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Chapter 86

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    Wan Yanxi slapped her hands calmly, and all the men in black around her could be said to form a circle No matter how high Mu Yetong's martial arts are, it is impossible to kill so many people in an instant!

    "You'd better surrender by yourself, so as not to struggle needlessly!" Dongfang Hu sneered, and then said.

    "Where's my uncle?" Mu Yetong still said the same thing!

    "Tong I'm here!" Mu Yetong raised her head, and saw an old man with a copper leaf tied to the cliff on the other side!  With a worried look on his face, he said: "Tumi, go away, even if you really surrender, they won't let me go, don't do unnecessary things!" said the old copper leaf.

    Mu Yetong was stunned The old man Tongye had never spoken to himself in such a tone

    Mu Yetong glanced at it Sure enough!  That's not Old Man Copper Leaf!  The corners of Mu Yetong's eyes were inspecting the people around. The old man Tongye must have found a way to escape when he woke up, or was the old man Tongye not tied up at all?

    Mu Yetong woke up suddenly, the old man Tongye was not tied up!  What went wrong!  Mu Yetong recalled saving people, Dongfang Mo the fake Dongfang Mo Dongfang Hu had acupuncture points, why did he still use the enchanting incense?  correct!  Damn it, how could I not have thought that the ecstasy incense was specially made, except for the old man Tongye and himself, no one else had it!

    That is to say the old man Copper Leaf rushed to open the acupuncture point first, used the ecstasy incense to fascinate the people around him, and then ran away?  Where to escape to is a question!  But Old Man Copper Leaf will definitely not be caught!

    Dongfang Hu was afraid that he would not be able to fool himself so he made a fake copper leaf old man!  Damn it, why did you just figure it out now?

    Just now Mu Yetong thought it over clearly, but it seems that he can't escape, but if he wants to kill a bloody way, it's still very simple!

    But only Mu Yetong never imagined that the powder on her body was changed!  Where did this go wrong?  Qianmo!  By the way, Qianmo, even Dongfang Tiger can't be frightened by a bag of powder, because according to Qianmo's skill, he still doesn't have the ability to sprinkle all the powder on Dongfang Tiger's body, and the powder is specially made by himself, except for Qianmo and Qianmo.  For myself, no one has an antidote!  So if Qian Mo really sprinkled on Dongfang Tiger Dongfang Tiger would not be able to stand here!

    That's right, it was Qianmo who betrayed him!  Damn, why did I just think of it now!

    If there is no powder, how can I kill the blood?  Mu Yetong hesitated, if he didn't have enough physical strength to use a sword!

    At this moment, Mu Yetong was about to rush towards Wanyan Xie and Dongfang Hu, and when he hijacked Wanyan Xie and Dongfang Hu to escape Something unexpected happened to Mu Yetong Maybe it was just this moment  

    Only then will Mu Yetong's plan be invalidated, thus derailing

    Mu Yetong hasn't rushed towards Wanyan Xie and Dongfang Hu

    "Tong, we're here!" A unanimous voice sounded, and Mu Yetong turned her head When she saw that it was the five of them, she couldn't help being entangled in her heart. Damn it unexpectedly appeared at this time!  Isn't this adding to the chaos?

    When the five stalwart figures came to Mu Yetong's side, Mu Yetong frowned!

    "Why are you here!?" Mu Yetong said angrily.

    "Your appearanceyour forehead" The five people said in surprise, pointing to the red spot on Mu Yetong's forehead

    "Is now the time to talk about this?" Mu Yetong said with a blank look at them.

    "By the way, save master!" Xiao Ya suddenly remembered, and flew towards that cliff, Mu Yetong frowned immediately: "Don't go!"

    But it was already too late, Xiao Ya had already arrived at the fake copper leaf old man beside the cliff

    "Ya, that's fake!" Mu Yetong yelled quickly, but it seemed too late After Xiao Ya untied the rope tied to the "Copper Leaf Old Man", Mu Yetong's voice came Xiao Ya  Ya realizedhe had already been slapped!  Just when he was about to receive the second palm, the fake copper leaf old man stretched out his hand, and Mu Yetong's throwing knife hit the man's palm

    Turning around, he jumped to Xiao Ya's side, lifted Xiao Ya up and flew to the original position Xiao Ya was seriously injured, and that palm had exerted all his strength Mu Yetong knew it would be like this,  It's even worse when they come!

    The fake copper leaf old man behind him pulled out the throwing knife from his hand when Mu Yetong took Xiao Yafei to Lan Zeyu's side, and reflected it Mu Yetong waved his water sleevebut he couldn't support it with one hand at all.  Xiao Ya didn't block the flying knife, but he and Xiao Ya almost fell off the cliff!

    No The flying knife hit Mu Yetong's back shoulder Mu Yetong took Xiao Ya back to the top of the mountain with great difficulty!  Wan Yanye hurriedly gave Xiao?Checking the wound, Lan Zeyu quickly checked the injury on Mu Yetong's back!

    "Hitomi, where's the medicine?" Lan Zeyu asked puzzled.

    "Switched by Qianmo! Qianmo and them are in the same group!" Mu Yetong said reluctantly, the blood on the back slowly oozed out of his clothes a large piece was stained red!

    "Herewe will help you get out!" Han Yuze hastily came up with a bad idea!  After I just finished speaking, at this critical moment, the people next to me had no choice but to agree!

    Mu Yetong meditated on the spot to adjust his luckfor Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya's nearly shattered viscera were slowly repaired under the protection of Mu Yetong's internal strengthIt would be great if Xiaohu was brought along!

    The little fox's blood can restore Xiao Ya faster!

    "Ye!" A barbaric voice sounded next to him Mu Yetong glanced distractedly Wanyan Ye was actually injured by Wanyan Xie!

    It is also reasonable Wanyan Ye's martial arts were taught by Wanyan Xie!  Lan Zeyu was also injured Lan Zeyu was no match for the cunning Dongfang Tiger!

    Mu Yetong suddenly rememberedand took outthe jade flute given by Lan Xuanqi. This jade flute is also the jade flute that was dropped before.  Need to blow out the magic sound!

    "Yu, Yuhao, Ye, Yuze! Cover your ears!" Just as Mu Yetong spoke, the four quickly stepped back and covered their ears!

    Mu Yetong gracefully put the jade flute to her lips The melodious voice rang for a long time~ the sound entered the ears, the internal organs of some people with shallow internal strength have been shattered, and the jade flute on Mu Yetong's lips was slightly green  The light of the light Wan Yanxi saw sharply that the jade flute was broken, and its power was not as good as before. As long as (Remember the website URL:
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