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Chapter 97 The Veil

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    Just like Mu Yetong's touch, the moment the veil was taken off Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo also just came out of the upstairs room, and saw three figures in the backyard in doubt

    Zhong Xinxing's veil just happened to be taken off

    "Hittomi!" Xiao Ya turned over in surprise and jumped down. In the blink of an eye, she came to Zhong Xinxing. She grabbed both of Zhong Xinxing's shoulders and said while shaking her eyes.  Joy, I am happier than ever, I am so happy!

    "Three years! Three years! Hitomi, you have been hiding from us for three years! You have finally appeared! I will not let you leave us again!" Xiao Ya's magnetic voice came into Zhong Xinxing's head,  Xiao Ya hugged Zhong Xinxing in surprise, Zhong Xinxing looked puzzled at the goblin man in front of him hugging her tightly, leaning his cheek against his chest

    It's so warm Zhong Xinxing feels like she's about to lose herself!  How to do how to do!  Zhong Xinxing couldn't move anymore she didn't have the strength to resist!  I don't have the strength to push Xiao Ya away That faint smell of lavender almost makes Zhong Xinxing faint!

    "Ya, let go first!" Dongfang Mo also jumped over, pursed his mouth and protested, Xiao Ya grabbed Zhong Xinxing tightly, and Dongfang Mo snatched Zhong Xinxing Zhong Xinxing just now  Leaving that lightly lavender-scented embrace, I threw myself into another embrace!

    Although there is no faint lavender smell, it is also very charmingit is also very fragrantit seemsit seems that I can't push it awaywhat should I do!

    "And me, let go, let go!" Lan Xuanqi pouted and snatched Zhong Xinxing away Zhong Xinxing's small nose bumped into Lan Xuanqi's chest.  The smell of cologne spread into the nasal cavity It seems that I am obsessed with it and can't push it away

    It seems very familiar Zhong Xinxing was shocked, very familiar!  how come!  Just when she was about to push it away in surprise, she found that she had been pulled into a scented mint embrace Although it was not warm enough, it had a sweet smell. Zhong Xinxing raised her head and saw the lovely Lan Ze  Yu's baby face, grinning Zhenghuan!

    "Hey, why are you all here?" Qiao Yuhao's voice sounded from behind, Qiao Yuhao looked at Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo, and the two Lan brothers suspiciously, it seemed that Lan Zeyu was holding someone in his arms  

    Zhong Xinxing showed a small head from Lan Zeyu's arms in confusion, and passed through Lan Zeyu's shoulders to reveal two big eyes, looking at Qiao Yuhao behind Lan Zeyu, looking at with innocent eyes

    "Yu, who is that in your arms?" Qiao Yuhao couldn't help asking.

    "It's Tong, really! Look!" Lan Zeyu happily carried Zhong Xinxing to Qiao Yuhao and said, Qiao Yuhao suspected that he was hallucinating

    The person in front of me her clear eyes are not stained with dirt.  The feathery eyelashes flickered, and the sunlight rippled from the opened eyelashes.  The bright eyes seem to stand in the color of the sun, which is extraordinarily warm. The pink rose-scented tight-fitting gown sleeve top is covered with an emerald green smoked gauze floral skirt, and the waist is tied with gold silk soft smoke into a big bow.  The hair on the temples is low and slanted, and the jasper-chan phoenix hairpin is inserted, showing a slender figure, coquettish and charming, and more importantly, the face

    An absolutely authentic face just like Mu Yetong's, a fairy-like face

    "Thisis it true?" Qiao Yuhao was stunned, stretched out his hand, his slender fingers touched Zhong Xinxing's fragile cheek, he couldn't believe ityou can feel it, you can see it!

    "Hitomiis it youhave you come back?" Qiao Yuhao was afraidhe was afraid that if he took her into his arms, it would disappear like a dream, as if what was in front of him was still a phantom!

    Zhong Xinxing was puzzled now, and said to the five people in front of her, "You guys made a mistake! I am Zhong Xinxing! My name is Zhong Xinxing! It's not the Mu Yetong you mentioned!"  Xin Xing's big eyes looked at them with watery eyes

    Qiao Yuhao's eyes were gloomy, and sure enoughshe couldn't be Mu Yetong's!  Hitomi has disappeared for three years, how could it appear?  Qiao Yuhao was a little sad, and smiled at his innocence!

    "No, you are Tong, look!" Dongfang Mo hastily took out the imperial list in his arms, the person on it had exactly the same face as Zhong Xinxing It was just that there was more coldness, and one less  It's just smart!

    "How come" Zhong Xinxing looked at the imperial list in surprise, no wonder Yi Shuihan didn't let herself read the imperial list, is this the reason?

    "You're making a mistake! I'm just exactly the same as your so-called Mu Ye's pupils I really don't know you! And oh I grew up in the Valley of the Wind since I was a child!"  Zhong Xinxing smiled and explained, how is it possible!  Although I once wished that I was the legendary Mu Yetong, how could I be the sacred goddess in the legend?

    Xiao Ya is somewhatRubbing her eyes in a daze, the person in front of her smile was exactly like Mu Yetong She smiled like a flower, with a stunning face, a smile that captivated the city.  She is so beautiful that everything in the world becomes vulgar under her smile!

    "Then let's go to Suifeng Valley and ask the owner of Suifeng Valley to know?" Lan Xuanqi nodded and expressed his thoughts. Yi Shuihan must know Zhong Xinxing's appearance, so he must know the truth. Just ask him, everything  Wouldn't it be great?

    The five of them suspected Suspected that Zhong Xinxing would say that she was not Mu Yetong when she lost her memory, and her appearancewas exactly the same!

    They hope that Zhong Xinxing is Mu Yetong, because after all, only Mu Yetong can make them feel at ease, and they hope she is!

    Three years!  They waited for her for three years, and there was no one in the harem of the two emperors because of her!  The four pavilions have no successor because of her!  The two princes are serious for the country, because of her!  Eight people unite and cooperate!  because of her!

    Cathay Pacific and Minan are in good weather!  because of her!  Everything is because of her!  So she can't escape!  She can't!  How could she steal their hearts and disappear?

    As long as there is a way to find Mu Yetong, no matter what they do, they will work hard!  Even if you go up the mountain of knives and down the pan of oil!

    Do not hesitate!  absolute!  Eight of them!  Either one can do it!  Absolutely!

    Even if Zhong Xinxing's personality is different from Mu Yetong, even if Mu Yetong loses her memory, she is still their Mu Yetong and will never change, even if Mu Yetong is disfigured, then she is still their Mu Yetong,  Never change!  Even if Mu Yetong disappeared, she was still their Mu Yetong and would never change!  (Remember the site URL:
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