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Chapter 98 Denial

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    Even if Mu Yetong is gonethen she is still their Mu Yetong, the goddess Mu Yetong who makes the country peaceful and peaceful, she is still the yearning of all women, and the object of love of all men, and will never change!

    Hitomi will you come back?  Is it right?  Not just the eight of themall of them believed it!  she will be back!

    Zhong Xinxing Tell us the facts, are you the goddess Mu Yetong in our hearts?  Let us know!

    Yes or no is an answer, yes stay, no won't let you go, because we are still friends, right?

    After all, your appearance is not deceiving The appearance of a celestial being An alluring face, cold eyes, Mu Yetong is Mu Yetong!  Goddess Mu Yetong!

    "Oops, Yu Dang appeared again!" Xiao Ya looked at a group of men in black who suddenly appeared in front of him, and said irritably, pushing his temples, it's not good when to appear, but it happened at this critical moment

    "Quick battle and quick decision, so we can do serious things!" Qiao Yuhao took out his sword and said calmly. He was not used to these things. For some reason, the remnants of the previous dynasty always appeared from time to time.  Already used to it!

    "Yeah" The people next to her nodded calmly, but Zhong Xinxing looked at the situation in front of her in puzzlement!

    "Uh what's going on?" Zhong Xinxing asked puzzledly, her nimble eyes were puzzled and her beautiful face was covered, what did they say they didn't want to be seen by other people?  See, so continue to wear the veil.

    "Don't talk yet!" Lan Xuanqi said angrily, glaring at Zhong Xinxing intentionally.  Zhong Xinxing muttered for a while, then went to the tree and squatted down, watching them fight!

    Zhong Xinxing cast a contemptuous glance at those men in black, and actually sprinkled poisonous powder on Qiao Yuhao and Xiao Ya, who are both skilled in martial arts.  Seeing that the two men in black were about to hurt Qiao Yuhao and Xiao Ya, Zhong Xinxing, whom Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqi were looking forward to, was unmoved and did not do anything at all, so they had to be distracted to rescue Qiao Yuhao and Xiao Ya  Ya, but unexpectedly just rescued the two of them, but was injured by the two men in black behind, the cloth on the arm was cut, and the bright red blood flowed out, dripping dazzlingly, which stimulated Zhong Xinxing's sensitive nerves  There seems to be scenes of images floating in front of my mind

    It hurts Zhong Xinxing squatted down with her head in pain, and two words immediately appeared in her mind Stop, and then, she blurted out: "Stop!" The loud and clear voice was like a soul song from hell.

    The group of men in black were taken aback. Naturally, everyone's eyes were on Zhong Xinxing. A leading man in black saw a woman with a veil next to the tree. Then, with great interest,  Walking over, Kan smiled and said, "Where did this little beauty come from, yo, why is she wearing a veil?"

    Zhong Qingxing looked suspiciously at the man in black in front of him, only to see his claws stretched out in front of his eyes, the veil on his face was easily lifted off, and a beautiful face caught everyone's eyes.

    However, the expressions on the faces of the people in black were not shock, but silence, which was replaced by panic.

    "Mu Ye Tong!" Three words came out from someone's mouth, and the other men in black immediately lost their legs and fell to their knees on the ground. Then some men in black stumbled away, and some men in black  Just fainted to the ground

    Zhong Qingxing was very puzzled, she just walked over lightly, looked at Xiao Ya and Qiao Yuhao whose eyes were filled with poisonous powder, and then remembered it!

    "Hey, hurry up and drag the two of them to Suifeng Valley!" Said to Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqi, who were not seriously injured, and they both nodded immediately, each supporting the other, and walked to Suifenggu!  Because Zhong Xinxing said that Yi Shuihan would heal him!

    Along the way, Zhong Xinxing hesitated Could it be because of her face?  Could it be that Mu Yetongis that scary?  Then he immediately shook his head, don't think about it anymore, he is not Mu Yetong!  No it's not!

    "Miss, you are back! If you don't come back, we will be miserable!" Just as they stepped into Suifeng Valley, they saw a group of maids surrounding them and said anxiously, while Zhong Xinxing vomited helplessly behind her.  Tongue, smiling at the maid as if apologetic

    "The servant girl is going to inform the owner of the valley that you are back, miss, don't go away!" One of the maidservants said cleverly, and finished speaking to Zhong Xinxing.

    "Hey, you take them into the room to ask the doctor to see a doctor!" Zhong Xinxing grabbed a maid next to her and pointed to the five people behind her.

    Then he bounced around to look for Yi Shuihan, found Yi Shuihan in the study, pulled Yi Shuihan up, and before he could reply, he went to the guest room.??Walk over!

    "These peopleXing'er, didn't I tell you not to sneak out?" Yi Shuihan said with a serious face, Zhong Xinxing protested dissatisfied with her mouth pouting!

    "Brother Han, stop talking about me, save them first! Please!" Zhong Xin Xingshui looked at Yi Shuihan flickeringly with her big eyes, Yi Shuihan sighed helplessly, and then gave Xiao  Ya and Qiao Yuhao detoxified, and then helped Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqi heal their wounds!

    And Dongfang Mo, who was standing aside and uninjured, asked seriously: "Master Yi Shuihancan you tell us why your cousin Zhong Xinxing's face is exactly the same as Mu Yetong's?"  It is very direct!

    Yi Shuihan's hand pouring the medicine suddenly paused Then he continued to apply the medicine pretending to be calm!

    "It's just the same appearance, it's just a coincidence, how could she be the goddess Mu Yetong!" Yi Shuihan pretended to smile easily.

    "Then why did you hide her? Why didn't she know that Mu Yetong looked exactly like her?" Dongfang Mo continued to ask.

    "I just don't want to annoy her! If you knew she had the same pupils as Mu Ye, you would chase after her like now. It's very troublesome, isn't it?" Yi Shuihan easily resolved these problems!  "Don't doubt that Zhong Xinxing is Mu Yetong. Xing has the memories of these years, not Mu Yetong!" Yi Shuihan suddenly said seriously.  (Remember the site URL:
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