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The World of Magical Girl Nanoha Latest chapter update list


Text 01 A small wishText 02 Bad encounterText 03 This joke is called fateText 04 A new beginning
Text 05 Gifts can effectively increase favorabilityText 06 SamaelText 07 Educator SamaelText 08 The cooperation between Crono and Samael
Text 09 Samael¡¯s clawsText 10 A brief confrontationText 11 Action failedText 12 Things on hot pot
Text 13 Samael and FitText 14 About... No, it¡¯s an extracurricular family visitText 15 The taste of lifeText 16 Gurem and Samael
Text 17 Final ExamText 18 Samael¡¯s angerText 19 Burning with angerText 20 Nose bleeds
Text 21 Natural enemiesText 22 FightingText 23 Yagami HayateText 24 Samael and the King of Night Sky
Text 25 Samael, the Name of the Demon KingText 26 The Agreement between Linfus and SamaelText 27 The date of the contractText 28 The responsibilities of a maid
Text 29 The end of asDaily Life 01 New Classmate Yagami HayateDaily Life 02 Viewing flowers and drinking wineDaily Life 03 Samael and Leti
Daily Life 04 Aeneus and LindyDaily Life 05 Fit and SamaelDaily Life 06 Abnormal FitDaily Life 07 Personality Changing Orb
Daily Life 08 Magic that is not allowed to be usedDaily Life 09 Maid SkillsDaily Life 10 Snow Mountain Games to Increase Team SpiritDaily Life 11 Hot springs can effectively increase mutual feelings
Daily life 12 Unexpected events the next dayDaily Life 13 Changes in Crono and YunoDaily life 14 Plans cannot keep up with changesDaily Life 15 Teachings of Samael
Daily Life 16 The evil strikes at nightDaily life 17 The end of the snow mountain tripDaily Life 18 New SemesterDaily life 19 A small accident
Daily Life 20 Chicks and HensDaily Life 21 Amy¡¯s Worry and Aluf¡¯s ScreamDaily life 22 The beginning of the week is a fierce confrontationDaily Life 23 The return of Lindy and Crono and the welcome of Fite
Daily life 24 Gradual recoveryDaily life 25 Accident on exam dayDaily Life 26 Return to CalmDaily Life 27 Festival Trip
Daily Life 28 Small ChatDaily Life 29 EpilogueClose Heart 01 Unpopular PersonClose Heart 02 Crono's Magic Show
Close Heart 03 The Attacked Holy King¡¯s ChurchClose Heart 04 DepartureClose Heart 05 The one who is close to the ink is blackClose Heart 06 Modified Past
Close Heart 07 Teacher-student meetingClose Heart 08 Bloody EncounterClose Heart 09 Samael and Benares¡¯ jokeClose Heart 10 Heart Crack
Close Heart 11 Prelude to MovementClose heart 12 flutteringClose Heart 13 Changes BeginClose Heart 14 Kana·a·Lika
Close Heart 15 Inescapable FateClose Heart 16 If you don¡¯t know RPG, you will suffer the consequences before your eyesClose Heart 17 Prelude to the BeginningClose Heart 18 Invasion from all sides
Close Heart 19 Level GatekeeperClose Heart 20 The Fury of the Wind and the Sincere Move of BenaresClose Heart 21 Aini¡¯s PersistenceClose Heart 22 During the Crisis
Close Heart 23 Extreme joy brings sorrowClose Heart 24 ConfluenceClose Heart 25 DefeatClose Heart 26 Broken Contract
Close Heart 27 AngerClose Heart 28 Wild RushClose Heart 29 The End of the IncidentClose Heart 30 Everyone¡¯s Heart
Close Hearts 31 Each Other¡¯s HeartsThe Age of Youth 01 Generous BenefitsThe Age of Youth 02 Fear is ComingThe Age of Youth 03 Conversation
The Age of Youth 04 The Annoying WinterThe Age of Youth 05 Low TideThe Age of Youth 06 The speaker is unintentional, but the listener is intentionalThe Age of Youth 07 Promise
The Age of Youth 08 The wind that bites off the fishing lineAge of Youth 09 Become StrongThe Age of Youth 10 Worst ThingsThe Age of Youth 11 Grandpa and Grandma
