and it doesn't matter who sent those men in black, in short, save my mother!  Shouting heart-piercingly.

    "Get out of the way" Mu Yetong glanced, and was stunned for a moment when she saw Ru'er's heartache!  Then he walked over, held up the proprietress's head, checked his pulse, and put his fingers under the proprietress' nose, poked her neck helplessly shook his head: "There is too much blood loss, there is no way to save it!" Besides  There is no way for her to transfer blood here, and there is no way to test who has the same blood as the proprietress, and there is one more important thing!  That isMu Yetong doesn't want to ask for trouble and go all out to be a stranger!

    Mu Yetong then pushed the proprietress to the little girl named Ru'er, and shook her head helplessly. This girl is probably only one or two years younger than herself. It is really pitiful to lose her father and mother, but Mu Yetong has always been  Not for the soft hearted, it doesn't matter at all.  (Remember the site URL:
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