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Chapter 93 Myolie

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    "It seems that Yu is still missing?" Xiao Ya looked at the table Then he looked at the door. Did Lan Zeyu get lost halfway?  He was originally a road idiot, and maybe he stopped when he encountered something delicious on the way!

    Lan Zeyu's childlike temperament has not changed!

    "I'm here, I'm here!" Finally saw him coming.  Walking alone, the blue shirt fluttering, Yingying looked away When he got closer, he was a little more hurried, supported the wall, and gasped for breath

    "It's finally here?" Xiao Ya said, looking at Lan Zeyu with a smile.

    "Yes, yes! You don't know! I saw a new dish in your northern pavilion on the way. It's delicious! I can't bear to come! By the time I realize it, I'm going to be late! Ignoring the guards around me  Flying over" Lan Zeyu's voice became smaller and smaller as he spoke

    "Yeahso I got lost later, and I came here after asking for the way for a long time, right?" Xiao Ya looked at Lan Zeyu with a smile, and took the next sentence!  Which time Lan Zeyu was not the last one to come?

    "Huh? So I wasn't the last one to come?" Lan Zeyu inspected the surroundings, and said happily, two dimples appeared on the cute doll's face

    "Who said that? That's the last one!" Han Yuze said hastily, muttering, as if deliberately against Lan Zeyu, who made Lan Zeyu cuter than himself?  Two boyish people are fighting!

    "Obviously I'm not the last one! Do you think Mo didn't come either!" Lan Zeyu leaned forward and said arrogantly, nose to nose!

    "Cut, who said that, Mo did it himself in the kitchen! You are the last one! You! You are gluttonous and a road idiot, huh!" The two clashed again!

    "Is it true?" Lan Zeyu cast his resentful eyes on Xiao Ya, and asked in doubt, his eyes were full of wanting to ask for an answer!

    Xiao Ya smiled and nodded, Lan Zeyu's baby face collapsed Han Yuze next to him smiled complacently

    "Serve the food!" Wanyan Ye said softly with a slight curvature on the corner of his mouth, and Dongfang Mo slowly brought the plate to the table

    "Today is the three-year period when the pupil will disappear!" Xiao Ya held the wine glass, looking at the ripples in the glassbut her heart was not here.

    "We still won't give up on looking for TongI believe Tong will not give up on us!" Qiao Yuhao raised his cup and motioned for them to come together!

    "So do we! Do it!" The people around smiled and raised their cups, and continued to do it

    Suddenly at this time the noise outside the box easily disturbed the eight people in the box

    "Damn, who is it! It's so noisy! I'll go out and have a look!" Lan Xuanqi still couldn't get rid of his irritable temper, stood up and was about to go outside

    And the little pink figure outside, wearing a white veil, is getting into trouble with some people!  Zhong Xinxing originally just sneaked out to play, but then she was hungry, so she ran to this nice-looking place to eat After eating, she had to pay the bill, but Zhong Xinxing was an idiot who didn't understand what money was,  As a result, the shopkeeper got into a dispute with Zhong Xinxing!

    Zhong Xinxing pursed her mouth and cursed: "Don't drag me! If you keep pestering me, I'll let brother Han kill you, let go!" Zhong Xinxing was very dissatisfied with their arms being held by them like this,  Qianqian's jade hand was about to be pinched off by them.

    "What are you arguing about!" Lan Xuanqi walked over violently, slapped the table with his big palm, and said angrily.

    "AhMaster Lan, this woman doesn't give money for meals, and she is still swearing here!" The shopkeeper said with a slight bow to Lan Xuanqi.

    Lan Xuanqi saw the petite person in front of him pushing the paws of the servants beside him in dissatisfaction, his clever eyes gleamed with incredible playfulness, his fair skin could be broken with a snap of his fingers, he must be a stunning beauty when he took off his veil!

    Lan Xuanqi frowned, what a trouble!

    "Qi, are you still okay?" A gentle voice sounded behind him, Lan Xuanqi quickly turned his head and smiled, the savior came!  If it was Xiao Ya, he would definitely be able to solve it perfectly!

    "This woman has no money to pay the bill, and the shopkeeper has a dispute with her, what do you think should I do?" Xiao Ya, who came out because of anxiety, heard Lan Xuanqi explain this, Xiao Ya glanced at Zhong Xinxing  , didn't keep his eyes on her

    Then he said to the shopkeeper: "This meal will be charged to my account, don't quarrel!" Then Xiao Ya smiled and prepared to go back, Zhong Xinxing, who had just broken free from the shackles of the servant, immediately grabbed Xiao Ya who was about to leave  clothes

    Xiao Ya turned around in confusion and said softly: "Miss, is there anything else?"Although there is tenderness in the eyes, but there is a trace of indifference I don't know why Zhong Xinxing has caught this!

    "Who are you?" Zhong Xinxing put down her claws and asked with her head tilted.  The playful expression appeared on the face and felt very consistent. The front bangs just covered the forehead, and the big pupils left made people feel very cute.

    "Heh this lady, don't you feel uncomfortable asking a strange man's name rashly like this?" Xiao Ya's gentle and polite words are thousands of miles away.

    "No, my name is Zhong Xinxing, how about you? I managed to escape from Brother Han's valley! I just want to have a good time So, my instinct tells me that you are good people,  So I just want you guys to take me around the whole city!" Zhong Xinxing's crunchy voice came to the ears of the two of them, although there were a lot of nonsense, it didn't make people feel bored at all, on the contrary they thought it was the sound of nature!

    "Okay well, follow us in first! Anyway, we don't have much to do!" Lan Xuanqi suddenly agreed like this, and he didn't even know why.

    Xiao Ya also smiled and did not object.

    When Xiao Ya and Lan Xuanqi walked into the box with Zhong Xinxing, the six people in the box stopped their chopsticks and stared blankly at the clever man behind Xiao Ya, who was wearing a white veil but couldn't hide it  mischievous nature

    "Hello!" Zhong Xinxing jumped out playfully, shaking her jaded hands, and greeted the six handsome men in front of her. There was no embarrassment or shyness, but it was as if she was greeting someone she was familiar with!  (Remember the site URL:
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