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9.00-King of Fantasy 67 Do you want to know Amway and the story behind him?

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    Topic: [Should we accept the little devil sisters (three characters) who resisted in the new chapter of Gensokyo?  ?  ?  ¡¿

    a: Come on, I pushed it anyway, write some emotional scenes and leave it.

    b: No need, just forget about it, there is no need to appear again.

    Well, this is the survey below. Please vote after reading this chapter. If you want to vote, it is best to vote as soon as possible, so that I can add the plot more easily.


    In theory, the Red Devils Library was open in the morning. Qin En got up early this time and went to the Red Devils underground library. He found that the door was indeed open. Qin En took out his VIP card and left directly.  Go in.

    It¡¯s a pity that people in the Scarlet Devil Mansion don¡¯t like to read very much, so there are still no people at this time. Qin En thinks that maybe except for the little devil who works here, there won¡¯t be anyone else here, right?

    After entering, according to the usual practice, you should go to the administrator first if you want to read a book: you need her help whether it is index search or borrowing books.  This time, Qin En planned to find some common sense books on magic circles, intending to understand and analyze the concepts. During this period, Qin En has been helping Pat Qiuli write those things that he cannot understand, and the number of puzzle pieces.  There were more and more, but he also felt the trouble caused by his lack of knowledge. He didn't know many places It was as if he had become illiterate.

    Therefore, Qin En planned to take advantage of this morning time to read a book, and made a thought that was influenced by what he heard and saw, which aroused some curiosity: Anyway, he does not have any special abilities such as magic, as long as he shows a little bit of interest like a novice.  , and then borrowed some pornographic books, periodicals, and books that men like to read to cover up the fact that he just expressed a little bit of interest. Even if Izayoi Sakuya found out, he would still be fine.  explained.

    But when Qin En came here, he found that the little devil in charge of librarianship was sleeping on the cold table, completely without any energy and vigilance, and fell asleep with his arms pillowed on his head There was also something in her hand  There was a cup of coffee and glasses case that had been consumed long ago, and there was a warm windbreaker jacket next to her chair, but now it had fallen off the ground.

    This made Qin En frown: he was struggling with whether he should wake up the little devil. It was true that he had no feelings for the women of the Red Devil, but when it comes to relationships based on sex, men will more or less take care of them.  When it comes to women, most sexual relationships are based on emotion In the outside world, money may be added, but there is no shortage of examples in the world where emotions are born out of sexual relationships.

    Looking at the unsuspecting sleeping face of the little devil, Qin En silently picked up the coat on the ground and put it directly on the little devil's body.



    Suddenly there was a strange sound, which sounded a bit like the sound of clapping. However, the next moment Qin En had not expected what was going on. His body was like a kite flying high in the sky that was suddenly cut short.  Like a thread, his body was lifted up into the air without a chance to react. Neither his muscles nor his strength could be controlled. Qin En knew that he was in dire straits, so he had to grit his teeth and increase the tension of his muscles and the alertness of his nerves. With a bang,  It hit the wall and made some obvious noise.

    The little devil opened her eyes anxiously at this moment. It was impossible for her to fall asleep under this kind of sound. When she looked at the location of the sound, she naturally saw Qin En who was thrown against the wall - she didn't know Qin En.  En's name, but because he had had an affair, he was a little impressed by his appearance, so he exclaimed: "Ah¡ª¡ª!" and stepped on his high heels, dispelling the magic and turning Qin  Enji helped him up.

    "It scared me to death. I thought it was my sister who was fooling around -"

    "What nonsense?" Qin En let out a somewhat uncomfortable breath and said, "What nonsense? Do you think you sisters often play tricks like night raids?"

    "That's right."

    Looking at the serious expression of the little devil (sister), Qin En suddenly felt that he was really aggrieved. It was rare that he was kind enough to put clothes on for you, but he was accidentally injured by your magic!

    "No wonder, no wonder Ahem, no wonder you slept so unsuspectingly. It turns out that as long as I touch you, I will be counterattacked by magic!" The residual power of magic is still there, which makes Qin En act like a fool throughout the whole process.  Zhi murmured to himself and regained his composure after being helped by the little devil to a chair.

    "Really, why don't you say hello." The little devil put on his glasses again and said angrily, as if all the mistakes were someone else's. This made Qin En speechless for a while.  He opened his mouth and said: "Didn't I see you asleep?"??Work.  "

    Qin En took the packed book, said goodbye to the little devil with a gentle smile, and returned directly to his room. The gentle smile on his face disappeared after returning to the room.

    The books rented from the library were thrown directly on the bed as if they were worthless things, and several pages of notes that had been torn out were taken out, and the ballpoint pen in his hand was writing at an alarming speed.

    The effect of the magic circle¡ª¡ª

    Detailed explanation of the meaning of magic circle¡ª¡ª

    Detailed records of magic words¡ª¡ª

    These are all things written down in the Red Devil's underground library. Qin En secretly memorized this knowledge along the way and chatted with the little devil in a half-hearted manner. There was also a personal explanation from the little devil, all of which were recorded in  above.

    When all the records were completed, Qin En didn¡¯t have time to look at the thing in detail, so he folded it, marked it and hid it. It was not the time to look at it in the morning, as it could easily be broken¡ª¡ª

    Then Qin En opened the cookbook, Western food and pastry book that he had taken, and turned to the page about black tea - there is no shortage of these things in the dormitory. Qin En started making black tea in his private room on the spot, speeding up  practise.  In the past, when Qin En drank tea, he just stuffed the tea leaves directly into the quilt, boiled the hot water and drank it without paying attention to details. But now it is naturally different. Qin En must study this carefully and at least master black tea.  A pretty good level, so that Patchouli can come back to normal and use this to improve her own status.

    No, it doesn¡¯t have to be promoted: Qin En silently touched the Buddhist beads in his hand. Perhaps, directly putting some medicine in it is the right way. It just so happened that the little devil hadn¡¯t been around for a long time and was working frequently.  In this state, Patchouli will naturally be less wary, especially with three hundred familiars, her abilities will certainly not be too strong, so¡ª¡ª

    "Is it time to get ready to take action?"


    You should have seen it too, it¡¯s explained in this chapter.

    The current Patchouli is very weak, and her health is not very good due to hundreds of familiars. I will leave a paragraph here to prevent someone from shouting without even looking: "My Patchi can't be so weak!"

    Although it's a bit long-winded, I think it's necessary and I'll explain it clearly to you. Then you can naturally see it. If I have to find fault, I would say it's the plot arrangement (laughing). I don't intend to throw anything out there to make people feel irritated.  Boring Gensokyo setting or something.

    After all, this book is also a secondary creation of Gensokyo written using second settings that everyone knows and even third settings that I thought of.

    Even if the content written above is necessary for the plot, the reasons should be sufficient, right?

    Yes, it is like that.
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