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Chapter 1425 Three Suicide Cases

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    Latest website address: A sense of depression and urgency filled the entire Investigation Division, but soon a group of experienced criminals adjusted their mentality.

    "Brother Tangze, do you think this is a murderous warning from criminals?" Officer Memu said with a solemn expression.

    "I'm afraid not. The prisoner is probably stating the facts."

    Tang Ze shook his head and said with a serious face: "With the current situation of Takagi's hands and feet being tied up, three days without food or water is the limit.

    ¡°And the weather is cold now, so we must find Takagi as soon as possible considering the temperature issue.  "

    "In other words, is the day after tomorrow the deadline to find Takagi?" Looking at Takagi on the screen, Chiba, a good friend, couldn't help but look worried on his fat face.

    "But, but"

    Miwako Sato looked downcast and said: "Why would he encounter such a thing"

    "Indeed, with Takagi's good-natured character, it's hard to believe that he would be resented." Shiratori on the side agreed.

    "It is completely normal for a criminal to be resented by others. There is no way of knowing when he was resented by whom."

    At this moment, Matsumoto Kiyonaga walked in from the door, and his appearance made all the criminals straighten their bodies.

    "Megure, I heard that Takagi went to stay somewhere for a night because he met someone last night. Is this true?"

    Matsumoto Kiyonaga walked over and looked at Memu and said, "I asked you for leave for this reason."

    "Well, that's right." Megure nodded and said, "I remember that he was very concerned about the departure time of the train. I guess he might have gone to Haneda Airport."

    "In that case, please quickly send someone to contact Haneda Airport to confirm whether there was a passenger named "Takagi Wataru" last night."

    ¡°Yes!¡± Officer Mumu accepted the order in a deep voice.

    Matsumoto Kiyonaga immediately took over the command of the scene as soon as he arrived, but no one had any objections. Instead, he found a backbone, and everyone suppressed their impetuousness and calmed down.

    "Shiratori, go to Takagi's current apartment immediately and check the mailbox on his computer or the emails in the recycle bin."

    Seeing Shiratori respond, Matsumoto Kiyonaga immediately looked at Chiba next to him: "I will leave the image monitoring of the tablet to you Chiba. Watch Takagi carefully and report any situation in a timely manner."

    "Remember not to leave it on all the time." Tangze reminded: "The battery is limited and the viewing range is only 10 hours, so use it sparingly."

    "Well, Brother Tangze has been thoughtful, let's watch it for ten minutes an hour."

    Matsumoto Kiyonaga nodded when he heard this and said: "Remember to turn on the camera and record the scene later.

    If you can find a landmark building where Takagi is, please report it in time!  "

    "Understood!" Qianye nodded in agreement with a solemn expression.

    "AdministratorI" Miwako Sato asked with hesitation.

    "Sato, go to the reception room and ask the children about their encounter with the suspect."

    Matsumoto Kiyonaga looked at Sato Miwako and gave her an important task that she would not go out into the field: "After all, they have personally contacted her and are important witnesses.

    You need to help them recall the suspect¡¯s appearance, movement habits, and tone of voice, and you must help them recall it thoroughly.  "


    After finishing the arrangement, Matsumoto Kiyonaga looked at the surrounding criminals and said: "The rest of the people are looking for all the suspects who may have a grudge against Takagi in the search work so far!"

    ¡°Whether there is a suspect or a relative of the victim, as long as there is a possibility of resentment, everyone will be found for me!  "


    A group of criminals responded one after another and immediately dispersed.

    Watching everyone leave, Matsumoto Kiyonaga looked at Tang Ze and said: "You should act according to your own method. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time."

    "Understood." Karasawa nodded, "I'll talk with Sato and the children first to see if we can sketch the prisoner's portrait."

    "Then I'll leave it to you." Matsumoto Kiyonaga nodded and said, "After the portrait is completed, pass it on to everyone as soon as possible."


    Karasawa nodded, then looked at Miwako Sato and said, "Let's go."

    ¡®I will definitely save you, Takagi, wait for me!  ¡¯

    The worried Miwako Sato glanced at Takagi who was tied up on the tablet, and finally turned it offPolice officer Mumu, who investigated at the airport, did not find Takagi's name among the passengers on the plane.

    Not only that, there is no information related to this kidnapping case on any of the cases he handled or on the computer at home.

    "Damn it!" Matsumoto Kiyonaga banged the table angrily: "I don't even know which city Takagi went to. Even this blanket search has become like finding a needle in a haystack!"


    At this moment, among the criminals reporting, a young criminal spoke cautiously, attracting everyone's attention.

    "What do you care about?"

    Seeing the young criminal shrinking in the face of everyone's gaze, Tang Ze came to the rescue and said, "If you have anything to say, just say it. Maybe it will be a breakthrough. It doesn't matter even if you are wrong."


