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Chapter 87 The Magic Flute

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    Wan Yanxi randomly picked out a person from the side, and unexpectedly used a knife to cut off the blood and immediately splashed it on the jade flute

    The magic flute sees blood Mu Yetong still doesn't understand this truth!

    Just when everyone was staring at Wanyan Xi who quickly poured blood on the magic flute in Mu Yetong's hand, Mu Yetong didn't stop what he was doing the sound of the magic sound came into his ears

    Quickly shattered the internal organs Wan Yanxi persisted in pouring blood on Mu Yetong

    The magic flutethe magic flute actually absorbed bloodand fused together!  The jade-colored magic flute slowly turned red Mu Yetong didn't stop working because of this

    The destructive power of the magic flute is even greater!  Dongfang Tiger couldn't hold on anymore!

    Just when the men in black around him were about to be wiped out Wan Yanxi suddenly laughed

    "Do you think I'm helping you to make the magic flute suck blood?" Wan Yanxi's voice soundedit was so terrifying to everyone's ears!

    A trace of panic flashed in Mu Yetong's heart What's the matter Why is the inner breath getting weaker and weaker

    Why is the inner breath getting weaker and weakerwhy the feeling is getting weaker and weaker!

    Poofthe smell of blood hit her throatthe blood spit out in one mouthfulthe smell of copper rust in Mu Yetong's mouth

    "What's wrong with you, Tong?" Qiao Yuhao rushed forwardobserved it, took his pulseand stared at Mu Yetong with round eyes: "Youwhy is the energy in your body getting more and more chaotic! Why?  What's going on?"

    "this magic flute" Mu Yetong looked at the magic flute with deep meaning. Just after the magic flute inhaled blood, when the magic flute was played again, the aura in the body began to be chaotic. At first, he thought it was the magic flute and the human being merged.  For one, it was only later discovered that there was a problem!

    "That's right! When the magic flute encounters blood, it will surely swallow the piper's life!" Wan Yanxi laughed wildly at the sky, clapped her hands, and a new group of men in black reappeared!  Mu Yetong's brows frowned She was not Wan Yanxi's opponent at all, but she was only to blame for being too careless!

    Mu Yetong glanced at it, and suddenly saw something in Qiao Yuhao's arms After glancing at it, she looked at Wan Yanxi and said, "What are you doing to let us go, what do you want!" Mu Yetong  Asked calmly, the breath in his body was getting weaker and weaker He was exhausted already!

    "Me? I just want your life! If you are willing to kill yourself, I can certainly consider letting the people around you go, but if you still have to struggle needlessly, it will only add more unnecessary deaths!  "Wanyan laughed contemptuously, who would believe these words?  Will Xiao Ya and the five of them really be spared if Mu Yetong is dead?  How can it be?  If you use your brain, you will know it is fake!

    "Okay, if I die, I can let them go, right? As you wish!" The five of them didn't know what Mu Yetong was thinking!  What are you going to do?

    "Tong, how can you believe his words? Don't do anything stupid!" Qiao Yuhao hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Mu Yetong's wrist and said, Mu Yetong remained silentwithdrawing his hand!

    Instead, he hugged Qiao Yuhao buried his head in Qiao Yuhao's chest After a few seconds, he pushed Qiao Yuhao away!  Qiao Yuhao heard Mu Yetong's murmured words just now!  After Mu Yetong pushed Qiao Yuhao away, Qiao Yuhao nodded

    Said to Wan Yanxi "As you wish!" Mu Yetong backed away slowlyuntil she reached the edge of the cliff

    She wants to gamble!  Bet on whether God will take care of her bet on whether she deserves to stay by their side!  Bet on whether she and they can continue to be happy!  Betfor themshe can gamble!  No!  is forever!

    She can bet on her own life!  Can!

    Her love is great She doesn't talk about it, she doesn't speak sweet words, she is even afraid she is afraid that they will leave her if she says the wrong thing, but in fact she loves them the most the words that hurt them  ¡­She said it, but not on purpose!

    It's all for them She can forgive them for their misunderstandings again and again!  She was willing to bear everything, at first she thought it was to make up for what she owed them

    But latershe didn't think soshe found out that she had really fallen!

    She clearly knows that there is a difference between being grateful and being moved!  But she would rather let them think it was an illusion!

    Qiao Yuhao's head was rumblinghe recalled everything!  Past life present life hatred Han Mingfeng!  Han Xunruo Lin Ruoxun!  The transfer studentHateful eyesRemorseful eyes!

    "I seem to have remembered something" Lan Zeyu next to him murmured softly!

    Mu Yetong lay back gentlythe breeze blew Mu Yetong's hairthe clothes on her body were also fluttering in the windMu Yetong seemed to beIt's as bright as a banished fairy the red flame on the forehead is even more dazzling the smile on the corner of the mouth is amazing!

    The body fell downwards with gravityuntil the figure was gone!

    "Hahaha, hahaha! You are finally dead!" Wan Yanxi laughed maniacally, ignoring the flashing light and shadow

    Han Yuze was still staring blankly at the direction where Mu Yetong disappeared, and rushed to the side of the cliff, "No!" The voice was so sad that it was shocking "You can't die, you can't!" If Qiao Yuhao hadn't caught him  Han Yuze's arm, it's hard to guarantee whether Han Yuze will jump down!

    "Hehit's your turn next!" Dongfang Hu said, looking at them arrogantly.

    "I knew it, HitomiWhy are you so stupid? Stupider than me? Even if you are dead, they won't let us go! Why are you jumping down!" Lan Zeyu murmured  lost in focusin a trance!

    Wanyan Xie hurriedly jumped to the side of the cliff, ready to check if Mu Yetong was really dead!

    Xiao Ya rushed up and pushed Wanyan Xie's back But Wan Yanxi flashed past and gave Xiao Ya a palm

    "Haha, you want to kill me? It's too early! I admitexcept for Mu Yetong, no one can beat me! NowI am the number one in the world! Just kill you, and then fight for your position  ! I am invincible! Hahahahaha!" The rampant voice echoed throughout the canyon

    Wanyan Xie laughed wildly wildly: "Everyone!" Then he sent the men in black behind him to clean up these trash that did not pose a threat to him!  (Remember the site URL:
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