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Chapter 79

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    Mu Yetong stood up, walked towards Xiao Ya and the others and said, "It's almost dawn, you all go change your clothes, and then set off!" Mu Yetong looked at their wet clothes, and Qianmo's whole body was also wet.  He was completely soaked through, and his whole body was transparent. Qiao Yuhao was about to take off his coat to cover Qian Mo, but Mu Yetong raised his hand, signaling that he didn't need it!

    Mu Yetong flashed away, found a green shirt from her luggage, which was the only one that was not black, and threw it to Qianmo. Qianmo smiled to express her gratitude, and then went to the upstairs room to change clothes.  So do men!

    However, Mu Yetong sat on a chair and looked at the empty inn with a smile on his lips. Does this count as reaping the fruit of oneself?  If they hadn't deliberately kidnapped Xiao Ya and the others, they wouldn't have been implicated by the man in black!

    Mu Yetong glanced at the little girl named Ru'er who was hugging the proprietress and burying her head in the proprietress's arms, sobbing continuouslyMu Yetong's eyes flashed with surpriseThis girl has  The same breath, that breath is called strong!

    "Ru'er Mother can't protect you anymore Mother's life savings are under your bed You go and take it out, you must" Before he could finish speaking, he died, stroking Ru Erxiu  Hairy hands hang down feebly

    "Mother!" Ru'er raised her head in surprise, and held the proprietress Yu Xiang's hand tightly, but the freezing temperature made Ru'er feel empty in her heart!  Shaking the lingering fragrance that had already lost consciousness!

    Mu Yetong understood what the proprietress Yu Xiang's last unfinished words were, but it would be useless to tell Ru'er now, maybe Ru'er would understand, right?  Will she understand?  Mu Yetong also hesitated

    If you give up put down the lingering fragrance in your arms, stood up and walked to Mu Yetong's side, Mu Yetong raised her head in doubt, only saw Ru'er's firm eyes, and her strong voice with a slight sob  It came into my ears: "Your name is Tong, right?"

    "Hmm" Mu Yetong played with the teacup nonchalantly!

    "Are you going to find the mastermind behind the man in black?"

    "I will look for it, but not now" Mu Yetong didn't intend to hide Ru'er.

    "Can you take me with you?"

    "There may be continuous attacks by men in black on the road, and it will be very troublesome to lead you!" Mu Yetong hit Ru'er with the truth without hesitation!

    "I will take good care of myself!"

    "That Qianmo said the same thing just now, but I still need to take care of her!" This means that Ru'er will still become a burden.

    "If I was killed halfway, I definitely don't blame you, you don't have to pay attention to me, just take me to find the mastermind behind it!"

    "I refuse!" Mu Yetong refused not because of trouble, but because she already knew that Ru'er had misunderstood her mother's meaning, but she didn't intend to tell her the truth.

    "Whatever you want, anyway, I'm going to follow you!" Ru'er then asked the only waiter in the shop to burn her mother's body. She didn't put the ashes into the jar, but put the ashes into the pretty lilac on her chest.  In the floral bag!

    Mu Yetong understands that this Ru'er seems to be planning to follow them, and Mu Yetong can't continue to stop, because after all, it's not easy to force her to stay here with her legs on her body, right?

    Besides, Xiao Yaqianmo and the others are ready to go!

    "Are we going to Fengyun Mountain now?" Xiao Ya asked Mu Yetong just as she was about to go downstairs.

    "Yes." Mu Yetong didn't deny it, but replied directly.

    "Do you want to take that Ru'er?" Dongfang Mo glanced at the little girl named Ru'er in confusion, and saw that she was getting dressed faster than him and was still upright, as if she was ready to set off with everyone!

    "My name is Yu Shuiru, not 'that Ru'er'. I believe that she is the only one who can call me Ruer!" Yu Shuiru's slender fingers pointed to one of the crowd, and looked at Mu Yetong who was indifferent in the distance!  Everyone was surprised, except for Tong, can't others call her Ru'er?  Ru'er is indeed very smart, she understands that only Mu Yetong is the one who truly judges everything!

    "She's just going the same way, it's none of our business!" Mu Yetong's ruthless voice uttered, Yu Shuiru was not affected at all, she knew from the beginning that Mu Yetong was ruthless, if she wasn't ruthless, she wouldn't recognize her  Yes, because it is ruthless, it is more majestic!

    "Oh!" Everyone was puzzled, but they had no choice but to nod their heads helplessly. After all, Mu Yetong said so, and they couldn't ask any more questions!  But if something happens halfway and Mu Yetong changes his mind, they can continue to ask questions!

    Even though they thought so, Qian Mo who just came downstairs was still full of emotion.?, Mu Yetong's green gown was obviously bigger than Qianmo's body. Mu Yetong practiced martial arts since childhood, so she is definitely taller than Qianmo, but only half a head lower than Xiao Ya and the others!  But Qianmo is different, it is a head size lower than them!

    Mu Yetong then walked up to Yu Shuiru, and Yu Shuiru raised her head in surprise, thinking that Mu Yetong had changed her mind and agreed to take her with her?  But even though the words Mu Yetong uttered clearly knew they were ruthless, they still couldn't stop the chill in his heart!

    "Do you know how far it is from Fengyun Mountain? How long will it take to get there?"

    "I don't know, but I know that if I set off now, I can walk there after dark!" Yu Shuiru answered honestly!

    "Let's go!" Then Mu Yetong walked in front of Xiao Ya and the others.  Xiao Ya, Han Yuze, and Qiao Yuhao were all caught by the sadness in Yu Shuiru's eyes behind her!

    "Ah! I'm exhausted, I'm not leaving, let's take a rest!" A few people were walking on the path of this mountain After walking for several hours, Qianmo sat helplessly on the ground, panting heavily  gas.  I really can't go anymore, I have to walk on this kind of wilderness path under the scorching sun, and I have been walking for several hours, even Xiao Ya and other martial arts practitioners can't hold on anymore!

    "Okay, let's rest for a while!" Mu Yetong looked around helplessly. Although Wanyan Ye's injury was almost healed, Dongfang Mo had been away for so long, and (Remember this site  URL:
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