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This Northern Song period is a bit unusual Latest chapter update list

author£ºXiang Yan

Text 0001 The Survival of OthersText Volume 0002 Qingming River SceneVolume 003 Homeland SystemVolume 0004 Hit the Evil
Volume 0005 Mountains without forests are like beautiful women with baldnessVolume 0006 Is the young man handsome?Volume 0007: The Curving ArrowText volume 0008 My husband is a land god
Volume 0009 Distant relatives are not as good as close neighborsVolume 0010 The Golden Ringo (Part 1)Volume 0011 The Golden Ringo (Part 2)Text Volume 0012 Sassy and Charming
Text Volume 0013 I Can RegisterVolume 0014 Improving the quality of lifeVolume 0015 something is wrongVolume 0016 The Law and Order of Bianjing City is Not So Good
Volume 0017 Don't Chase?Volume 0018 I'm going to cum if you don't leaveVolume 0019 Being Tricked by My CountrymanText volume 0020 Leaving early and returning late
Volume 0021 The Dying ManText volume 0022 is not a secret discoveredVolume 0023 SnipingVolume 0024 Impact
Volume 0025 The Girl Who Loves SnacksVolume 0026 Girlfriends Will Become EnemiesVolume 0027 Involved in the Treasure Hunting Battle of Martial ArtistsVolume 0028 Happy Like a Fool
Volume 0029 People Have to be Established FirstVolume 0030 I really want to jump into a wellVolume 0031 The Garden in the MountainsVolume 0032 Old Bao Has an Idea
Volume 0033 Lu Xiaolang and His Young Mu AiVolume 0034, read one pageVolume 0035 Mother and Daughter Grabbing the BowVolume 0036 Qi Art Cannot Be Spread Outside
Volume 0037 I'll just say it casuallyVolume 0038 The Strange Flower among ScholarsVolume 0039 Prince Eats PeachVolume 0040 Daughter, You Have to Work Hard
Volume 0041 Character Level ImprovementVolume 0042 Lu Xiaolang Has ChangedVolume 0043 The First Confrontation with AssassinVolume 0044 Young Lady Yang One Step Ahead
Volume 0045 The Enemy Meets AgainVolume 0046 Meeting an Old Man AgainVolume 0047 The Winner of the Martial Arts Tournament is LostVolume 0048 Let him install it
Volume 0049 Say something for meText Volume 0050 I Think of a Way to Loot 'Character Cards'Volume 0051 The Daughter of the Rivers and Lakes Really Hidden Dragon and Crouching TigerVolume 0052 The Dialogue Is Kind of Weird
Volume 0053 Chang Wei's Broken LegVolume 0054 Blue Sky DifficultVolume 0055 Weng and his son-in-law think about itVolume 0056 Three Books and Six Ceremonies
Volume 0057 Can't SayVolume 0058 Zhao Yunrang Decided to ShamelessVolume 0059 Di Qing: What about the writing on my face?Volume 0060 Proclamation
Text Volume 0061 Why Do You Call Me Official?Volume 0062 New Ability BonusesText Volume No, it can't be broken, and there is no double update todayVolume 0063 Reception
Volume 0064 Scaring OfficialsVolume 0065 Can Keep You Slipping Through the NetVolume 0066 How about Removing the Privy EnvoyVolume 0067 It's the Season of Animal Breeding
Volume 0068 Finally a little reactionText Volume 0069 Not Worthy to Be a Song ZiminText Volume 0070 I Build a Ship and I Come to Mix It UpVolume 0071 Helpless Bao Zheng
Volume 0072 A Smooth BoatText volume 0073 Department of the same familyText Volume Sorry, please take a leave of absence tonightText Volume 0074 All Night Tours
Volume 0075 First Build a Wooden PotVolume 0076 DislikeVolume 0077 Scared MeVolume 0078 Are you a girl like me?
