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Chapter 88 General

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    But a man and horse suddenly appeared next to the man in black Not bad!  Those were Qiao Yuhao's people, but they were carefully selected by Mu Yetong for Qiao Yuhao. They were a group of hidden guards!  Mu Yetong deliberately made a special kind of fireworks to notify them, and put it in Qiao Yuhao's pocket

    When Mu Yetong just hugged Qiao Yuhao, he pulled out the fireworks and set off the fireworks when he jumped off the cliff!  Because there is no chance to release them on the top of the mountain Wan Yanxi is also impossible to let them have a chance

    So Mu Yetong was betting Wanyan watched blankly as her subordinate was killed The carefully planned conspiracy was shattered like this?

    "How could this beMu Yetong, I hate you! Even if you die you will kill me!" Wan Yanxi yelled at the sky, never thought that Mu Yetong would not let go  Wanyan, Mu Yetong once saidthe one who can beat herhas not been born yet!

    Wanyan Xi laughed wildly again, "Hahaha, it doesn't matter As long as you die, I won't be afraid of anything! At least I'm still number one in the world!" Wanyan Xicrazy

    Because Wan Yanxi didn't expect Mu Yetong to join him in the end!

    "Noyou lost, you lost completely!" Qiao Yuhao looked at Wan Yanxi with a smile, and walked towards Wan Yanxi

    Wan Yanxi looked at Qiao Yuhao in confusionhow could it be!

    "Hitomishe's not dead!" Qiao Yuhao smiled, the smile on his face was not fake at all, Wanyan looked at Qiao Yuhao's affectionate eyes behind him stood a man with an evil smile on the corner of his mouth  Mu Yetong

    Wanyan Xie went completely crazy It turns out that she really lost!  Lost completely!  Totally lost!

    Wanyan Xie's eyes widened She wanted to push Mu Yetong down again Mu Yetong's figure flashed slightly, but Wanyan Xie fell herself down

    Mu Yetong looked coldly at the sound of Wanyan Xi's fall, and there was no emotion in her eyes Just now she didn't fall, she just deliberately created an illusion, and she took a 'quick step' to hide on the rock, they saw  What fell down was actually his coat!

    "Hey! Harmonious ending!" Qiao Yuhao walked over with a smile, and said with a slap on Mu Yetong's shoulder.

    Wanyan Ye was a little distractedhe also came over, probably because of the blow too muchafter all, he was the father who raised him for many years!  There is no blood relationship After all, I have raised myself for so many years!

    Mu Yetong struggled to cover her chest with her hands The inner chaos and the flying knife in the middle made Mu Yetong exhausted

    "Ah!" Mu Yetong roared I saw Mu Yetong's body falling towards the cliffQiao Yuhao grabbed Mu Yetong's wrist with sharp eyesbut he was also pulled down

    Wan Yanye quickly grabbed Qiao Yuhao Lan Zeyu also flew over to help Han Yuze then stopped him!

    Unexpectedly Wan Yanxi is cruel and merciless!  He was unwilling to let Mu Yetong go even if he died.  He grabbed Mu Yetong's foot and didn't let go

    "Hahaha! Even if I die! I want you to be buried with me!" The cold voice echoed in the canyon

    Mu Yetong was powerless to kick Wan Yanxi awaybut Mu Yetong looked upif he persisted, he might pull himself up!

    When he persisted like this, the helpless Mu Yetong chatted with Qiao Yuhao Maybe it was the last time

    "Actually I have always cared about you. What you said yesterday made me sadI don't know how to express my loveI'm afraidI'm afraid that if I do something wrong, you will leave me  !So I just have to protect you all silently" Just when Mu Yetong hadn't finished talking about her thoughts

    Things backfired Never thought that Dongfang Tiger would actually walk towards the cliff Mu Yetong knew what he was going to do!

    "Qiao Yuhao, let go! Lan Zeyu, hurry up and pull Qiao Yuhao up!" Mu Yetong suddenly yelled in panic, the five of them had never seen Mu Yetong in such a panic

    Mu Yetong simply pulled away the hand that was held by Qiao Yuhao

    "You must live well!" Mu Yetong pulled out his hand ruthlessly, and at that moment Lan Zeyu and the others just pulled it up Qiao Yuhao escaped from danger

    Dongfang Hu planned to push them all downMu Yetong once again sacrificed herself for them!

    Maybe this is the last time?  Xiao Ya looked at Mu Yetong's falling figure

    Qiao Yuhao stared blankly

    "No" Qiao Yuhao stretched out his hand to persuade him to staybut Mu Yetong's body fell quickly!

    A hoarse but deafening voice sounded echoing in the valleyEchoing in the ears of the five of themin their hearts!  Keep in mind!

    "Remember Mu Yetong once loved you never never changed!" The five people stared blankly, feeling more heartbroken than before, and the mournful cry they heard at the end was heart-piercing!

    Only then did the five people realize what was behind them So that's how it is!

    "It's you! It's you that made Hitomi give up struggling and saving lives, in order not to let us be pushed off the cliff by you!" Qiao Yuhao suddenly rang out, looked behind rushed up and picked up Dongfang Hu's collar,  Dongfang Tiger punched him!

    "Hmph, since you have discovered it, you can kill or cut whatever you want!" Dongfang Hu raised his head and said arrogantly.

    Qiao Yuhao rushed to the top of his head with a burst of fire, drew out the sword at his waist and stabbed at Dongfang Tiger

    On the way, he was stopped by Wanyan Ye

    Qiao Yuhao looked at Wanyan Ye angrily and shouted: "What are you doing! He hurt Tong Tong! It's him!"

    Wanyan Ye had a gloomy facewith her hair covering her eyes, she couldn't see any expression at allbut there was an inexplicable sense of horror

    "Let him die so easily Do you think it's possible?" Wanyan Ye quietly raised his head, his eyes filled with bloodshot eyes, making people feel particularly terrifying

    good!  The five of them can understand why Mu Yetong doesn't leave much roomwhy don't let others die easily!

    It turns out that hatred It turns out that Mu Yetong's head is full of hatred, so he won't feel it if he kills someone!

    But every time it came too late Send someone to suppress Dongfang Tiger (Remember the website address of this website:
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