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Chapter 99 Escape

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    "That's right! That's right! I've been in Suifeng Valley with Brother Han all these years! I've been there since I was a child, so it can't be the goddess Mu Yetong you mentioned!" Zhong Xinxing waved her hands and said with a smile on her face.  He showed a grinning expression, but the loneliness in his eyes was captured by everyone!

    Yes Goddess, who wouldn't want to be one?  But she is not!

    "Then we are interrupting you!" They had no choice but to bid farewell and leave, but Xiao Ya glanced at Zhong Xinxing, and no one could see through the depth in his eyes

    They had just leftYi Shuihan looked at Zhong Xinxing with a gloomy expression

    "IBrother Han, don't put on such an expression, please! It's scary!" Zhong Xinxing looked at him with her mouth full of guilt!

    "But why do you always run away repeatedly? Don't you like being with me? Don't leave me okay!?" Yi Shuihan grabbed Mu Yetong's shoulder like crazy and said!

    Yi Shuihan's words stunned Zhong Xinxing She knew that Brother Han liked her, and she also liked Brother Han, but her liking for Brother Han was not between a man and a woman!  Why doesn't brother Han just understand?

    ah!  It hurts It seems like something flashed through my mind

    On the cliff, there is a beautiful woman wearing a strange dress holding a person with a fairy-like face in her arms

    The beautiful woman seemed to be saying something "No! I don't! They all left meAre you going to leave me too?"

    Don'tno!  Zhong Xinxing squatted down with her head in her arms The woman walked towards the cliff slowly She was still muttering something "Maybe I was really wrong If I could choose again I would rather abandon my hatred  Really! Dongfang Mo, Lan Zeyu, Qiao Yuhao, Han Mingfeng Xiao Ya! I will always remember you all!" Who who the hell so sad

    "Ah" Zhong Xinxing couldn't take it any longer spit out a mouthful of blood raised her innocent eyes and looked at Yi Shuihan who was in a daze in front of her

    "Who the hell am I" The voice was choked up innocently, as if unwilling to reconcileThousands of resentment and doubts all gathered on this sentenceYi Shuihan staggered back a step

    "Youyouyou are not Zhong Xinxing! Who are you!" Yi Shuihan said this sentence in a daze!

    "I who am I!? Haha I don't know either!" Zhong Xinxing raised her bloodshot eyes and looked at Yi Shuihan


    "Tell me everything! You know I'm not Zhong Xinxing!" Zhong Xinxing yelled at Yi Shuihan like crazy, and Yi Shuihan froze there Swallowing, the Zhong Xinxing in front of him was really terrified  , Do you really want to tell the truth?

    "I Actually, I picked you up at the bottom of the cliff. When I saw your peerless face and the faint sadness and unwillingness between your brows I felt that you should have a lot of grievances, so I brought you back.  You left Suifenggu, and then you woke up and lost your memory, so I made the mistake and gave you a Gu technique and hypnotism, so you thought you were Zhong Xinxing! Until the emperor's list was announced three years later,  I just found out that you are Mu Yetong But I hid you for my own sake! I didn't expect you to break through the Gu technique You should remember everything now? If you want to leave, you  Go!" Yi Shuihan said slowly, just after finishing speaking, he lowered his head and remained silenthis forehead covered his face, and he couldn't see any expression!

    Zhong Xinxing, no, Mu Yetong just gave him a cold look, and then said: "I didn't think of everything, but I cracked the voodoo technique!" Just leaving behind a sentence like this

    Yi Shuihan glanced at the leaving figure out of the corner of his eyeit was silent, he could obviously keep herwhy did he let her go?  He also began to hesitate He clearly knew that if it was Mu Yetong, there would be no reason to stay, and Mu Yetong was not a soft-hearted person!

    Until an anxious cry sounded, which interrupted his thoughts

    "The owner of the valley is not good!" A servant outside the door hurriedly stumbled in and said.

    "What's wrong?" Yi Shuihan looked at the ground and asked.

    "Yu Dang The subordinates of the two landlords of the Western Mysterious Building and the Eastern Killer Building came here. They said they wanted your help, and they said that if you don't help they will destroy us Suifenggu! Those Yu Dang  All are here!" Jia Ding said in a hurry.

    "What!?" Yi Shuihan slapped a table apart in a rage

    Yi Shuihan hurriedly rushed out and ran towards the hall

    The servants also hurriedly followed No one noticed that they were squatting on the roof.The green figure in front of herMu Yetong tiptoed slightly, and then leaped awayThe destination is the Fengyu Building!

    There is no veil on her face at all, even if she does not use a veil, no one can see her face when she is flying high

    After a while, we arrived at the Fengyu Building, and the eight people in the Fengyu Building were packing their things in a room and preparing to go back to their respective homes!  Mu Yetong hung the golden hook upside down and did a backflip to the room. The door and window were closed unconsciously when Mu Yetong entered the room!

    "You" The ignorant Han Mingfeng looked at the person in front of him in surprise, and the equally ignorant Han Yuze behind him also found it incredible, just staring blankly.

    "Why are you here? What are you doing here? Saying goodbye? Cut" Lan Xuanqi said angrily. Although she looks exactly the same, she is not Mu Yetong. Mu Yetong looked at Lan Xuanqi coldly.  , without saying a word, the serious expression on his face makes people feel chills!

    When Lan Xuanqi was about to speak again, he found that he could no longer speak Unknowingly, he was hit on the Ya point!

    "What did you do to my brother! What are you going to do!" Lan Zeyu was the first to say impatiently, staring at Zhong Xinxing in front of him: "Don't think that if you pretend to be cold, you will be like Mu Yetong  Stop pretending!" Lan Zeyu rushed up and was about to grab Mu Yetong's collar, Mu Yetong's beautiful eyes looked at Lan Zeyu coldly, Lan Zeyu's fist was still far away from Mu Yetong  When the pupil was one decimeter, he couldn't move!  (Remember the site URL:
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