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Chapter 103 The Ending

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    Everyone nodded in agreement, now there is no need to worry!  Even if Mu Yetong doesn't love them anymore they just start fighting again!

    Everyone can't wait to enter the palace The seven figures are walking towards the palace

    "It's not good, empress, seven people broke into the palace without permission!" A palace maid hurriedly ran in and said, Mu Yetong's hand was slapped when he was approving the memorial, it was the seven of them, right?

    "Let them enter the palace Please go to the imperial study!" Mu Yetong's imposing voice echoed, the aristocrat on his body was full of arrogance, and there was a touch of nobility between his brows

    After a whilethey arrived at the imperial study room, and the seven of them caught their eyesshe had put down the bun she had combed for her in the morning, and now her black hair was loose, reflecting her snow-like hair.  The skin, the white dragon robe, the dark red desk in the study, the red curtain with golden tassels, the red carpet painted with golden cloud patterns

    Everything showed Mu Yetong's noble temperament, and Mu Yetong condemned everyone away

    "Is there something wrong?" Mu Yetong sat gracefully on the dragon chair, looking at them with lazy eyes Zhu Lip said kissingly.

    "How can I keep your heart?" The seven people spoke in unison, but they asked the same sentence!

    What they said made her smilethe smile was so indifferentso relaxedso nothing to do with her"I have no hearthow can I stay?" Mei Mou looked at the seven of them and asked

    The seven of them were stunned, never expecting that Mu Yetong would ask such a question

    "Let's go, I will continue to correct the memorial! Come! See off the guests!" Mu Yetong roared, and the guards outside the door came in at once and took the seven people out of the imperial study

    The seven figures left Mu Yetong stared at the beam speechlessly, was it wrong to do so?  I'm not suitable for anyone, are I?  If I resent you againwill I kill someone again?  She has lost her heart

    There was a green light in front of his eyes Mu Yetong was surprised to see what appeared in front of him

    "The God of Time and Space?"


    "Why did you appear?" Mu Yetong couldn't believe it!

    "I'm here to tell youthey are your fate, you have to hurry up, your happiness is them, because of them you have found your heart" A gentle voice came into the ears

    "How is it possible!?" She didn't believe it.

    "Then you said that you were not sad when you saw them sad? Did you not feel happy when you heard that they were looking for you? You have really found your true heart Now that you have found it, you must take good care of it! Go chase them back!  The chaos of time and space has been restored, youyou will stop here foreverbe the first queen of this world!grab your own happiness" The figure in front of you has slowly disappeared!

    Mu Yetong suddenly realized rushed out of the room with one stride stopped in front of those seven people the messy hair felt messy

    Mu Yetong looked at the surprised eyes of the seven people in front of her in embarrassment, turned her face away and said in embarrassment: "I want to create a harem need seven you do you want to enter" awkwardly pulled out  In a word!

    The seven people chuckled: "If you want to stay, let's just say it"

    The seven people said in unison Mu Yetong's ears turned red But she knew that this feeling was called happiness!  It's never been done before!

    Since thenMu Yetong has lived a happy lifeBecause there are people who approve memorials and state affairs, she is a relaxed empress who is really enviable

    The seven stunning beauties in the harem are even more enviable

    It doesn't matter if Mu Yetong has no heart, we will fill it in for you!

    It doesn't matter if Mu Yetong doesn't know how to love, we will teach you how to love!

    Mu Yetong regained her heart and learned to love!

    Ten years later

    There are two spiritual tablets on the Golden Luan Hall, and five little boys

    "Nianfeng! Nianhan! Where are you going?" Lan Xuanqi yelled impatiently holding a bowl of porridge.

    "Daddy Qi, Daddy Qi, I just saw Brother Nianfeng and Brother Nianhan saying that they are going to have a date!" A little girl with braids about eight years old said to Lan Xuanqi with a smile.

    "Sure enough, you are promising, um, you can create a talent!" Qiao Yuhao said with a smile, rubbing his chin, it really looks like him back then

    "Nian'er is good, let's eat first!" Lan Xuanqi smiled, patted Nian'er's head and said.

    Then I saw Mu Yetong's face was cold.?? Can sacrifice including life!

    Lan Zeyu.

    !!When the Soul-Breaking Sword appeared, the world was in chaos, and when Chi Ming was born, the world died.

    The source of everything is because of this rumor.  Everyone in the world knows this rumor, but they don't knowthe whole poem.

    ? When the broken soul appears, the world is in chaos, when the ghost comes out, the world perishes.

    The brand mark appears, the broken soul returns, Mo Ye comes out, and Ming dies.

    She, Mo Ye:

    Before crossing, he was the first place in the underworld reward list, mysterious and powerful, invincible in the world.

    After crossing, he cultivates both magic and martial arts, is invincible in talent, can break the soul, embrace the soul, and cut the world.

    !!No one can decide my life or death!  So Whether I live or die, the one who makes the decision is only me!

    He, Bai Qingyan said:

    Possessing a mysterious life experience, before turning 20, he single-handedly founded the top five "Mad Wolf Guild" in the mainland

    Knowing everything about Mo Ye, including her time travel, but not saying a word.

    !!Ye'er, do you understand 'Master'?  He, Chi Ming:

    The demon king five thousand years ago, the crystallization of gods and demons.

    It is rumored that he has red hair and red eyes, wild, handsome and cruel.

    !!The contract is formed, the night is born, the dark is born, the night dies, and the dark dies.  Advertisement the watch takes a brick to shoot me, and you can see this book in the list of my works!  The heroine is very powerful, it is a fantasy novel

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