The Age of Youth 12 The Thoughts of the Old Man and Old LadyThe Age of Youth 13 Mother is very powerfulThe Age of Youth 14 Bad LuckThe Age of Youth 15 New Samael
The Age of Youth 16 Be cautious about whom you previewThe Age of Youth 17 Lindy¡¯s DecisionThe Age of Youth 18 Summer FestivalThe Age of Youth 19 Summer Festival Interlude
Age of Youth 20 Summer Festival in progressAge of Youth 21 Summer Festival continuesAge of Youth 22 Summer Festival is still going onThe Age of Youth 23 The End of the Summer Festival
The Age of Youth 24 Meeting with KarimAge of Youth 25 Academy FestivalThe Age of Youth 26 Fit and the Campus FestivalThe Age of Youth 27 Adolescence
The Age of Youth 28 Subsequent Events of AdolescenceThe Age of Youth 29 event is in progressThe Age of Youth 30 My students can¡¯t be so cuteThe Age of Youth 31 Girls¡¯ Tea Party
The Age of Youth 32 The Age of YouthBond 01 Blessings and misfortunes depend on itBond 02 Samael and SignamBond 03 What happened in Akihabara
Bond 04 Dark Night (Part 1)Bond 05 Dark Night (Part 2)Bond 06 The girl in the baseBond 07 Chain Lock
Bond 08 Noisy (Part 1)Bond 09 Noisy (Part 2)Bond 10 Run away from homeBond 11 Quarrel
Bond 12 Fight (Part 1)Bond 13 Fight (Part 2)Bond 14 Firefight (Part 1)Bond 15 Firefight (Part 2)
Bond 16 flameoutBond 17 makes waves againBond 18 The secret in the quiltBond 19 Depressed again
Bond 20 DorayakiBond 21 Unlucky YearsBond 22 Prelude to ChaosBond 23 Departure
Bond 24 She is very powerfulBond 25 MutationBond 26 Accelerated MovementBond 27 The Fire of the Prairie Fire (Part 1)
Bond 28 The Fire of the Prairie Fire (Part 2)Bond 28.5 The Heart of a Young ManBond 29 The Fire of the Prairie Fire (Part 2)Bond 30 Brother and Brother
Bond 31 Fit vs KanaBond 32 BattleBond 33 ReinforcementsBond 34 The Beginning of the Change
Bond 35 FearBond 36 Round 3 (Part 1)Bond 37 Round 3 (Part 2)Bond 38 Destructive impulse
Bond 39 Total victoryBond 40 New CrisisBond 41 CounterattackBond 42 Shocking Change
Bond 43 Resolving the crisisBond 44 The EndBond 45 WeddingFinale 01 The Sixth Mobile Division is established
Finale 02 First day of workFinale 03 AttackFinale 04 UndercurrentFinale 05 Her thoughts
Finale 06 LaborFinale 07 Some TriviaFinale 08 Magic up?Finale 09 Lunch break in the Sixth Department of Motor Vehicles
Finale 10 The noisy deputy section chief¡¯s officeFinale 11 Commanding OperationsFinale 12 Weird protrusionFinale 13 Lost and Fallen
Finale 14 The biggest crisis in historyFinale 15 The most dangerous confession in history and the true meaning of wife controlFinale 16 Song of CallingFinale 17 Undercurrent surging
Finale 18 Enemy Attack (Part 1)Finale 19 Enemy Attack (Part 2)Finale 20 Enemy Attack (Part 2)Finale 21 Samael and Aiden
Finale 22 Scully Eddie¡¯s Big VictoryFinale 23 The Beginning of ChaosFinale 24 The Messenger of AruhazatFinale 25 The Messenger¡¯s Token
Finale 26 DrinkingFinale 27 Things, things, things...Finale 28 The TruthFinale 29 Secrets Revealed
Finale 30 makes a strong debutFinale 31 The Final BattleFinale 32 The Final Battle; ContinuedFinale 33 The final battle; the end
Finale 34 Finale plus epilogueAnother ending: staying together for a hundred yearsDelusion World 01 New WorldDelusion World 18 Enemy Attack (Part 2)
Delusion World 19 Enemy Attack (Part 2)Delusion World 20 Samael and AidenDelusional World 21 Scully Eddie¡¯s Big VictoryDelusion World 21 The Beginning of Chaos
Delusional World 22 The Messenger of AluhazatDelusional World 23 Messenger¡¯s TokenDelusional World 24 Drinking 
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