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Detectives in Detective World Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 This era is a bit difficultChapter 2 The people around me are a bit familiarChapter 3 Confirming the WorldChapter 4 The Case [Please collect it! ¡¿
Chapter 5 Spoiler Version Case ClosedChapter 6 New Case [Please recommend! ¡¿Chapter 7 The perfect alibiChapter 8 Conan¡¯s solo actions
Chapter 9 Conan was discoveredChapter 10 I have already thought of a reason for you.jpgChapter 11 A strange sense of dissonanceChapter 12 Boots that shouldn¡¯t appear
Chapter 13 Testimony [Please recommend~]Chapter 14 Suspect¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 15 Yumi MiyamotoChapter 16 The Neglected Person
Chapter 17 Lock¡¾Let¡¯s invest~¡¿Chapter 18 Causes and ConsequencesChapter 19 The plug-in has arrived!Chapter 20 Reasoning Training Card
Chapter 21 Heading to the Art MuseumChapter 22: Preventing Crime [Please collect~]Chapter 23 First reward!Chapter 24 The aftermath
Chapter 25 Unexpected PersonChapter 26 Invitation [Kneel down and beg for investment]Chapter 27 Treasure MapChapter 28 Arrest¡¾Please recommend~¡¿
Chapter 29 Lottery¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 30 Bandage MonsterChapter 31 ClarificationChapter 32 Spoiler of the Terror of Dogs
Chapter 33 I lost because I was jealous!Chapter 34 Vacation [Please collect~]Chapter 35 The Disappearing CorpseChapter 36 Search
Chapter 37 Liangliang¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 38 Mr. Conan who fixed the leak~Chapter 39 Take the initiativeChapter 40 Moon Shadow Island
Chapter 41 Tang Ze sees everythingChapter 42 The End [Please collect~]Chapter 43 Lottery RewardsChapter 44 Hattori Heiji appears!
Chapter 45 The evil handChapter 46 The reward of planning!Chapter 47 You are cheating! ¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 48 Arrest¡¾Please recommend~¡¿
Chapter 49 Bloody SunflowerChapter 50 Unidentifiable SuspectChapter 51 Unnatural ActionChapter 52 Stopping
Chapter 53 Fear of heightsChapter 54 Branch rewards!Chapter 55 Meeting¡¾Seeking investment~¡¿Chapter 56 Prisoner Godzilla?
Chapter 57 The Disappeared GodzillaChapter 58 TranscriptChapter 59 Smart people just like to improve themselves.Chapter 60 A blind eye
Chapter 61 Smiling BackstabChapter 62 Confession [Please collect~]Chapter 63 The Phantom Thief AppearsChapter 64 The Necessity of Fictional Reasoning
Chapter 65 Confrontation with the Phantom ThiefChapter 66 Ten draws in a row! ¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 67 Part-time job? ¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 68 Reasonable Development
Chapter 69 The boss is very dissatisfiedChapter 70 The organization has decided that you will become the idol!Chapter 71 The Black Cauldron Emperor¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 72 Clean soles
Chapter 73 The prisoner¡¯s exposed trapChapter 74 The Prisoner¡¯s Techniques [Recommendations~]Chapter 75 Ironclad evidence! ¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 76 A perfect debut?
Chapter 77 A Changing FutureChapter 78 Tang Ze guessed the truthChapter 79 A crappy encounterChapter 80 Subtle [Please collect! ¡¿
Chapter 81 Please give me the bagChapter 82 Things that cannot be reasoned aboutChapter 83 Reward¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 84 A failed reconciliation
Chapter 85 It¡¯s me who takes the next stepChapter 86 First meeting¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 87 Gunpowder StolenChapter 88 Speculation Layout
Chapter 89 Guidance¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 90 Moritani Teiji: MMP! !Chapter 91 The case resumesChapter 92 The strangled deceased
Chapter 93 Laboratory ResultsChapter 94 VisitingChapter 95 Conversation¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 96 The Greedy Dead
Chapter 97 Favors are difficultChapter 98 The generous Mrs. PanasonicChapter 99 Abnormal [Please recommend~]Chapter 100 Empathy
Chapter 101 Motive! ¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 102 The reason for ¡°unable to refuse¡±Chapter 103 Trouble rises again!Chapter 104 The real prisoner
Chapter 105 The real murder weaponChapter 106 Harvest¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 107 Ending DateChapter 108 Alley
Chapter 109 BanquetChapter 110 Chance Encounter¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 111 Guessing the ProfessionChapter 112 Assassination¡¾Please collect~¡¿
Chapter 113 TracesChapter 114 Evidence to break the situation!Chapter 115 Evidence delivered to your doorChapter 116 Restore the time when the crime occurred
Chapter 117 Backstab~¡¾Please collect¡¿Chapter 118 A hundred secrets and one sparseChapter 119 The billion-dollar robbery!Chapter 120 Fictional Reasoning: Crazy Spoilers
Chapter 121 Remarks on the launchChapter 122 Speculation GuidanceChapter 123: Dress up as a woman, for the great cause!Chapter 124 The plan begins! ¡¾Three updates please subscribe! ¡¿
Chapter 125 Miyano Akemi¡¯s decisionChapter 126 The plan is implemented! [Fifth update please subscribe]Chapter 127 Get rid of tracking! ¡¾Sixth update¡¿Chapter 128 New Identity
Chapter 129 Tang Ze¡¯s plan [Eighth update please subscribe~]Chapter 130 Different national conditionsChapter 131 Self-directed and self-acted [Ten updates completed, please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 132 Gradually ends
Chapter 133 Generous rewards!Chapter 134 Exclusive propsChapter 135 Subsequent DevelopmentChapter 136 Huiyuan appears!
Chapter 137 Thanks [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 138 Sisters get together~ [Additional updates for the ten thousand rewards for "retired"~]Chapter 139 Magnetic Disk [Additional update for ¡°luppp002¡±¡¯s 10,000 reward~]Chapter 140 The horror of hanging ratio [The fifth update is completed, please subscribe! ¡¿
Chapter 141 Conan: I want to study hard!Chapter 142 The deceased who left homeChapter 143 Investigation¡¾Please recommend¡¿Chapter 144 Discovery¡¾Please collect~¡¿
Chapter 145 ConcealmentChapter 146 InterrogationChapter 147 Life in declineChapter 148 Selling ¡°name¡±
Chapter 149 People killed by societyChapter 150 Meeting the parents?Chapter 151 Long live the sweet party! ¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 152 A garden obsessed with magic
Chapter 153 Message from ¡°Shadow Mage¡±Chapter 154 ForeshadowingChapter 155 Tangze¡¯s planChapter 156 Yuanzi with an explosive mentality
Chapter 157 Ten draws in a row!Chapter 158 Harvest [Please recommend! ¡¿Chapter 159 Tangze¡¯s strengthChapter 160 Dinner Party
Chapter 161 Money Ability¡¾Please vote~¡¿Chapter 162 Entertaining¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 163 The scream from the phoneChapter 164 Full sense of smell
Chapter 165 If the prisoner doesn¡¯t kneel, he must be hiding somethingChapter 166 Testing¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 167 Secret War~Chapter 168 Beidou Star
I'm working overtime today and taking a day off.Chapter 169 Arrest¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 170 Heartbreaking wordsChapter 171 Catch them all
Chapter 172 Nerve reflex enhancerChapter 173 Homely [Please collect~]Chapter 174 Return [Please subscribe~]Chapter 175 Going to work
Chapter 176 The storm arises again!Chapter 177 Fatal MessageChapter 178 Locking in PixarChapter 179 Sniper!