Volume 0079 Grain TeamVolume 0080 Ready to Return to BeijingVolume 0081 Giant Dog Pulling the CoffinVolume 0082 Real Lu finally came back to save lives
Volume 0083 Brother-in-law is hereVolume 0084 RobberyVolume 0085 Knowing Jiang NanchunVolume 0086 Mutual Recognition
Volume 087 Unlocking the Hidden RecipeVolume 0088 Xixia People Don't Care About Multiple FathersText Volume Please take a day off todayText Volume 0089 I Kowtow to You
Volume 0090 WheelsVolume 0091 The Miraculous Effect of Madam DiplomacyVolume 0092 The New OverseerVolume 0093 Ambush
Text Volume 0094 From now on, all monks and Taoists will be under my controlText Volume 0095 Scared the Whole CityVolume 0096 Enmity will never be forgottenVolume 0097 You Can't Refuse to Give
Volume 0098 Bypassing YouMain Text 099 The Khitans BacktrackedVolume 0100 Do not goVolume 0101 Apologize to Lu Zhenren
Volume 0102 Morning Exercise TrumpetVolume 0103 MarriageVolume 0104 IntuitionVolume 0105 Ghost Fan Tower
Volume 0106 RescueVolume 0107 Bao Zheng Begs for HelpVolume 0108 backVolume 0109 Crystal Ball
Text VolumeVolume 0110 Happy Blind BoxVolume 0111 TransformationVolume 0112 Thinking Beautifully
Volume 0113 Father-in-Law's StrengthVolume 0114 Meeting HerVolume 0115 At Your DoorVolume 0116 Proposition
Volume 0117 I'm Face-BlindVolume 0118 MermaidVolume 0119 I Know AllVolume 0120 Old Mother of Lishan
Volume 0121 ReikiVolume 0122 ExchangeVolume 0123 Choose Two from FourVolume 0124 An Accident at the Wedding Banquet
Volume 0125 Metamorphic ReikiVolume 0126 I feel ashamedVolume 0127 Shame and CompanyText Volume 0128 Natural Black Belly
Volume 0129 But Wang Jiefu?Volume 0130 Here ComesVolume 0132 Win TwiceVolume 0132 Finally Carrying Everything
Volume 0133 LightingVolume 0134 Big VictoryVolume 0135 forVolume 0136 I Can Be Willful
Volume 0137 Ashamed to Be with Cowards Like YouVolume 0138 Looking for a Real PersonVolume 0139 Forced PlayVolume 0140 Implementation of the plan
VOLUME 1 Chapter 141 PuzzleVOLUME 142 Chapter 142 BaitVOLUME 143 Chapter 143 Creating something out of nothingvol.2 Chapter 144 Apprentice
145 ApprenticeshipVOLUME 146 Zhao Zonghua's FrustrationVolume 0147 Yuan's Giant RiceVOLUME 148 Chapter 148 Under the Grass to Enjoy the Cool
Volume 0149 The Confrontation of the Pang MansionVolume 0150 Twists and turnsVolume 0151 Thirteen StonesVolume 0152 is on the near side
VOLUME 1 Chapter 153 FateVOLUME 154 Chapter 154 Sweeping the World with EvilVOLUME 1 Chapter 155 Rebellionvol.2 Chapter 156 Negotiating Matters
Volume 0157 Looking down on the fireworks in the worldVolume 0158 The People of Hangzhou First Contact AircraftVolume 0159Volume 0160 How Does This Thing Fly?
Volume 0161 Blue PillsVolume 0162 Revitalizing the True MonarchVolume 0163 Flying Dragon Riding on the FaceVolume 0164 Imperial Sword
Volume 0165 TransactionsVolume 0166 Mother-in-law's AssistVolume 0167 AlchemyVolume 0168 Fuso
Volume 0169 Ghost IslandVolume 0170 SeedlingsVolume 0171 Believe it or notVolume 0172 Are You Still Happy?
