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Chapter 100 The Truth

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    Even the acupoints were tapped, Mu Yetong looked at Xiao Ya with a cold face, he was the only one who was the calmest in the audience, and whispered: "I am Mu Yetong" Just five words!

    "How is it possible, you just look the same?" Dongfang Mo's words were interrupted before he could say anything.

    "I believe that Mu Yetong is the only one who can touch the acupoints of Lan Zeyu and Lan Xuanqi silently and calmly!" Xiao Ya said with a smile, walked over, hugged Mu Yetong and whispered: "  Welcome back!" These four words are enough Xiao Ya Thaksin!

    "Don't touch me!" Mu Yetong frowned, Xiao Ya's body hit the wall like a kite, and spat out a mouthful of blood mercilessly!  But there is still a smile on his face

    The faces of Qiao Yuhao and Wanyanye were full of surprise

    Mu Yetong looked away indifferently, there was no trace of emotion on his face, it was just cold, which made people feel chilling

    "You are what's the matter?" Xiao Ya stood up reluctantly, and she used 50% power to resist This is only 50% enough to damage Xiao Ya's internal injuries How could this be?

    "Although I am Mu Yetongbut I haven't recovered my memory, that is to say, Zhong Xinxing is Mu Yetong, and Mu Yetong is Zhong Xinxing!" Then Mu Yetong said what Yi Shuihan said earlier  , Mu Yetong knew clearly in her heart that the scene on the cliff in her mind must have helped her break the Gu technique, but why couldn't she think of what it was like!

    She is not familiar with them, and Mu Yetong has an inexplicable sense of isolation from strangers. This feeling made Mu Yetong knock Xiao Ya away just now Only then did Mu Yetong calm his restless heart and untie Lan Xuanqi.  and Lan Zeyu's acupuncture points, the two staggered back a few steps

    They didn't dare to get close, but their eyes showed joythe smiles on their faces couldn't be hidden no matter what!

    "Youwhy are you still laughing after being beaten?" Mu Yetong was puzzled, frowning, although there was no emotion on his face!

    "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you lose your memory, as long as you are Tong, we will be very happy if you appear!" Wanyan Ye showed a rare bright smile on his face His heart is the same as everyone's thought, they must  It will restore her memory!  Become the original Mu Yetong

    Mu Yetong looked at them helplessly, but felt lonely and painful in her heart Then she remembered something important, and said, "Yi Shuihan's Suifenggu was threatened by the remnants of the former, east, west, and east floors.  , just take this opportunity to wipe out the remaining party in one fell swoop!" Mu Yetong said, the person in front of her nodded, and immediately planned

    And Mu Yetong is waiting for them to finish planning and set off!

    A group of people went to Suifeng Valley in such a mighty way

    It will be here soon

    What caught Mu Yetong's eyes was that everyone in Suifenggu was threatened, and Yi Shuihan stood aside with a sad expression, but it seemed that it had nothing to do with him

    "Han" Elder brother, Mu Yetong couldn't pronounce the last two words, after allshe is not Zhong Xinxing, she gritted her teeth: "Yi Shuihan"

    Yi Shuihan's distraught eyes suddenly picked up the focus again, and looked at Mu Yetong: "Xing'er" The surpriseis no less than the joy in the eyes of the eight of them before!

    Mu Yetong turned her face away, as if deliberately avoiding Yi Shuihan's eyesLooking at the Yu Dang: "You should surrender obediently, all your accomplices are here, right?" Mu Yetong walked towards the leader of the Yu Dang step by step  people¡­¡­

    "Youyou are Mu Yetong!" The lead accomplice said this in surprise!  The eyes are surprised: "That demon who kills without blinking an eye, Mu Yetong!" The following words put Mu Yetong in a good mood, a demon who kills without blinking an eye?  snort¡­¡­

    The corner of Mu Yetong's mouth twitched into an obvious evil smile, and his voice was like an ecstasy from hell: "Yeah I am Mu Yetong What? Do you think I'm dead" The voice was bewitching and slightly terrifying   makes people shudder!

    The leader's legs actually started to weaken. It is said that Mu Yetong kills people without blinking an eye, and his martial arts are so high that they are superbkilling people invisible!  to piss her off?  Absolutely life is worse than death!

    "Youyou don't want to come here! Even if you show up, we will still save our country!" The voice was so trembling, still trying to be brave?  Mu Yetong looked down at him with a condescending smile

    Like a goddess looking at a disgusting cockroach The beautiful face is suffocating

    "Everyone, go!" The leader finally realized and rushed up The people behind the eight people also rushed up!  But the leader held Yi Shuihan hostage with a knife while Yi Shuihan was in a daze!

    "Mu Yetong, don't move, or I'll kill him!" ??Ye Tong didn't expect that he would be able to hold Yi Shuihan hostage, and Xiao Ya who was behind him would also be held hostage Xiao Ya was easily held hostage because she was injured by herself earlier!  What about Yi Shuihan?

    "Do you think I will be threatened?" Mu Yetong raised her face and laughed wildly looked at them coldly

    Yi Shuihan didn't stop him behind him, because he wanted to seewhether Mu Yetong really cared about him!  But unexpectedlyMu Yetong walked towards Xiao Ya step by step!

    The person holding Xiao Ya flustered brought his sword closer to Xiao Ya's neck A bloodstain was drawn on Xiao Ya's neck The blood flowed down There was no emotion in Mu Yetong's eyes

    Yi Shuihan's neck beside him was also scratched with blood. No matter who it was, Mu Yetong did not go to save him. Mu Yetong still walked towards the person who strangled Xiao Yauntil he passed Xiao Ya and the person who restrained Xiao Ya  , walked behind them unexpectedly appeareda silver fox!

    "Little fox" Mu Yetong held up the silver fox dumbfoundedly, and the silver fox jumped onto Mu Yetong's shoulder with a single jump, and licked Mu Yetong's cheek Mu Yetong didn't reject the little fox's contact  !

    The little fox yelled at Xiao Ya sadly, then looked at Mu Yetong, as if hoping that Mu Yetong would save Xiao Ya, Mu Yetong frowned slightly, and then made a movein a blink of an eyerestrained Xiao Ya  The necks of the two of them, Yi Shuihan and Yi Shuihan, have already been grabbed by Mu Yetong!

    Using his internal strength to grab them, it was easy, only to hear: "click", the necks of the two were easily broken, and Mu Yetong never blinked!  (Remember the site URL:
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