Chapter 180 The Confrontation EndsChapter 181 UndercurrentChapter 182 NewsChapter 183 Christmas
Chapter 184 ClownChapter 185 Kidnapping¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 186 Heiji is missingChapter 187 Investigation¡¾Please collect~¡¿
Chapter 188 Checking Tickets¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 189 ButtonsChapter 190 ImprisonmentChapter 191 Action
Chapter 192 A tough enemy?Chapter 193 The agencies are dispatchedChapter 194 Mutation [Please vote at the beginning of the month~]Chapter 195 Information conveyed
Chapter 196 An unexpected encounterChapter 197 Clues (two in one)Chapter 198 The real goal (two in one)Chapter 199 Set up a trap! (4000 words)
Chapter 200 "False blue sky and white clouds"Chapter 201 "Joker" case closed! (Please subscribe!)Chapter 202 Rewards and LotteryChapter 203 Kiss
Chapter 204 Main LineChapter 205 Self-directed and self-actedChapter 206 ArrestChapter 207 Cash Ability
Chapter 208 The second phase is over!Chapter 209 Teidan School Festival [Please give me some recommendations~]Chapter 210 Plan in progressChapter 211 Transform back into Kudo Shinichi
Chapter 212 Acting¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 213 Ending¡¾Please recommend~¡¿Chapter 214 ConfessionChapter 215 Another talent!
Chapter 216 Going out for trainingChapter 217 Troublesome TestimonyChapter 218 The Strongest OpponentChapter 219 Interview and Investigation
Chapter 220 Seeing the whole caseChapter 221 VisitChapter 222 TaiyakiChapter 223 Akana Rika¡¯s choice
Chapter 224 The Young Master Conan~Chapter 225: Deceiving Conan in Women¡¯s ClothesChapter 226 GameChapter 227 Defeated
Chapter 228 The Collapsed GangsterChapter 229 Working in HellChapter 230 Tangze¡¯s strengthChapter 231 Egg of Memories
Brothers, you are still working overtime now. Please take a day off tomorrow.Chapter 232 Heading to OsakaChapter 233 Meeting at the Art MuseumChapter 234 Fireworks and Blackout
Chapter 235 Douzi was shot!Chapter 236 Arrest Shi Kaobing!Chapter 237 Egg of MemoriesChapter 238 Another Egg
Chapter 239 Dealing with side issuesChapter 240 Matryoshka Dolls [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 241 The Secret of the Egg of MemoryChapter 242 Kidd appears
Chapter 243 Reward! Roaring engine!Chapter 244 Horse Racing [Ask for votes]Chapter 245 Entrusted to come to your doorChapter 246 Looking for someone [Happy birthday to me~]
Chapter 247 The case resumesChapter 248 Mutual Performance¡¾Please vote~¡¿Chapter 249 Hiding behind the scenesChapter 250 Photography Death Message?
Chapter 251 Traces of the Right PalmChapter 252 The sleeping Kogoro appears~ (4000)Chapter 253 Conan Hattori: MMP! ! (4000)Chapter 254 Departing from Mermaid Island (4000)
Chapter 255 The Missing ClientChapter 256 Idiot Heiji [Please vote~]Chapter 257 Confused Conan and HeijiChapter 258 Tang Ze: Hey~ I¡¯m in too much trouble~
Chapter 259 Frontal breakthrough!Chapter 260 Tang Ze¡¯s causal inferenceChapter 261 Confrontation of WordsChapter 262: Not enough skills, please use cheats!
Chapter 263: Betrayal [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 264 Autistic Conan and HeijiChapter 265 Shrinking RewardsChapter 266 An unexpected gain
Chapter 267: Changed job as matchmaker? (4000)Chapter 268 Meeting the parents! ¡¾Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 269 Come to the door! [Please vote! ¡¿Chapter 270 King Explosion and Counterattack!
Chapter 271 The trump card to end the "war"Chapter 272 The case of serial attacks on hot girlsChapter 273 The reasoning (drama) beginsChapter 274 The anger of the little black man~
Chapter 275 The miserable little black manChapter 276 You guys have dirty minds playing with your brains!Chapter 277 Red and black, storm is coming!Chapter 278 Boarding the Bus
Chapter 279 Thunder Suppression!Chapter 280 Collapse of accomplicesChapter 281 Support ArrivesChapter 282 The collapsed female gangster case closing reward (4000)
Chapter 283 Reactions of the Red and Black SidesChapter 284 The mother-in-law from a super-rich conglomerate wants me to marry herChapter 285 Dusk Villa! ¡¾Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 286 The heroic means
Chapter 287 Another gift!Chapter 288 History of the Criminal Investigation DepartmentChapter 289 Peaceful daily life?Chapter 290 The deceased in a strange posture
Chapter 291 Secret Room Techniques (4000)Chapter 292 Case EndedChapter 293 Business trip [Please subscribe~]Chapter 294 Do you understand everything again?
Chapter 295 The oriole is behindChapter 296 Autistic Conan RewardChapter 297 The chaos of warChapter 298 PY Relationship
Chapter 299 Yuantai is targetedNo updates today, please take a day off.Chapter 300 Acting (4000)Chapter 301 Arrest
Chapter 302 Depressed Miwako SatoChapter 303 The Peaceful Dead (4000)Chapter 304 Yumi Miyamoto¡¯s fighting spiritChapter 305 Press Conference
Chapter 306 Suicide? Accident?Chapter 307 Evidence! ¡¾Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 308 The only lieChapter 309 The Devil¡¯s Thoughts
Chapter 310 Just endure it, TakagiChapter 311 The haunting ConanChapter 312 I calculated with my fingers, there must be a murder!Chapter 313 Old Events Tang Ze¡¯s Choice
Chapter 314 Courage¡¾Please subscribe¡¿Chapter 315 Conan: We share the same responsibility!Chapter 316 The Reward of Darkness and BrightnessChapter 317 Modification! ¡¾Please subscribe! ¡¿
Chapter 318 The correct way to restrict SCP-001 (two-in-one)Chapter 319 The Disappearing Corpse (2-in-1)Chapter 320 The trick discovered in advanceChapter 321 Conan: MMP, my role is here!
Chapter 322 Mental ExplosionChapter 323 Hattori¡¯s Dark History +1Chapter 324 Something big happened!Chapter 325 The disappearing bullet!
Chapter 326 Another victimChapter 327 Key SuspectChapter 328 The ruthless prisonerChapter 329 Suspicious Person
Chapter 330 Air Compression GunChapter 331 The mystery of the missing bulletChapter 332 If you hesitate, you will lose, if you are decisive, you will lose.Chapter 333 Okino Yoko¡¯s invitation
Chapter 334 Engagement CelebrationChapter 335 Tang Ze¡¯s ObservationChapter 336 The murderous intention was quietly resolvedChapter 337 Women¡¯s Intuition
Chapter 338 Conan: My mentality has exploded again!Chapter 339 The future development of super-olfactory senseChapter 340 James Blake appears!Chapter 341 Ai Jiang¡¯s intuition is very strange~
Chapter 342 Kidnapped JamesChapter 343 Meeting Akai Shuichi againChapter 344 Conan: It¡¯s time to go back to Hawaii...Chapter 345 Red¡¯s reaction
Chapter 346 Miwako Sato who was forced to go on a blind dateChapter 347 Encountering a Robber on the RoadChapter 348 Choose one of three classicsChapter 349 Inconsistent Testimonies
Chapter 350 People eating melons: Aunt laughs~Chapter 351 Blood-stained Valentine¡¯s DayChapter 352: Murder on Valentine¡¯s Day is an ironclad ruleChapter 353 "Kid" appears! ?