vol.2 Chapter 173 Giant Beast Approaching the DoorVolume 0174 Calling ImmortalsVolume 0175 BeggingVolume 0176 I Do My Best
Volume 0177 I Want Izumo Country178 Retreat as AdvanceVolume 0179 Abe with a ProblemVolume 0180 Unexpected Information
Volume 0181 FairyVolume 0182 Too LongVolume 0183 The Fox Demon Loves LearningVolume 0184 Cutting Mountains into Walls
Volume 0185 Save Her Dog's LifeVolume 0186 Dao PalaceVolume 0187 The Reason for Recruiting FoxesVolume 0188 I Just Come to Listen to the Story
Volume 0189 Successful RecruitmentVolume 0190 The Heavenly Mystery Gate Comes to YouVolume 0191 Silver Mined OutsideVolume 0192 Your Hearts Are Dark
Volume 0193: Changing Rice Seeds from Korea to QiongzhouVolume 0193: Changing Rice Seeds from Korea to QiongzhouVolume 0194 RenzongVolume 0195 Fu Wushuang Arrives
Volume 0196 Another Village with Dark Willows and BlossomsVolume 0197 DemonstrationVolume 0198 Never StoppedVolume 0199 Upper limit of 100 years
Volume 0200 Nanshan ClubVolume 0201 The bait was finally eaten by the fishVolume 0202 It Must Be a Sea of ??BloodVolume 0203 The Function of Rainbow Silk
Text volume 0204 Goose step punchVolume 0205 It's CoolVolume 0206 Cutting from East to WestVolume 0207 Interesting Things
Volume 0208 I'm Not a Bald DonkeyVolume 0209 Meat TankVolume 0210 Competing for ReikiVolume 0211
Volume 0212 Funny BeastVolume 0213 Everyone is goneVolume 0214 CentrifugalVolume 0215 The Tacit Understanding Between Weng and Son-in-Law
Text Volume 0216 Preemptive ActionVolume 0217 The Old Man Who Died Under the Peony BlossomText Volume 0218 Tiandao Railway Coupons Are Really UsefulVolume 0219 Khitan Changes
Volume 0220 King's WaterfallVolume 0221 They Will Find ItVolume 0222 JingjingVolume 0223 Western Barbarians Are Not Human
Volume 0224 Win-WinVolume 0225 Building a Solar ShipVolume 0226 CompletedVolume 0227 Various Responses
Text Volume 0228 When there is such a catastropheVolume 0229 Prime Minister Han GoneVolume 0230 I Want to Be a Song ManVolume 0231 The Earth Is Round
Volume 0233 How to Repay a MealVolume 0234 Moon Looking at QingqiuVolume 0235 Sure enough, he was followedText Volume I wish you all a Happy New Year!
Volume 0236 The Awakening of the Merchants (Part 1)Volume 0237 The Awakening of the Merchants (Part 2)Volume 0238 Evil BookVolume 0239 The Past of the Monster Clan
Volume 0240 The Proud Beast AttacksVolume 0241 I Have a Way to Repel the EnemyVolume 0242 Su Shi Is Coming to Hangzhou to WorkVolume 0243 You Write Poetry, I Give You Honey
Volume 0244 Queen Mother Please Don't Interfere in Government AffairsVolume 0245 Officials Don't Need Appreciation from OthersVolume 0246 Golden Flowers Grow0247 Lu Xianxian's God-Level Bonus
Volume 0248 Peach ClubText Volume 0249 I, Su Shi, Definitely Decide This ManVolume 0250 Too PowerfulVolume 0251 The Emperor's Heart Is Always Cold
Volume 0252 He is a GentlemanVolume 0253 It's ImpossibleVolume 0254 Hitting a Snake Seven CunVolume 0255 Breaking His Luck
Volume 0256 DemonVolume 0257 The Xingqing Mansion is Back, but the People Are GoneVolume 0258 Real Lu Has a ResponseVolume 0259 People Without Foresight
Volume 0260 Queen of LoulanVolume 0261 The Queen Looks FamiliarVolume 0262 The Wind Comes from the WindVolume 0263 Unexpected Discovery
Volume 0264 For youVolume 0265 Lingling ReluctantVolume 0266: The Mage from the EastVolume 0267 You Have to Be Willing to Gain
Volume 0268 Persian MonkeyVolume 0269 Right to Make a FriendVolume 0270 It's time to show the real techniqueVolume 0271 Can the Future Empress Have Extravagant Dreams?
Volume 0272 Lagging Loot LootingVolume 0273 You should be able toVolume 0274 How are you doing?Volume 0275 Empress Dowager Cao's Brainstorming Plan
Volume 0276 They Are Actually Afraid of UsVolume 0277 I Have a Bad PremonitionVolume 0278 Cut it offVolume 0279 Mount Helan
Volume 0280 Two Little Ancestors ComeVolume 0281 AssemblyVolume 0282 Twins Gain KnowledgeVolume 0283 Sitting in Town
Volume 0284 JealousyVolume 0285 Those who can do more workVolume 0286 Seeing and Not SeeingVolume 0286 The Deal Is Closed
Volume 0288 Su Shi's Careful SchemeVolume 0289: Lu Zhenren's Fame Spreads OverseasVolume 0290 Is this included?Volume 0291 This is the last time
Volume 0292 The Special Envoy Is ComingVolume 0293 Buddhist MonksVolume 0294 is mine nowVolume 0295 I Want to Ask
Volume 0296 This Rumor Is OutrageousVolume 0297 LobbyingVolume 0298 Bao Zheng Goes to SeaVolume 0299 ??Immortal Fate Is Hard to Find
Volume 0300 This is Our FateText Volume 0301 No wonder Master is the Only True ImmortalVolume 0302 Chenguang TempleVolume 0303 Did Real Lu even predict this?
