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Chapter 101 Killing

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    Xiao Ya was not surprised, but Yi Shuihan, slumped on the ground in panic His most beloved Xing'er, the kindest Xing'er, actually killed someone!  It was so easy to kill someone!

    Yi Shuihan rushed forward and grabbed Mu Yetong and shouted: "How can you kill people! How can youyou are Xing'er! How can you kill peopleyou are Brother Han's Xing'er!" Mu Ye  Hitomi was shaken vigorously by Yi Shuihan.

    "I'm not Xing'er, I'm Mu Yetong!" Mu Yetong looked at the people around him who had already decided the winner, and the two leaders of the remaining party had already died in his hands The others had no choice but to surrender!

    Mu Yetong ruthlessly pushed Yi Shuihan away, looked at the subdued remnants, and said coldly: "Kill without mercy, no one will be left alive!" After saying that, the surrendered people all looked at Mu Ye in surprise  Hitomi

    Mu Yetong looked at them coldly and listened to the order to kill them, the blood flowed like a riversuddenly, the blood stained the whole Suifeng Valley

    Mu Yetong still has no feelings Xiao Ya looked at Mu Yetong in disbelief. Although the previous pupil was cold, but not so cruel This kind of Mu Yetong is very much like the emotionless Mu Yetong in the previous life!

    Han Mingfeng, who was behind him, looked at Suifenggu where the blood flowed like a river fell into deep thought He also killed Han Xunruo in the same way in his previous life!  Kill that innocent lily!  Mu Yetong is probably so cruel because of herself, right?

    "TongI am destined to owe youwhatever you wantI will give it! Even if you have amnesia, if I don't pay you back, I think I will always feel guilty!" Han Mingfeng suddenly walked out and faced Mu Yetong  Said.

    Mu Yetong frowned, looked at Han Mingfeng inexplicably, saw the guilt in Han Mingfeng's eyes, and smiled: "Where is Jiangshan? Can you give it too?" Now that she doesn't love him, there is no forgiveness at all!

    "If you want it, I'll give it!" With a firm tone, he clapped his palms with pride, and someone from behind brought a piece of paper. He calmly wrote down the imperial decree, stamped it on the small jade seal that he carried with him, and handed it to Mu Yetong!

    Mu Yetong looked at the words in the imperial decree coldly: "Following the heavens, the emperor ordered that I will pass on to Mu Yetong, and Mu Yetong will become the emperor of this country. If anyone opposes, he will be killed without mercy!"

    She finished reading laughed laughed so falsely, smiled so hypocritically laughed so

    Mu Yetong raised her head to look at Han Mingfeng, put away the piece of paper and said, "You think it's gone like this? It's ridiculous It's just half a country, and I can forgive you? It's ridiculous!" Ruthless  The words hit his heart

    "Xing'er, would you like to stay with Brother Han?" Yi Shuihan walked up to Mu Yetong's clothes in a daze and said, his eyes were bloodshot It made people feel pity, Mu Yetong slightly  Frowning Turning your head, there are so many troubles!

    "Is it possible? I said that I am Mu Yetong, not Zhong Xinxing!" Mu Yetong said coldly, and Yi Shuihan's eyes were burning with anger

    I only heard one sentence: "Then I will let Xing'er accompany me to hell!" After these words, what appeared in front of Mu Yetong was Yi Shuihan took out a poison and threw it into his mouth, and then took out a dagger to stab Mu Yetong.  Ye Tong, Mu Yetong frowned, did they all die together?

    "Don't be stupid!" Mu Yetong was about to stop her when she heard a sentence from behind: "Since I can't ask you to forgive me, then I will pay it back with my life!" Han Mingfeng?  Mu Yetong turned around reflexively, and saw Han Ming brushing past his ear like a breeze already behind him

    There was only a popMu Yetong was stunnedthe breeze brushed against Mu Yetong's foreheadshe didn't dare to turn her headshe had a bad premonition!  She really didn't dare to turn her head. She looked at Qiao Yuhao, Wanyan Ye, Lan Zeyu, Lan Xuanqi, and Dongfang Mo with surprised faces in front of her. She also saw Xiao Ya biting her lower lip sadly.  And Han Yuze's teary eyes

    She was even more afraid to turn aroundbut reason told her to turn around

    The moment she turned around Mu Yetong's tears flowed down her enlarged pupils The dagger pierced Han Mingfeng's chest!  He even blocked the dagger with his body!  Why!  Obviously it can be destroyed!  Why!

    "Why! You can defeat Yi Shuihan, why did you block the dagger with your body, are you an idiot?" Mu Yetong didn't dare to take a step just roared like crazy.

    "HitomiIdon't regret it! I will owe you in the endSince I can't pay it back for the rest of my life, then I will die with my life!The happiest moment in my life is the moment you fell off the cliffI  The most painful moment in your life is also the moment when you fall off the cliff" Han Mingfeng turned around and smiled, with a smile on his faceHands covered in blood stretched out towards Mu YetongMu Yetong's memory returned to that cliff!

    ? Back to the previous life???Han Mingfeng also stretched out his hand The original Han Xunruo was indifferent!  But now Mu Yetong stepped forward in a daze hugged Han Mingfeng tightly tightly tightly Han Mingfeng's hand tightly hugged Mu Yetong!

    "Heh this is the real Tong I can die in Tong's arms I'm really so happy" Both hands hang down from Mu Yetong's waist until I can't breathe  !  Mu Yetong's eyes were wide open

    Memories repeat in her mind like a rewind Past life Conspiracy Resentment Revenge Death Traveling Searching Cherishing Falling off a cliff Love She remembered everything!  All!  She remembered everything

    Mu Yetong put down Han Mingfeng's body and walked towards Yi Shuihan!

    "I'm telling you, Zhong Xinxing will never come back! I'm not Zhong Xinxing, don't deceive yourself! I was Mu Yetong from the beginning, and Zhong Xinxing was just created by you! It's always been a fantasy  I am not Mu Yetong! When you first knew that I was Mu Yetong, you didn¡¯t hand me over because you fell in love with Zhong Xinxing, not me, Mu Yetong! Don¡¯t deceive yourself! Enough is enough! Everything is fine  It's over! Take back your self-righteousness! I can tell you for sure! Whether it's Zhong Xinxing or Mu Yetong! No! Congratulations! You! Zhong Xinxing is dead! Dead! "Long  A passage like a bomb exploded in Yi Shuihan's head (Remember this website:
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