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Chapter 94 Encounter

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    Xiao Ya smiled slightly, and explained to the six people in front of him, they only then understood!

    But Qiao Yuhao quietly asked Xiao Ya: "This woman is very suspicious Not only is she not surprised when she sees our extraordinary appearance, but she also doesn't feel embarrassed or shy at all? On the contrary, she greets us skillfully" Qiao Yu  Hao vigilantly raised his doubts!

    Just when Xiao Ya was about to express her opinion, she heard Zhong Xinxing, who was looking out of the window behind her, suddenly said: "Hey, that man and woman over there, don't think I can't hear you when you speak softly, I see your looks  Do you have to be surprised to be a normal reaction? You are too narcissistic, right? Not surprised because my brother Han is also very handsome! Why do you think you are strange? And oh! Don¡¯t accuse me, I¡¯m just with you  It's just a chance encounter!" Once he opened his mouth, he was absolutely unforgiving!

    Qiao Yuhao stared blankly at the villain in front of him spit out these shocking words!  What?  A guy who is neither male nor female?  Although it's true that Qiao Yuhao looks seductive, he can't be described as neither male nor female, right?

    The seven people behind couldn't help laughing, including the cold Dongfang Mo and Wanyan Ye who also laughed loudly!  Qiao Yuhao's ears were completely red, and he immediately stood up impatiently!

    "You who the hell are you!?" Qiao Yuhao was about to take off Zhong Xinxing's veil in a fit of anger Just like that, his claws reached out to Zhong Xinxing!

    Qiao Yuhao's claws reached out to Zhong Xinxing's veil At that moment, a gust of wind blew by, and a big palm firmly grabbed Qiao Yuhao's wrist. The snow-clothed man who suddenly appeared had a cold face and straight eyes.  In Qiao Yuhao's eyes, the man with a fairy demeanor makes people feel chills in his heart!

    "Brother Han?" Zhong Xinxing's crunchy voice sounded behind him, and Yi Shuihan put down Qiao Yuhao's wrist and turned around

    "Didn't I tell you to stay at home? Why did you sneak out!" Yi Shuihan turned around, eyes filled with tenderness, and looked at Zhong Xinxing who was pouting in front of him, with a slight complaint in his tone.

    "Isn't it boring to stay in the valley? Besides, I still want to see the so-called portrait of the goddess Mu Yetong!" Zhong Xinxing looked at Yi Shuihan with eyes full of expectation, and put her chin on her hands, as if  Saying please!

    "I'll take you shopping later!" Yi Shuihan smiled slightly, took Zhong Xinxing's little hand, turned around and said to the eight people in front of him: "Thank you for taking care of Xing'er, but you must also be polite  One point, you don't just have to look at the faces of girls if you want to!"

    Yi Shuihan then pulled Zhong Xinxing out to leave, Zhong Xinxing turned her head hesitantly her bangs fluttered with the wind, revealing a dazzling flame shape on her forehead

    Han Yuze quickly rushed forward to stop Yi Shuihan and Zhong Xinxing!

    "Wait a minute, can you let me see Miss Zhong's face Just a glance!" Han Yuze said seriously, frowning.

    "Sorry, no!" Yi Shui's cold voice did not hesitate.

    "Then you'll be offended!" Han Yuze's eyes flashed a little deep, and he stretched out his hand to take off Zhong Xinxing's veil, but Yi Shuihan easily pushed away Han Yuze's quickly extended hand, and Han Yuze then used his feet to prepare a  Yi Shuihan fell down by sweeping his legs, but when Yi Shuihan raised his feet slightly, Han Yuze's body collapsed

    Yi Shuihan's martial arts are really extraordinary, even the astonishingly fast Han Yuze can't beat him!

    Lan Zeyu snickered behind his back, but there was still a hint of surprise in his eyes.

    Xiao Ya quickly stepped forward to resolve the conflict: "I'm sorry, my younger brother offended me just now, Master Yi Gu please" Xiao Ya respectfully spread out his palms and pointed to the door, sending Yi Shuihan away

    The moment Yi Shuihan's figure disappeared in front of his eyes, Han Yuze impatiently said to Xiao Ya: "Why are you stopping me!"

    "Don't tell me you're going to lose face! You were knocked down after just a few tricks!" Lan Zeyu gloated triumphantly from the sidelines.

    "that person is unusual! He is the owner of the Suifeng Valley! And the woman beside her the identity is still a mystery for the time being! I heard that the personality of the Suifeng Valley owner is indifferent to the world! He has a pair of magical hands that can save lives and heal the wounded, but   Asking him to cure a disease is more difficult than ascending to the sky and Sui Fenggu Guzhu has never been interested in anything the martial arts skills are superb"

    After Xiao Ya finished speaking these words calmly, the expressions of Lan Zeyu and Dongfang Mo behind him were full of surprises!  ObviouslyQiao Yuhao, Wanyanye, Lan Xuanqi, and Han Mingfeng all knew the truth. From the very beginning when Yi Shuihan walked into the room, he felt the fresh breath that didn't belong to the world and the indifference when he looked at Qiao Yuhao  His eyes and snow clothes are so clean that there is not even a single stain It's clear!

    "Butthen"Zhong Xinxing, I suspect she is Tong!  "Han Yuze's panicked words came out, and the heads of the seven people came together!

    "What did you say!" The voice was deafening, but Han Yuze was not surprised at all.

    "Do you still remember Tong's appearance before falling off the cliff? I saw the flame shape in the forehead just now when Zhong Xinxing turned her head back. It's exactly the same!" Han Yuze expressed his thoughts objectively.  Fast from childhood, so the eyes are naturally able to capture dynamic shapes!

    "This This is not enough to prove that she is Mu Yetong!" Dongfang Mo still couldn't believe it coldly. After all, even if he was alone, how could his personality change so much?  Even if it is a split personality, it is impossible!

    "She's not Tong!" Qiao Yuhao said this resolutely, and then added: "I've checked her pulse before, and it's no different from a normal person, because Tong has practiced martial arts since childhood, so her inner breath is different from normal people!  I probed her inner breath, except for a little weakness, she is no different from anyone else!" For some reason, after Qiao Yuhao said these words, he was sure that Zhong Xinxing was not Mu Yetong, but their hearts were full of emotions.  There is an inexplicable sense of loneliness, and it is clearly proved that it is not, why do I still have this feeling?

    "Forget it, we will definitely find Tong! Besides, Tong will definitely come to recognize us when we meet, so stop thinking about it!" Wanyan Ye finally spoke.  words!  (Remember the site URL:
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