Chapter 354 The Unlucky PrisonerChapter 355 Solve the truth of the caseChapter 356 Reward settlement!Chapter 357 Xiaolan¡¯s sadness
Chapter 358 FireworksChapter 359 The case resumesChapter 360 The evil little hands~Chapter 361 Breaking the trick
Chapter 362 Trouble in SihuayuanChapter 363 The whole story [asking for votes]Chapter 364 Unexpected DeathChapter 365 The real crime scene
Chapter 366 SearchChapter 367 The Suspicion of SihuayuanChapter 368 Gradually deepening suspicionChapter 369 Room in Sihuayuan
Chapter 370 FoundChapter 371 The real prisonerChapter 372 Something fishyChapter 373 Hidden in the forest
Chapter 374 The beginning and end of the caseChapter 375 The development of cheatingChapter 376 Extra rewards!Chapter 377 The Dead in the Shopping Mall
Chapter 378 The mystery of "¡Á"Chapter 379 The meaning of "¡õ¡ð¡Á¡÷"Chapter 380 Confrontation¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 381 The meaning of "¡Á"!
Chapter 382 [Master Skill Experience Card] Got it!Chapter 383 The weekend is approachingChapter 384 Lost Criminal EvidenceChapter 385 The prisoner who was stoned
Chapter 386 Embarrassing ActingChapter 387 Found¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 388 Tangze: Something is wrong with you!Chapter 389 Active Guidance
Chapter 390 Hattori Heiji ArrivesChapter 391 Conan wants to know the truthChapter 392 Secret Scroll (Conan): Details of Confession Incident RevealedChapter 393 Conan¡¯s Dark History +1~
Chapter 394 The plan beginsChapter 395 RescueChapter 396 Confrontation with JudyChapter 397 Hei Pi Heiji is very heartbroken
Chapter 398 Three people who hurt each otherChapter 399 Tang Ze: What's yours is mine...Chapter 400 Moving to a new homeChapter 401 The party before the engagement
Chapter 402 "Bright Starry Sky"Chapter 403 Kidd¡¯s cardsChapter 404 Arriving in AomoriChapter 405 Malicious words
Chapter 406 The painting was stolenChapter 407 FireChapter 408 Kidd¡¯s Notice LetterChapter 409 Death of the Glamorous Doctor
Chapter 410 The second deceased [Please subscribe~]Chapter 411 Tang Ze: I choose to cheatChapter 412 The real prisonerChapter 413 The true face of the conspiracy
Chapter 414 Kaitou Kidd appearsChapter 415 The Beginning of RevengeChapter 416 A critical momentChapter 417 Leaving¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿
Chapter 418 Conan! Your quotes are the best!Chapter 419 Haunted ApartmentChapter 420 The female ghost appearsChapter 421 The ghost outside the window
Chapter 422 Tangze: If you resist arrest...hehehehe...Chapter 423 The truth about the hauntingChapter 424 The long-lost lottery~Chapter 425 A single miracle
Chapter 426 Hidden secretsChapter 427 Imprecise TestimonyChapter 428 The key thing: oilChapter 429: An Endless Duel
Chapter 430 Calm after the caseChapter 431 Ke Xue is doneChapter 432 Journey to Kanmon StraitChapter 433 The victim is confirmed!
Chapter 434 Tang Ze: From the perspective of my old scientist Ke...Chapter 435 Conan¡¯s wonderful premonition [Please collect~]Chapter 436 Tangze¡¯s methodsChapter 437: Talking nonsense [Please subscribe! ¡¿
Chapter 438 Gene Enhancer Type II!Chapter 439 An unexpected incident!Chapter 440 The garden was attackedChapter 441 ¡°Knockout¡± Game
Chapter 442 Investigation blockedChapter 443 The Difficult ClownChapter 444 Hidden MessageChapter 445 Dilemma
Chapter 446 Strategy¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 447 Clown GatheringChapter 448 I predicted your predictionChapter 449 Arrest
Chapter 450 Chatting and FootballChapter 451 Champion ParadeChapter 452 Encounter with the Youth LeagueChapter 453: Sit back and wait.
I'm going for a gastroscopy, please take some time off.Chapter 454 Solving the BombChapter 455: Take it out and you¡¯ll be better offChapter 456 Unsettled Rewards
Chapter 457 Suspicious phone callsChapter 458 Guided SearchChapter 459 The Arrogant BomberChapter 460 Reward Settlement
Chapter 461 Generous RewardsChapter 462 Cases coming one after anotherChapter 463 The dead Itakura TakuChapter 464 Murder
Chapter 465 Bitterness¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 466 A chance encounter with Shuichi AkaiChapter 467 Hui Yuan Ai has an unknown premonitionChapter 468 Diary
Chapter 469 Huiyuan: I don¡¯t agree with this marriage!Chapter 470 Preparation before actionChapter 471 Conan¡¯s way of repairing (female) Luo (pretending)Chapter 472 Conan¡¯s Dark History +2
Chapter 473 Night Visit to Itakura VillaIt¡¯s a million words, please kill me!Chapter 474 The call with VodkaChapter 475 "A Chance Encounter" on the Road
Chapter 476 Zero hour!Chapter 477 The launch went smoothlyChapter 478 "Gift" unpacking!Chapter 479 Main Line Settlement
Chapter 480 The recent cases are a bit strangeChapter 481 Execution PlanChapter 482 Taking Over the CaseChapter 483 Reward Settlement
Chapter 484 Firearms Ceremony: DetectiveChapter 485 DatingChapter 486 Mouri Kogoro appears on variety show = caseChapter 487 The murder process
Chapter 488 Choose one of the four classicsChapter 489 The ties on the maskChapter 490 Simple TestChapter 491 Defeat the enemy with one blow
Chapter 492 Familiar PeopleChapter 493 Science VS Super PowersChapter 494 Tit for tatChapter 495 Spiritual Vision?
Chapter 496 Setting up a trapChapter 497 The body was found! ?Chapter 498 Superpower?Chapter 499 Tangze: I am also a person with super powers
Chapter 500 ColorChapter 501 Decisive EvidenceChapter 502 Live BroadcastChapter 503 Reward Kiss
Chapter 504 The God of Death from the West Journeys to the EastChapter 505 Hattori and Ye are missingChapter 506 Clues [Please subscribe~]Chapter 507 An unexpectedly simple search
Chapter 508 Hattori¡¯s Great CrisisChapter 509 RescueChapter 510 Revenge from ConanChapter 511 A good reward
Chapter 512 Red HorseChapter 513 Clues to the Arson CaseChapter 514 A date in the busy scheduleChapter 515 The fighting spirit of Conan
Chapter 516 Conan Hattori: Fuck you again!Chapter 517 Malicious useChapter 518 [Nano protective coating]Chapter 519 Cases that occurred while camping
Chapter 520 Is it a bit too easy to know the prisoner at the beginning (4000)Chapter 521 Engagement BanquetChapter 522 The Daily Life of Two PeopleChapter 523 Lottery
Chapter 524 The line of defense is criticalChapter 525 RingChapter 526 Takagi: Why?Chapter 527 Exchange of backpacks
Chapter 528 Identifying the SuspectChapter 529 Found¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 530 Takagi is a little panickedChapter 531 Takagi¡¯s Sorrow
Chapter 532 This Masked Superman is a bit weirdChapter 533 A rare daily life?Chapter 534 Angry YuantaiChapter 535 The dead masked ninja
Chapter 536 The incidentChapter 537 Everyone¡¯s alibiChapter 538 Three people with the same level of suspicionChapter 539 Nanny Conan
Chapter 540 PrisonerChapter 541 Ironclad EvidenceChapter 542 Rejecting Black HistoryChapter 543 Time flies by
Chapter 544 Yukiko and Concubine EriChapter 545 A case without any suspenseChapter 546 Party¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 547 Autistic Conan
Chapter 548 Conan¡¯s Public ExecutionChapter 549 Spoilers in advanceChapter 550 Akai Shuichi¡¯s TrackingChapter 551 "Cheating" Shuichi Akai
Chapter 552 As expected, artists are all madmenChapter 553 The acting beginsChapter 554: Yang conspiracy¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 555: Achieve several successes in one fell swoop
Chapter 556 Portable anti-monitoring shielding deviceChapter 557 The first confrontation between Karasawa and Akai ShuichiChapter 558 The confrontation ends [Happy New Year¡¯s Eve~]Chapter 559 Breakthrough in driving skills [Happy New Year~]
Chapter 560 The two sisters¡¯ respective reactionsChapter 561 Jealous HuiyuanChapter 562 Conan is once again forced to become a tool manChapter 563 Family Banquet [Happy Valentine¡¯s Day~]
Chapter 564 Fantasy PaintingsChapter 565 The Secret of PigmentsChapter 566 Fake? ¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 568 Tang Ze: My assistant is just a primary school student, it¡¯s too difficult...
