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Resistance in Fantasyland

Resistance in Fantasyland最新章节列表,Resistance in Fantasyland全文阅读

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Resistance in FantasylandBrief introduction:

No matter what you do, stick to it.
…That’s what I say, but everything I do is based on interest…
Occasionally, we will entertain the goblins and the unscrupulous witches, or we will accompany the queen to enjoy the flowers, chat and play offensive and defensive games.
I have to pay attention to my words and deeds to guard against the gossiping tengu and the BT vampire girl who peeks at me through my dreams.
When you have nothing to do, go have a barbecue with the big-breasted god of death, or go drink with the ghost tribe, let's have some chaos together!  !
I feel the need to dye my room white so I can better see if there are any gaps.
I have been a store clerk, pharmacist, weapons teacher, and martial artist. It is better to say that I am an idler than an immortal.
In fact, in the final analysis, I am just a person without a position...
PS1: This novel does not involve the dark history of the East, and it is only mentioned at most.
PS2: Because the author has a low level of education, there are often things that are not quite right in the article.

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      Resistance in Fantasylandlatest chapter:9.00-King of Fantasy 67 Do you want to know Amway and the story behind him?

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