Volume 0304 The Nature of the Xirong PeopleVolume 0305 Lu Zhenren Takes the World as a ChessVolume 0306 VampireVolume 0307 Imitation of Wang Xuance
Volume 0308 Only the Strongest Means Can Be UsedVolume 0309 Rank Rank WowoVolume 0310 Bao Zheng Feels Big HeadedVolume 0311 Unexpected Relaxation
Volume 0312 Kill First, Then TalkVolume 0313 Can't Get So Many People OutVolume 0314 Must Be an IllusionVolume 0315 Homecoming
Volume 0316 Time to Hit the RoadVolume 0317 The Terrible Phantom PainVolume 0318 Isn't this embarrassing me?Volume 0319 There is Great Fear Here
Volume 0320 AccidentVolume 0321 Women Walk the Streets, What Do Men Follow?Volume 0322 All three will accompany youVolume 0323 Loyalty and Filial Piety Are Difficult to Have Both
Volume 0324 Win to LoseVolume 0325 I'm a Little GirlVolume 0326 As if we have never done thisVolume 0327 Let's Get Things Done Tonight
Volume 0328: Can You Have More Strength to Fight Again?Volume 0329 Innate Treasures in Exchange for Magical TechniquesVolume 0330 The Tiny Queen Mother of the WestVolume 0331 The Queen Mother of the West Comes Out of the Mountain
Volume 0332 The Weak XiangliuVolume 0333 Digging and Collapsing the Heavenly LakeVolume 0334 Queen Mother of the West Lost Her ClawsVolume 0335 Because They Are Greedy Enough
Volume 0336 Claw Grinding Is a Cat's Instinctive BehaviorVolume 0337 Unrestrained Human Race PatriarchsVolume 0338 A Certain Person Is Quite the Wish of the Queen Mother of the WestVolume 0339 The Queen Mother of the West Serves Wine
Volume 0340 Solid WishVolume 0341 Immortal Lu Inexplicably Takes the Blame (Part 1)Volume 0342 Immortal Lu Inexplicably Takes the Blame (Part 2)Text Volume 0343 Help Me Get Rid of Demons
Volume 0344 Is it the Son of Heaven?Volume 0345 The More The BetterVolume 0346 He Has No Interest in InfidelityVolume 0347 The Voucher Book of the Queen Mother of the West
Volume 0348 Ambush of the Queen Mother of the WestVolume 0349 Heaven and Earth as EvidenceVolume 0350 Blessed OnesVolume 0351 Jinmao Potato
Volume 0352 The civil servants seem to have not changedVolume 0353 The Appearance of the LoomVolume 0354 Future generations have their own schemingVolume 0355 Tu Xingsun Caught
Volume 0356 The Most Ruthless and Coldest Man in the WorldVolume 0357 It's Time to Find More FriendsVolume 358 Who Are You?Volume 0359 Preemptive Strike
Volume 0360 Soldiers First, Salutes LaterVolume 0361 True and False Moon in the WaterText Volume 0362 Flying SkirtVolume 0363 The Dao of Heaven Is Raising Gu
Volume 0364 Let's Open SourceVolume 0365 Only Mortals After AllVolume 0366 Aura ThiefVolume 0367 Qing Qiuxian
Volume 0368 Why not admit your mistakeVolume 0369 Sichen and CaifengVolume 0370 Cultural VictoryVolume 0371 You need to stop punching first when you hit someone
Volume 0372 JianmuVolume 0373 Can You Kill Him?Volume 0374 One Gas Transforms Three Cleans?Text Volume 0375 First Breath Is Very Sweet
Volume 0376 Keeping the Clouds Open and Seeing the MoonlightVolume 0032 The Name of Licking Dogs is Difficult to Clean Up0378 I Can't Sit StillVolume 0379 The End of Mountains and Rivers
Volume 0380 Anti-AmbushVolume 0381 QualificationsVolume 0380 Anti-AmbushVolume 0381 Qualifications
Volume 0382: You Can Go Home (The Finale)Text Volume The new book "The Joyful Man from Blue Star" will be on the shelvesText Volume The new book "The Joyful Man from Blue Star" will be on the shelves 
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