Chapter 569 Underground WarehouseChapter 570 A visitChapter 571 Lost InformationChapter 572 Wait and see what happens
Chapter 573 Former InvestorsChapter 574 Continuous movesChapter 575 LayoutChapter 576 Waiting for the mouse to take the bait
Chapter 577 Sit back and wait.Chapter 578 Get another talent! ?Chapter 579 Preventing Cases (4000)Chapter 580 Seek kindness and gain kindness
Chapter 581 Matching RewardsChapter 582 Everyone has their own agenda (4000)Chapter 583 The undercurrent under calm (4000)Chapter 584 Tangze¡¯s arrangement (4000)
Starting tomorrow, there will be 10,000 updates a week, please vote and collect!Chapter 585: Techniques to Manipulate People (4000)Chapter 586 The last component (4000)Chapter 587 Nightfall [Wan Geng, please vote for me! ¡¿
Chapter 588 Invitation Letter from ¡°Vermouth¡±Chapter 589 Full Moon Night¡¤Dusk (1)Chapter 590 Full Moon Night¡¤Dusk (2)Chapter 591 Full Moon Night¡¤Dusk (3)
Chapter 592 Full Moon Night¡¤Dusk (4)Chapter 593 Full Moon Night¡¤Dusk (5)Chapter 594 Full Moon Night¡¤Dark Night (6)Chapter 595 Full Moon Night¡¤Dark Night (7)
Chapter 596 Full Moon Night¡¤Dark Night (8)Chapter 597 Black Moon Night¡¤Dark Night (9)Chapter 598 Black Moon Night¡¤Dark Night (10)Chapter 599 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (11)
Chapter 600 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (12)Chapter 601 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (13)Chapter 602 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (14)Chapter 603 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (15)
Chapter 604 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (16)Chapter 605 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (Seventeen)Chapter 606 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (18)Chapter 607 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (19)
Chapter 608 Full Moon Night¡¤Dawn (Twenty)Chapter 609: Full Moon¡¤Settlement (End)Chapter 610 Aftermath (4000) [Please collect! ¡¿Chapter 611 Hospital Conversation (4000)
Chapter 612 Acting [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 613 A common problem among rabbitsChapter 614 Academic discussion on the boundaries of ¡°orthopedics¡±Chapter 615 Cold Wave [Please subscribe! ¡¿
Chapter 616 Frozen Heart¡¾4000¡¿Chapter 617 ¡°Sweating¡± Corpse? (4000)Chapter 618 Wedding Ring (4000)Chapter 619 Prisoner¡¯s Psychology (4000)
Chapter 620 Race against time (4000)Chapter 621 A critical moment [Please subscribe]Late at night during PY time, if you are short on books, you can read it~Chapter 622 The fishing competition held by my father-in-law
Chapter 623 Fishing¡¾Please collect~¡¿Chapter 624 Leisure at nightChapter 625 Murder case emergesChapter 626 Conan¡¯s defense was broken
Chapter 627 Visit TestimonyChapter 628 Difficult Killing TechniquesTake a day off for a physical examination.Chapter 629 Vacation and invitation from Koshien
Chapter 630 Challenge to Kaito KiddChapter 631 The stage opens and Kidd appearsChapter 632 Air ConfrontationChapter 633 The deal with Kaitou Kidd
Chapter 634 Extra gains in rewardsChapter 635: Eliminate a wrong option first...Chapter 636 Evidence¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 637 Ten consecutive lashes on the knee pillow
Chapter 638 System UpgradeChapter 639 The case fifteen years agoChapter 640 I choose cheating this time!Chapter 641 Suspect [Please subscribe! ¡¿
Chapter 642 Additional RewardsChapter 643 Someone falls from the skyChapter 644 The simultaneous deaths of twin brothersChapter 645 The Best Assistant Mouri Kogoro
Chapter 646 Jiaziyuan [Please subscribe, it¡¯s like an avalanche of falls...]Chapter 647 The case begins? No, it's overChapter 648 Clay BombChapter 649 You can open a new vest again
Chapter 650 Takagi is going to be transferred?Chapter 651 Witness ChibaChapter 652 AlibiChapter 653 Distorted Time
Chapter 654 Key EvidenceChapter 655 Dog Food StoryChapter 656 The horror of tone deafnessChapter 657 The mysterious woman
Chapter 658 Professional Mouri KogoroChapter 659 Graffiti on the rooftopChapter 660 What the Detective Can DoChapter 661 The first test flight of a hang glider
Chapter 662 A scream suddenly came out, and from then on...Chapter 663 A murder weapon that cannot smell?Chapter 664 Wood CakeChapter 665 Is the arrival of a new person a precursor to the case?
Chapter 666 The crucial phone callChapter 667 Ke Xue¡¯s reasoningChapter 668 Key CluesChapter 669 Skeletons
Chapter 670 Conan: It¡¯s that familiar smell again...Chapter 671 The truth of the caseChapter 672 Everything happened in the dark woodsChapter 673 The long-awaited reward
Chapter 674 The first meeting with Yamamura CaoChapter 675 The newbie attacked by the claws of deathChapter 676 Guyuan VillageChapter 677 A woman who does not exist in other people¡¯s memories
Chapter 678 Tang Zejun has already seen through the truthChapter 679 The truth?Chapter 680 Tangze Criminal¡¯s Little SecretChapter 681 Sure enough, all the Neon people are in the late stage of chuunibyou
Chapter 682 Poor people must be hatefulChapter 683 The case endsChapter 684 New Skills [Please subscribe~]Chapter 685 Death of Congressman¡ªUndercurrent
Chapter 686 The Confrontation Begins¡ªPrepare in AdvanceChapter 687 High-risk professional programmerChapter 688 A tough rescue operationChapter 689 Strategic Shift
Chapter 690 Plan "Surprise"Chapter 691 People on this dayChapter 692 "Surprise" for GinChapter 693 The deep meaning behind the plan
Chapter 694 Black¡¯s reactionChapter 695 The whole planChapter 696 The aftermath¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 697 "Bright Line" Reward
Chapter 698 Strengthening rewards!Chapter 699 Some Bizarre DeadChapter 700: Huge involvement?Chapter 701 Professional killer?
