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Chapter 102

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    I don't like I don't like myself: "No! Xing'er likes Brother Han the most! No" Yi Shuihan staggered backslumped on the ground at oncelooking at the tall man in front of him with blurred eyes.  Standing Mu Yetong his eyes are scattered, it is obvious that he is looking at another person's figure on Mu Yetong

    Bright smiling face, bouncing figure!  One by one Brother Han said, "Myolieare you really dead?"

    "Brother Han come to find Xing'er! Myolie likes Brother Han the most"

    "OkayBrother Hancome to find you" Yi Shuihan stretched out a hand to catch the phantom that didn't exist in the airthe body fell straight down!

    Mu Yetong looked at Yi Shuihan's fallen body, squatted down stroking Yi Shuihan's forehead with her slender hand whispered: "Perhaps this is your best ending" There was a smile on his face.  Smiling face with a smile in his eyes, let's go to heaven with Zhong Xinxing who doesn't exist at all

    "Mo, bring the torch!" Mu Yetong suddenly turned her head and said to Dongfang Mo. Dongfang Mo nodded with a smile, and then brought a torch After a while, Yi Shuihan and Han Mingfeng put it on the firewood  

    Mu Yetong will burn their bodies, and put the ashes in the purse on his chest They will stay by his side forever!  Mu Yetong looked into the distance with a smile

    "Let's go!" Mu Yetong turned around and said, "I will go to Yunguo to inherit the throne, you just go back to your own homes!"  They sound so chilling

    "You still haven't recovered your memory?" Xiao Ya asked tremblingly.

    "Hehe I have regained my memory! You actually want to ask if what I said when I fell off the cliff is true, right?" Mu Yetong smiled, and then said, gently stroking the silver fox in her hand

    The seven people behind nodded happily

    "Those words are true! It's absolutely true!" Mu Yetong said with a smile, her smile was like a flower, and her beautiful face was so charming.  She is so beautiful that everything in the world becomes vulgar under her smile!

    Their eyes were stained with joy, it was true, there was no jealousy no jealousy, even if Mu Yetong liked so many of them, they were still very happybut

    "Buteverything has changed!" Those eyes were as deep as lake water, Poland was calm, with an aloof and desolate expression Mu Yetong's next words made their faces pale: "I and you will never be together."  It's possible!" Mu Yetong stepped forward with a cold expression and was about to leave

    Lan Xuanqi rushed forward with one stride: "He stayed by your side in exchange for his fortune, so can I exchange it too?"

    "It'sno problem to me." His words also made her smilethe smile is so seductive, so beautifulthen

    Lan Xuanqi looked at Mu Yetong happily, and then happily wrote down the imperial decree and handed it to Mu Yetong. Mu Yetong took it with a smile It was exactly the same as Han Mingfeng's previous words, and Mu Yetong raised his eyes  Looking at Lan Xuanqi with aloofness!

    "You have to remember, Jiang Shan, I accept it, you? I don't accept it! In other wordsstaying togetherdoesn't mean I belong to you! Remember!" Mu Yetong turned around coldly, Lan Xuanqi  slumped on the ground

    But he has no regrets The fault is his own, who made him fall in love with such a ruthless person?

    Mu Yetong clapped his palms, and also wrote down an imperial decree This imperial decree was announced on the Fengyun Kingdom: "Following the heavens, the emperor said: Fengyun and the two countries will merge, and the new empress, Mu Yetong, will rule the world.  If you are dissatisfied, kill without pardon!" The cold tone, a piece of imperial decree, sent the hearts of the people all over the country into hell

    An unknown empress, I don't know what will happen to the country!  ?

    Mu Yetong left ruthlessly None of the seven people behind her left behind What qualifications do they have to keep her?  She is now the empress of the Fengyun Kingdom!  She is the goddess Mu Yetong What qualifications do they have to stay by her side?

    How many people are willing to die for her?  What are they?

    Just like she said, even if she loved thembut everything has changed!  She doesn't love them, does she?

    The next daya beautiful face on the imperial listthe flame shape of the forehead, this is the empress Mu Yetong of the people all over the country, the goddess in their hearts, no one is talking about it now!  Because if the Empress is Mu Yetong

    You won't worry about harming the country and the people!  Because Mu Yetong used to be the goddess in their hearts, and now the goddess has become the empress, no one will object!  Even they will gradually forget about the two emperors of the two countries!

    ??In the new country called Wang Ruo Country!  Women can vote too!  Equality between men and women The beautiful life of the people has begun

    And what about those seven people?  What about Mu Yetong?

    "Have you heard? The country has been renamed Wang Ruo Country!"

    "Yeah, yeah, I don't know what it means!"

    "That's right! But I heard that Ruo was in the former name of our empress!"

    "Is that forgetting yourself?"

    "That's right! It's really hard to guess what the Empress is thinking!"

    "It's hard to guess, otherwise how can you become our empress?"

    "Yes, yes! Hehe"

    The twittering of the common people is the language of gossip But the words that appeared in the Wind and Rain Tower fell into the ears of those seven people The faces of the seven people in the box were gloomy

    Xiao Ya raised his head to look at them, his eyes sparkled

    "Is it true?" Lan Zeyu's baby voice asked first.

    "En!" Qiao Yuhao nodded, looked at Lan Xuanqi, Lan Xuanqi looked at Wanyan Ye, Wanyan Ye looked at Dongfang Mo, Dongfang Mo looked at Han Yuze, Han Yuze looked at Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya laughed  .

    "I finally understand what Hitomi means! Hitomi wants to forget everything before, let go of hatredbe true to herselfbut everything she said has changedthat is to say, hatred can be let go! And we  should be fought again, shouldn't it?" (Remember the website URL:
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