    Hearing what Tang Ze said, the young criminal no longer hesitated and immediately said: "That's right, a week ago, I saw Takagi Criminal coming out of the data room.

    Because I saw tears in his eyes at that time, I was a little concerned about what information he read.  "

    "What!" Matsumoto Kiyonaga immediately stood up when he heard this, looked at everyone and said, "Bring me all the dossier information that Takagi has read before immediately!"

    Hearing what Matsumoto Kiyonaga said, a group of criminals rushed to the data room to investigate.

    And soon the information that Takagi Criminal was looking through in the information room was investigated. After reading the information, Karasawa and Sato Miwako left the room.

    "How is the situation? Do you have any clues?" Conan, who was waiting in the corridor, saw the two going out and couldn't help but come up to ask.

    "Takagi looked through the files to investigate cases a week ago, and they were all cases about women who committed suicide a year ago."

    Hearing what Conan said, Tangze said: "There are three cases in total, and they were all cases that were handed over to the jurisdiction for handling because it was judged that they were not homicides."

    "What are the specific circumstances of these three cases?"

    "The first case is called Yuko Tokuki. She is a sixth-year student at Toto University School of Medicine."

    After hearing Conan¡¯s words, Karasawa didn¡¯t hide anything and said directly: ¡°Yuuko Deki committed suicide in the living room of the apartment where she lived.

    Although the overall layout of Guangyu¡¯s room is not very feminine, the entire room is cleaned very well.

    There was a suicide note at the feet of the hanged body, which contained a confession about how she had run away from an accident a few days ago. The general idea was that she could not bear the condemnation of her conscience and finally committed suicide.  "

    "The second one is called Natalie Laijian. Her mother is a beautiful woman and an English teacher in an English training class."

    Miwako Sato followed closely and said: "The other party also hanged herself. According to the "Date" marked on the calendar hanging in her room, it seems to refer to the date when the other party went on a date with her boyfriend.

    However, after subsequent investigation, I heard that he seemed to have been abandoned by his boyfriend, and finally committed suicide in despair.

    He even made a date on the day of his suicide. He probably couldn¡¯t bear the emotional breakdown and chose to end his life.  "

    "There was a date on that day, which means that the deceased had no intention of committing suicide. Logically speaking, it is also possible that he committed suicide, right?"

    Conan on the side heard this and asked with some doubts.

    "Because after receiving the report, the first mobile search team that rushed to the scene found English text messages sent by the deceased and his mother during the investigation, so the case was closed as suicide at that time."

    Hearing this, Karasawa said: "As for the third messenger, she is mainly the most popular bartender in the Roppongi bar, Ms. Kyouka Hikogami.

    She obviously made a lot of money, but she only lived in an old apartment and beer cans.

    Empty beer cans were scattered around the hanging feet and on the table.

    And judging from his diary.  She discovered that the boyfriend she had been helping was actually a marriage fraudster.

    Because all the money was defrauded, he even gave up on himself and hanged himself.  "

    ¡°The fraudster was also arrested later.¡±

    Miwako Sato added: "But the crime is not to defraud money but to commit murder.

    In addition, according to the records on the scroll, the man borrowed a lot of money outside and accidentally stabbed someone to death when he had a dispute with an underground bank.  "

    I remember it was Mr. Ida who arrested this prisoner.  "

    "Mr. Ida?"

    Hearing the name Sato Miwako said, Conan was a little confused.

    "Oh, by the way, neither of you have seen him."

    Miwako Sato reacted after hearing this: "Mr. Date, he died in a traffic accident not long after he arrested the prisoner.

    I remember Takagi once told me about Mr. Dai, who was hit by a dozing driver because he was trying to pick up a fallen notebook.  "

    "Is Takagi also present?" Conan asked in surprise.

    "Well, the two of them stayed up late at night and were about to go home during the day. When Mr. Date took out his notebook and was about to show Takagi something, he was accidentally hit by a car."

    Miwako Sato explained: ¡°The notebook that Takagi often uses is a relic left by Mr. Date.

    Takagi is very motivated and hopes to fill up his notebook.  "(Remember this website address: after that, he encountered a traffic accident and passed away.

    I remember Takagi once told me about Mr. Dai, who was hit by a dozing driver because he was trying to pick up a fallen notebook.  "

    "Is Takagi also present?" Conan asked in surprise.

    "Well, the two of them stayed up late at night and were about to go home during the day. When Mr. Date took out his notebook and was about to show Takagi something, he was accidentally hit by a car."

    Miwako Sato explained: ¡°The notebook that Takagi often uses is a relic left by Mr. Date.

    Takagi is very motivated and hopes to fill up his notebook.  "(Remember the website address of this website:
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