Chapter 702 The Playful CongressmanChapter 703 Contrary TestimonyChapter 704 The same person?Chapter 705 Three Female Suspects
Chapter 706 Reasoning and DeductionChapter 707 Key EvidenceChapter 708 Reward Settlement [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 709 The big hole behind the vacation
Chapter 710 A leisurely journeyChapter 711 Threatening Letter [Please subscribe~]Chapter 712 Preparation and DepartureChapter 713 Arriving at the Mansion
Chapter 714 A slightly weird mansionChapter 715 The Mask of the CurseChapter 716 Shichui case, chaotic timelineChapter 717 Crime Preview
Chapter 718 Poor people must be hatefulChapter 719 Weird RulesChapter 720 The disappearing maskChapter 721 Tangze with bad taste
Chapter 722 Arrested on the SpotChapter 723 Brilliant TechniqueChapter 724 The End¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿Chapter 725 Settlement Rewards
Chapter 726 The God of Death¡¯s primary school student will never be absent!Chapter 727 Tang Ze: Conan, I will send you the "6.1" benefits~Chapter 728 Evidence favorable to the prisoner [Please vote~]Chapter 729 Neat Slippers
Chapter 730 Key [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 731 Tang Ze who reads mindsChapter 733 Great Harvest [Please vote for me! ¡¿Chapter 734 Hidden changes in the new lottery
Chapter 735 Transfer [Please collect~]Chapter 736 Exclusive Interview [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 737 Selling Radio Stations in JapanChapter 738 Reina Mizuna appears! ?
Chapter 739 A confusing situationChapter 740 Unexpected and reasonable changesChapter 741 The Expanded Mouri Kogoro (4000)Chapter 742 "Strong Luck" Mouri Kogoro
Chapter 743 The unexpected deathChapter 744 The circumstances of the crimeChapter 745 Suspect locked inChapter 746 Creating Ironclad Evidence
Chapter 747 Bureau [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 748 The ironclad evidence from his own mouthChapter 749 The Case BeginsChapter 750 New Phantom Thief Skills
Chapter 751 Subsequent FermentationChapter 752 Conan¡¯s important information and Karasawa¡¯s planChapter 753 Tang Ze¡¯s responseChapter 754 "Seven Crows"
Chapter 755: Steady development is kingChapter 756 Shocked ConanChapter 757 The dilapidated mansionChapter 758 Education Conan [Please subscribe! ¡¿
Chapter 759 The Stone of the King of BenevolenceChapter 761 Simple and crudeChapter 763 Kidd¡¯s threatChapter 764 Extra reward?
Chapter 765: Obtaining Treasures¡¾Please subscribe¡¿Chapter 768 The Great Crisis of Conan (4000)Chapter 769 Emotionally women are difficult detectives (4000)Chapter 770 Kudo Shinichi¡¯s surprise
Chapter 771 Fireworks and FlowersChapter 772 Embarrassed XiaolanChapter 773 Pretending to commit suicideChapter 774 Accident? suicide? (4000)
Chapter 775 Two Goodbyes (4000)Chapter 776 It¡¯s normal to love without being able toChapter 777 Reward¡¾Please subscribe¡¿Chapter 778 Establishing Kesouyan? (4000)
Chapter 779 The youngest police officer! ? (4000)Chapter 780 Gift~(4000)Chapter 781 Jewel Robber (4000)Chapter 782 Corpse on the roof of the car (4000)
Chapter 783 The beaten prisoner (4000)Chapter 784 Whimsical techniques (4000)Chapter 785 Rewards as always (4000)Chapter 786 Promotion to Police (4000)
Chapter 787 Exercising the Powers of Advisors (4000)Chapter 788 ¡°Beautiful¡± Corpse (4000)Chapter 789 The Curse of the Rose (4000)Chapter 790 Mysteries (4000)
Chapter 791 There is often a simple truth behind the supernatural (4000)Chapter 792 Important Evidence (4000)Chapter 793 Magic Show (4000)Chapter 794 The straight man who doesn¡¯t understand the charm (4000)
Chapter 795 The Taboo of ¡°Black and White¡± (4000)Chapter 796 Real Victims (4000)Chapter 797 Tang Ze¡¯s new plan (4000)Chapter 798 Breaking up (4000)
Chapter 799 Combination props! (4000)Chapter 800 Conan: MMP! Let me take the blame again! (4000)Chapter 801: Deceiving Conan to take the blame (4000)Chapter 802 Kidnapping (4000)
Chapter 803 Is it really a fake show? (4000)Chapter 804 Pay the ransom (4000)Chapter 805 Tang Ze¡¯s layout (4000)Chapter 806 Good Reward (4000)
Chapter 807 Continuous Murder Cases (4000)Chapter 808 Locking the Prisoner (4000)Chapter 809 Poisoning with 100% success rate (4000)Chapter 810 A case without tricks (4000)
Chapter 811 Be more prepared (4000)Chapter 812 Weird suffocation death (4000)Chapter 813 Physical evidence confirms homicide (4000)Chapter 814 Investigation (4000)
Chapter 815 Kesouyan takes action (4000)Chapter 816 Prank? Accident? (4000)Recently, I have been tested for nucleic acid. I have been too busy. I have to take a day off.Chapter 817 Kill him! (4000)
Chapter 818 Suspicious old couple (4000)Chapter 819 Assassination? (4000)Chapter 820 A loving father and a filial son (4000)Chapter 821 Daily unfolding (4000)
Chapter 822 A letter full of memories (4000)Chapter 823 Ginkgo-colored first love (Part 1)Chapter 824 Ginkgo-colored first love (Part 2)Chapter 825 Special Reward (4000)
Chapter 826 Troublesome Prisoner (4000)Chapter 827 Faulty lie detector? (4000)Chapter 828 Interview with the Suspect (4000)Chapter 829 A blinding trick (4000)
Chapter 830 Use lies to fight lies (4000)Chapter 831 Rewards and Planning (4000)Chapter 833 Unexpected Harvest (4000)Chapter 834 The strangled clown (4000)
Chapter 835 Robbers kill people? (4000)Chapter 836 The mutilated corpse (4000)Taking a day off for my birthday~Chapter 837 Unexpected News (4000)
Chapter 838 Confirmed suicide (4000)Chapter 839 Deliberate (4000)Chapter 840 Temptation (4000)Chapter 841 Locking in the Suspect (4000)
Chapter 842 Obscure Confrontation (4000)Chapter 843 The perfect crime? (4000)Chapter 844 Layout (4000)Chapter 845 Please enter the urn (4000)
Chapter 846 Calculation (4000)Chapter 847 Generous Rewards (4000)Chapter 848 Undercurrent (4000)Chapter 849 Black Impact!
Chapter 850 A terrifying coincidence, black emerges!Chapter 851 Winery GatheringChapter 852 Judy¡¯s second meeting with ¡°Kizaru¡±Chapter 853 Spoiler Target
Chapter 854 Judy: I ??feel my intelligence has been insulted...Chapter 855 Belmode¡¯s SuspicionChapter 857 Big Fireworks for GinChapter 858 Akai Shuichi¡¯s Hunting!
Chapter 859 Belmod¡¯s reinforcementsChapter 860 Killing BureauChapter 861 Black impact, the endChapter 862 Follow-up Plan
Chapter 863 The pending harvestChapter 864 Heading to PrisonChapter 865 Psychological GameChapter 866 Continuous Arson Cases
Chapter 867 Good News and Bad NewsChapter 868 Capturing the PrisonerChapter 869 The secret behind the arson caseChapter 870 Confused Hondo Yingyou
Chapter 871 The prisoner asked Maori to do the proof question again!Chapter 872 The Vinegar King of Southeast AsiaChapter 873: Half an hour of micro-management, give away the first two minutesChapter 874 Uncovering the Secret Room
Chapter 875 Chiba¡¯s requestChapter 876 Meeting at the sorority party~Chapter 877 Fate is so wonderful~Chapter 878 A kidnapping full of complex human nature
Chapter 879 Sato Miwako goes up!Chapter 880 Inevitable encounters during travelChapter 881 The three little ones have chosen their victimsChapter 882 Breaking the situation head-on
Chapter 883 Get rewarded!Chapter 884 The teacher who surrenderedChapter 885 The professor pretending to be stupidChapter 886 Missing Victim
Chapter 887 Redemption PermissionChapter 888 Return to the mountain villaChapter 889 Tang Ze: Case, here I come!Chapter 891 Perfect Level Reward
Chapter 892 Unexpected InformationChapter 893 Deadly MagicChapter 894 Visiting Takagi¡¯s houseChapter 895 Miwako Sato¡¯s dark cuisine?
Chapter 896 The deceased stuck on the toiletChapter 897 Absurd and cruel killing!Chapter 898 Breaking through the Defense LineChapter 899 Tamanosuke¡¯s invitation
Chapter 900 Golden Maru SeatChapter 901 Conan¡¯s Peach BlossomChapter 902 Sudden dangerChapter 903 The Threat of the Weird Man in Jinbiluo Theater
Chapter 904 Tang Ze witnessed everythingChapter 905 ConfrontationChapter 907 ReturnChapter 908 Red Handkerchief
Grandma passed away and asked for a day off.Chapter 909 The garden whose plan collapsedChapter 910 Yuanzi¡¯s ObsessionChapter 911 Murder case appears
Chapter 912 Forced choice of threeChapter 913 A corpse is buried under the red maple treeChapter 914 2vs50 bloody battleChapter 915 Rewards and Promotions
Chapter 916 Goodbye Hiroaki ButaChapter 917 Meeting with Miss DangerChapter 918 Sudden DeathChapter 919 The most poisonous woman¡¯s heart
Chapter 920 Haruko Beishen¡¯s poisonous planChapter 921 Apology? provocative!Chapter 922 Determined PlanChapter 923 Layout, anger
Chapter 924 Attacking the HeartChapter 925 Skill breakthrough, S level!Chapter 926 The banquet beginsChapter 927 A blunt slap in the face
Chapter 928 Sindora¡¯s secret!Chapter 929 Arresting SindoraI have a lot of work to do and I can¡¯t write code anymore. I¡¯ll take a day off.Chapter 930 Negotiations with ¡°Noah¡¯s Ark¡±
Chapter 931 The transaction is completed!Chapter 932 Prototype of IntelligenceChapter 933 Artificial Intelligence - Detective!Chapter 934 Little Witness
Chapter 935 Looking for cluesChapter 936 Shadow of the Black OrganizationChapter 937 The case brought by our hall YingyouChapter 938: Super sense of smell and meritorious deeds!
Chapter 939 Collecting cluesChapter 940 A clever trickChapter 942 Counting HarvestChapter 943 Officer Memu¡¯s request
Chapter 944 Conversation with ¡°Qian San¡±Chapter 945 The male corpse in the abandoned factoryChapter 947 Unexpected, reasonable connectionChapter 948 The ability to kill people and kill people
Chapter 949 The crime occurred on a rainy nightChapter 950: Play tennis as a rewardChapter 952 Arriving at the sceneChapter 953 Plan B: Pretending to be Kaitou Kidd
Chapter 954 The impostor beats the impostorChapter 955 The method of crimeChapter 956 Kaitou Kidd volunteers to take the blameChapter 957: When people sit at home, disaster comes from heaven
Chapter 958 RevengeChapter 960 Conversation in the Hot SpringChapter 961 Conan¡¯s planChapter 962 Emergency
Chapter 963 The kidnapper who died suddenlyChapter 973 Red TideChapter 974 Rescue the HostagesChapter 975 Light up the darkness
Chapter 976 Heipihei¡¯s visitChapter 977 What happened three days agoChapter 978 Hattori¡¯s fighting spirit and Conan lying flatChapter 979 Boarding the Ship
Chapter 980 Arriving at the IslandChapter 981 The Detectives¡¯ MeetingChapter 982 Tangze stepped forward and took over the sceneChapter 983 Lavender Villa Incident
Chapter 984 ExposedChapter 985 The new leader takes office today and takes a day off.Chapter 986 Tangze¡¯s invitationChapter 988 Fake Criminal
Chapter 990 The true identity of the fake criminalChapter 991 Fake police catch the real thiefChapter 992 Happy New Year to everyone~Chapter 993 A bowl of dog food
Chapter 994 Everything is normal during the security checkChapter 995 A slap in the face explosionChapter 996 Start investigationChapter 997 Visit again
Chapter 998 Experiment failed?Chapter 999 Saotome who committed a crime for cakeChapter 1000 Pig Intestine BombChapter 1001 The meaning of sugar
Chapter 1002 Black PhotoChapter 1003 Solving the case at the speed of lightChapter 1004 company!Chapter 1005 Miwako is engaged! ?
Chapter 1006 Take a day off todayChapter 1007 Details of the murder caseChapter 1008 Another murder in the secret roomChapter 1009 Crack
Chapter 1010 The truth about the ringChapter 1011 The collision of red and black¡¤The main plot begins!Chapter 1012 ScammerChapter 1013 Easy to handle
Chapter 1014 The Mystery of BloodlineChapter 1015 The murder a year agoChapter 1016 Check the caseChapter 1017 Cruel killing techniques
Chapter 1018 The cruel truthChapter 1019 Case Conclusion¡¤RewardChapter 1020 Take a day off to sort out the main plotChapter 1021 The collision of red and black (1)
Chapter 1022 The collision of red and black (2)Chapter 1023 The collision of red and black (3)Chapter 1024 The collision of red and black (4)Chapter 1025 The collision of red and black (5)
Chapter 1026 The collision of red and black (6)Chapter 1027 The collision of red and black (7)Chapter 1028 The collision of red and black (8)Chapter 1029 The collision of red and black (9)
Chapter 1030 The collision of red and black (10)Chapter 1031 The collision of red and black (11)Chapter 1032 The collision of red and black (12)Chapter 1033 The collision of red and black (13)
Chapter 1034 The collision of red and black (14)Chapter 1035 The collision of red and black (15)Chapter 1036 The collision of red and black (16)Chapter 1037 The collision of red and black (seventeen)
Chapter 1038 The collision of red and black (18)Chapter 1039 The collision of red and black (19)Chapter 1040 The collision of red and black (20)Chapter 1041 The collision of red and black (21)
Chapter 1042 The collision of red and black (twenty-two)Chapter 1043 The collision of red and black (twenty-three)Chapter 1044 The collision of red and black (twenty-four)Chapter 1045 The collision of red and black (twenty-five)
Chapter 1046 The collision of red and black (twenty-six)Chapter 1047 The collision of red and black¡¤EndChapter 1048 The collision of red and black¡¤AftermathChapter 1049 The collision of red and black¡¤Undercurrent
Chapter 1050: Asking for a day off to sort out the follow-up plotChapter 1051 Great Harvest [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 1052 The "Big Three" meetChapter 1053 Conan: No matter how you think about the murder, it¡¯s not my fault
Chapter 1054 The Prisoner¡¯s TrickChapter 1055 Fei Yingli was taken advantage ofChapter 1056 TrickChapter 1057 Restoration Techniques
Chapter 1058 Tangze and his wife¡¯s travel planChapter 1059 Murder and ArsonChapter 1060 Suspects and Doubts at the SceneChapter 1061 Contradiction
Chapter 1062 Professional ArsonistChapter 1063 Exhaustive Method ExperimentChapter 1064 Fertilizer + Enema = Incendiary BombChapter 1065 The truth comes out
Chapter 1066 Our hall Yingyou appearsChapter 1067 Warriors who understand the law are more terrifyingChapter 1068: Meeting with the Hall YingyouChapter 1069: Untranslated Jealousy Jar
Chapter 1070 The unlucky kidnapperChapter 1071 Case SettlementChapter 1072 Target Kyoto!Chapter 1073 The Lost Buddha Statue
Chapter 1074 Heiji¡¯s first loveChapter 1075 Two-line operation~Chapter 1076 The assassination failed but was killed in secondsChapter 1077 Tang Ze¡¯s big plan
Chapter 1079 TransactionChapter 1081 Taking a day off on FridayChapter 1082 The fate is youChapter 1083 The girl mustered up her courage
Chapter 1086: People walking on the roadside, people falling from the skyChapter 1087 Boxing GymChapter 1088 Don¡¯t polish the mirror too brightlyChapter 1089: Tomorrow, everyone will receive nucleic acid test again and ask for a day off.
Chapter 1090 Two-line investigationChapter 1091 The world is inherently dirtyChapter 1092 The Glory in the FistChapter 1093 Planning in advance
Chapter 1094 Clarification and ResistanceChapter 1095 Tooth for ToothChapter 1096 [Smell Library]Chapter 1097 The rematch between Suzuki Jirokichi and Kidd!
Chapter 1098 The mystery of teleportationChapter 1100 Heading to Nagano PrefectureChapter 1101 An unexpected and unexpected encounterChapter 1102 The Gods of Death Gather
Chapter 1103 The Torada Family and the Ry¨±bi FamilyChapter 1104 Defeat the samurai?Chapter 1105 Save people!Chapter 1106 [Wind Mountain Forest]
Chapter 1107 The prisoners¡¯ conspiracyChapter 1108 An unexpected unfoldingChapter 1109 Catch them all in one fell swoopChapter 1110 [Mechanical Prop Upgrade Card]
Chapter 1111 Exploring the Haunted HouseChapter 1112 Start working overtime again, take a day offChapter 1113: Digging up bodies from abandoned haunted housesChapter 1114 Exploring strange stories
Chapter 1115 The culprit of the disappearance?Chapter 1116 The truth behind the disappearance of the third personChapter 1117 Some love requires honestyChapter 1118 The truth about the skeleton
Chapter 1119 The secret behind the hidden childChapter 1120 Something happened to KudoChapter 1121 Amnesia?Chapter 1122 Lord Death Luo Shen?
Chapter 1123 SurveillanceChapter 1124 Kudo who attempted murder?Chapter 1125 True and False ShinichiChapter 1126 Maori Kogoro The cabbage ran away with the pig!
Chapter 1128 Mobile Secret RoomChapter 1129 The Suspicions of Three PeopleChapter 1130 A simple trickChapter 1131 The truth about the secret room
Chapter 1132 Hammer ManChapter 1133: Busy at work and taking a day offChapter 1134 The prisoner¡¯s golden cicada escapes from its shellChapter 1135 The real murderer
Chapter 1136 Emperor Ou is tannedChapter 1137 Business tripChapter 1138 The dusty caseChapter 1139 Taking a day off to see a doctor
Chapter 1140 Seeking DeathChapter 1136 The prisoner sent to the doorChapter 1137 The truthChapter 1138 The Crisis of "Lupine"
Chapter 1139 Saving "Lupine"Chapter 1140 Kaitou Kidd¡¯s ConditionsChapter 1141 The Dead in the Magic TheaterChapter 1142 A magician who committed suicide?
Chapter 1144 Reason for suicideChapter 1144 Reason for suicideChapter 1145 Evidence in the Cigarette BoxChapter 1146 The Magician¡¯s Trick
Chapter 1147 Fishing InvitationChapter 1148 YijiaoyanChapter 1134 (True) This Phantom Thief is too cautious (the name of the previous chapter is wrong, don¡¯t delay reading)Chapter 1150 This Phantom Thief Is Too Cautious
Chapter 1152 Show off the audienceChapter 1152 Show off the audienceChapter 1153 Conan was kidnappedChapter 1154 Secret attacker
Chapter 1155 Blank AmmoChapter 1156 ScapegoatChapter 1157 National Mr. Island ContestChapter 1158 Begin the layout
Chapter 1159 How to identify robbersChapter 1160 Capturing the Bandit LeaderChapter 1161 Precious RewardChapter 1162 Steady improvement
Chapter 1164 Murder and Food PoisoningChapter 1165 Determining the pathogenic bacteriaChapter 1166 Cause of PoisoningChapter 1150 The Price of Greed
Chapter 1168 Different RewardsChapter 1169 Haiyuan and A Li¡¯s big adventureChapter 1170 Yamato Gansuke¡¯s CommissionChapter 1171 The Mystery of ¡°Red Cliff¡±
Chapter 1172 Zhu Fu Gaoming appears!Chapter 1156 The truth about "Red Cliff"Chapter 1157 Please enter the urnChapter 1176: Not close to each other
Chapter 1159: Not close to each otherChapter 1160 Traffic AccidentChapter 1161 Collision route phenomenonChapter 1162 Killing Intention
Chapter 1165 Tea Party [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 1164 An unexpected invitationChapter 1165 Tea Party [Please subscribe! ¡¿Chapter 1166 A chance encounter
Chapter 1185 The Second Tea PartyChapter 1186 "Research on Loneliness"Chapter 1187 Abnormal LoveChapter 1170 The ending of the novel
Chapter 1190 Sorry, I double-checked the nucleic acid againChapter 1191 BourbonChapter 1173 The gangster who robbed the bankChapter 1193 Encounter in the men's bathroom
Chapter 1194 Join forces to defeat the enemyChapter 1196 When people are exhausted, Ou has a tan dayChapter 1178 Dart Assassination Case?Chapter 1198 Substituting one thing for another
Chapter 1199 The Bold PrisonerChapter 1200 A chance encounter in the cinemaChapter 1201 The Lost White BirdChapter 1202 The background of love comes from scum
Chapter 1203 Please write down the meaning of the cherry blossoms in this chapterChapter 1204 Hattori ArrivesChapter 1205 Unsuccessful trip to find someoneChapter 1206 Three suspects were screened out again
Chapter 1207 Three people who like sportsChapter 1208 The Prisoner¡¯s LiesChapter 1209 Failed Secret LoveChapter 1210 The amulet that was pranked
Chapter 1211 The Unsurprising Ending75zw.comChapter 1213: Nucleic acid today, take a day offChapter 1214 Murder in the Bathroom
Chapter 1215 This case is a proof questionChapter 1216: No suspicion in the investigation?Chapter 1218 Wrist InjuryChapter 1220 All parties gather
Chapter 1221 Scar Akai¡¯s TestChapter 1222 The mystery of the red T-shirtChapter 1223 Although I didn¡¯t appear, I was still the best in the whole process~Chapter 1224 Black¡¯s movements
Chapter 1225 Conan Why are you everywhere!Chapter 1227 Snow Mountain AccidentChapter 1228 Ordinary Citizen BomberChapter 1229 The truth about the snow mountain
Chapter 1230 Bourbon¡¯s temptationChapter 1232: Tooth extraction, take a day offChapter 1233 Big FireworksChapter 1234 Pursuit
Chapter 1235 The black organization¡¯s counterattackChapter 1236 Trap CountermeasuresChapter 1237 Ending and SettlementChapter 1238 Internal strife within the black organization
Chapter 1239 Conflicts intensifyChapter 1241 Bourbon¡¯s review reasoningChapter 1242 Gin¡¯s planChapter 1243 Belmode¡¯s plan
Chapter 1244 I¡¯m sick, take a day offChapter 1245 The White Bird of ChangeChapter 1246 Tangze¡¯s instigationChapter 1225 A chance encounter at the fireworks display
Chapter 1226 The case is developingChapter 1227 Good things come in pairsChapter 1228 [Ammunition Inventory Card]Chapter 1229 Accidental fall?
Chapter 1230 The arrest failedChapter 1231 Manslaughter?Chapter 1233 The Important Discovery of White BirdChapter 1236 Interrogation
Chapter 1237 The suspect ran awayChapter 1238 The bad fate 18 years agoChapter 1239 Hattori¡¯s InvestigationChapter 1240 Skeletons from Eighteen Years Ago
Chapter 1241 The hidden truthChapter 1242 The hidden darknessChapter 1243 HarvestChapter 1244 Yueshui: Let me be a tool again!
Chapter 1245 Family BanquetChapter 1246 The Chief¡¯s ManChapter 1247 The suspect must be 3Chapter 1248 If something goes wrong, there must be a monster
Continuously busy with nucleic acid for more than 1 dayChapter 1252 Daily lifeChapter 1253 Hand over the case to YueshuiChapter 1254 The haunting encounter
Chapter 1255 The deceased who entered the female bathChapter 1257 CluesChapter 1258 Fatal EvidenceChapter 1259 Silver Ring
Chapter 1260 The sinister HuiyuanChapter 1261 The Collapse of ConanChapter 1262 The Commission in the LetterChapter 1263 Invitation from "Kappa"
Chapter 1264 Catching the "Kappa"Chapter 1265 Unspoken Fatherly LoveChapter 1266 The truth behind the disappearance of ¡°Kappa¡±Chapter 1267 Reward: [Lucky Card]!
Chapter 1268 The short leisure after the caseChapter 1269 LostChapter 1270 Spiritual Seduction CeremonyChapter 1271 Just flip the table
Stop updating for 1 dayChapter 1272 The truth of everythingChapter 1273 SurrenderChapter 1274 Juror Xiaolin Chengzi
Chapter 1275 Confrontation in CourtChapter 1276 Xiaolin Chengzi¡¯s discoveryChapter 1277 Painting hanging upside downChapter 1278 The disappearing vase
Chapter 1279 Conan digs a holeChapter 1280 The second trial beginsChapter 1282 Hattori comes to visitChapter 1283 The Legend of the Demon Dog
Chapter 1284 Break open the door to save peopleChapter 1285: A Threat with Little DeterrenceChapter 1286 Heading to Inubushi¡¯s House1 day
Chapter 1290 Flame Demon DogChapter 1291 Mysterious Wooden HouseChapter 1292 Demonic Dog Attacks¡¾Please subscribe¡¿Chapter 1294: On-site arrest
Chapter 1295 [Universal Lock Picking Tool Kit]Chapter 1296 Return to Happy New Year¡¯s DayChapter 1297 EncourageRecuperate for 1 day
Chapter 1299 The old man who lost his footingChapter 1300 The Old Man and the CatChapter 1301 Inheritance and CatsChapter 1302 Cat Claw Disease
Chapter 1303 Children who become increasingly suspiciousChapter 1304 The authorities are obsessed with itChapter 1305 Cat¡¯s ProtectionChapter 1306 Departure from Kyoto
Chapter 1307 Trip to KyotoChapter 1308 The day of Hattori Heiji¡¯s confessionChapter 1309 Hattori was manipulatedChapter 1310 Keep playing with it~
Chapter 1311 Lost XiaolanChapter 1312 London tripChapter 1313 ConspiracyChapter 1314: Reunion in a different place. Happy New Year¡¯s Eve!
Chapter 1315 Elope and go on a date~Chapter 1316 Big Ben witnesses everythingChapter 1317 Tang Ze: Listen to my prophecyChapter 1318 Decryption of Notice Letter
Chapter 1320: Mastering SovereigntyChapter 1321 Tang Ze¡¯s arrangementChapter 1322 The bomb delivered to the doorChapter 1324 Kudo and his wife
Chapter 1326 Meeting the parentsChapter 1328 0 Ye¡¯s troublesChapter 1329 Campus FestivalChapter 1330 Haunted House Test of Courage
Chapter 1331 Fake ghost turns into real corpseChapter 1333 The ironclad evidence at your feetChapter 1334 Unpleasant RewardChapter 1335 Ryoma¡¯s gun belt
Chapter 1336 Notice LetterChapter 1337 The day of the notice letterChapter 1339 Professional Anti-CounterfeitingChapter 1340 The man who slipped and fell to death
Chapter 1341 Death MessageChapter 1342 Case closedChapter 1343 10 consecutive drawsChapter 1344 Watch Lovers
Chapter 1345 Fatal BirthdayChapter 1346 Assassination in the DarkChapter 1347 Cold-blooded ManChapter 1348 Dangerous Rewards
Chapter 1350 The Priceless PotChapter 1351 One hundred million potChapter 1352 The pot is lostChapter 1353 Counterfeit
Chapter 1354 The hiding place of the vaseChapter 1355 AftermathChapter 1356 PoisoningChapter 1359 Follow-up
Chapter 1360 You Wan and Xiaolan win the championshipChapter 1361 Meeting on the busChapter 1362 The deceased who fell from the buildingChapter 1363 Shiliang Zhenchun
Chapter 1364 Wheelchair GhostChapter 1365 Failed ReasoningChapter 1366 Exquisite RevengeChapter 1367: Give him back his own body in his own way
Chapter 1368 Tangze¡¯s reminderChapter 1369 Conan¡¯s WorriesChapter 1370 Sudden changesChapter 1371 Shiliang of the Fire
Chapter 1372 Meeting Kamel by chanceChapter 1373 Tangze: Sorry for cheatingChapter 1375 Letter from the DeadChapter 1376 The disappearing text
Chapter 1378: Catch one firstChapter 1379 Sowing discordChapter 1380 Illusion and PoisonChapter 1382 New props! ¡¾Please subscribe~¡¿
Chapter 1383 Dr. A Li¡¯s PotChapter 1384 Caught on the spotChapter 1386 Encounter with ChibaChapter 1387 Continuous Car Destruction Cases
Chapter 1388 This car hurts so much!Chapter 1389 A case that happened in advanceChapter 1390 The little ones who act as matchmakersChapter 1391 Looking at each other under the sunset
Chapter 1392 The tragic truthChapter 1393 Important CaseChapter 1394 Lovers eventually become brothers and sistersChapter 1395 The prank of fate
Chapter 1396 The Dark Tracker (Nightmare)Chapter 1397 The Dark Tracker (Gathering)Chapter 1398 The Dark Tracker (Case)Chapter 1399 The Dark Tracker (Trace)
Chapter 1400 The Dark Tracker (Planning)Chapter 1401 The Dark Tracker (Operation)Chapter 1402 The dark tracker (reasoning)Chapter 1403 The Dark Tracker (Real Murderer)
Chapter 1404 The Dark Tracker (Gunshot)Chapter 1405 The Dark Tracker (Last Words)Chapter 1406 The Dark Tracker (Ending)Chapter 1407 The Dark Tracker (Secret War)
Chapter 1408 The Dark Tracker (Reward)Chapter 1409 The Dark Tracker (End)Chapter 1410 InvitationChapter 1411 Meeting with Toru Amuro
Chapter 1412 The stuck point comes to the doorChapter 1413 Easy solutionChapter 1414 General RewardsChapter 1415 Miss Hiroko disappeared
Chapter 1417 Mom¡¯s FriendChapter 1417 Mom¡¯s FriendChapter 1418 What each concealsChapter 1419 The carpet that has been touched
Chapter 1420 Corpses buried deep in the groundIf you have a fever, take a day off.Chapter 1422 Skynet is restoredChapter 1424 The kidnapped Takagi
Chapter 1424 The kidnapped TakagiChapter 1425 Three Suicide Cases  
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