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Delusional World 24 Drinking

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    "AluhazatI didn't expectthat it really exists"

    Samael looked at the sky, his eyes seemed to be trying to find the legend among the tens of thousands of stars.  From the CD, Samael learned everything about what happened to her mother after she disappeared.  To put it simply, the ship she was on was involved in the dimensional epicenter for unknown reasons. As a result, she arrived at Alhazat, but the ship was damaged and could not fly again. At the same time, the staff on the ship  There were also casualties in this earthquake.

    The living conditions in Aluhazat are very harsh. This is what Samael can tell from his mother's clothes and the surrounding environment. He must have suffered a lot, and he also learned from his mother's dictation,  After that day, the spacecraft could not be repaired and could not go home. Due to the environment here, her companions began to become mentally unstable, and then died one after another, leaving her alone. Originally, she could not hold on, but there were  One day, a person suddenly appeared. She fell from the sky and was seriously injured. There was also a nutrition tank with a little girl next to her.  Along with them came some machinery, which they later found out were the remains of magic dolls.

    The sudden arrival of this person gave my mother some motivation. After rescuing the person, she began to communicate with her. At first, she seemed to refuse everything and just held the nutrition tank.  Under the hard foam, he gradually opened his mouth. The person's name was Precia Testarossa, and the girl in the can was her daughter, named Alicia Testarossa.

    From this beginning, the two began to communicate more, and her mother gradually became friends with her. Precia was in very bad health, and her mother tried her best to take care of her. Through communication, she also learned that Precia was still alive.  She has another daughter. When she talks about this daughter, her face becomes very painful and she says she is sorry for that child. She talks in her sleep every night or when she is seriously ill or has a fever, and she keeps apologizing. The name of that daughter, at first,  She didn't want to say it, but as time went by, her mother also found out from her that her name was Fit Testarossa, and she was a child born out of false hopes.

    Then one day, after Precia discovered that the place she was in was Aluhazat, she began to investigate everywhere regardless of her own body. It was information related to the resurrection of the dead. During this period, her mother also helped her search, but she could not find it.  , to be precise, there is no biological technology that can resurrect the dead, but there is technology that allows the dead to transform into another form and have a new life.

    Precia struggled with this technology for a long time, and finally decided to implement it. Then with this technology, Alicia was resurrected, and because of her mother's help, the name of this new life was-Alicia?  Harlowen Precia.

    And Alicia's body is definitely not what he saw, but something bigger. When Samael learned the truth about Alicia, he was very surprised, but he was also very happy, because he had  Alicia can go see her mother by herself.

    However, when he was happy now, he felt a dull feeling in his heart. In order to release this dull feeling, he went to the rooftop of the residential building, blowing the night breeze and watching the night view.

    Next to him were two dozen beers, and he had already drank 4 or 5 bottles.

    Are you going back like this?  Samael kept asking himself in his heart.

    "Brother, you are here. I thought you had something important to do so you didn't go to the land base with us. I didn't expect you came here to drink."

    Feit didn¡¯t know when he appeared behind Samael, his tone was complaining.

    "He's back."

    Samael did not look back, but replied in a perfunctory tone. He was also thinking about whether to tell her about this matter, but he hesitated because Precia was already dead. A few days before Alicia was born,  God, he is already dead because of his serious illness.

    Samael had heard Lindy talk to her about the relationship between Precia and Fit a long time ago, so he hesitated whether to talk about it or not.

    "Ha As I get older, I am timid in doing things and look forward and backward"

    "What are you saying all of this suddenly?"

    Samael¡¯s emotion made Feit frown. She walked to Samael¡¯s side, looked at the beer around her, and asked worriedly.

    "Brother, what's wrong with you? Is it something that happened in the morning"


    Samael shook his head gently and took a sip of wine.

    "Speaking of which, have you gained anything from going to the land base?"

    "Well, I know a lot of things"

    At this moment, FeiteNaye, who was shaking her head, said this, and Samael looked at her in surprise, because what he heard in her tone was not happiness for herself, but on the contrary, more sadness.

    Then he realized that it was probably because of the child, Vivio. As a surrogate mother, Nanoha also tried her best to take care of the child. The feelings she put into it must be very deep. However, she was taken away. She must be sad.  It's sad. Speaking of that child, although I haven't seen him a few times, he is very polite and lovable. However, such a child was taken away under his eyes. Thinking about it, Samael can't help but feel sorry for Naye.  Some self-blame.

    He sighed and handed a bottle of wine to Nanoha.

    "Would you like to drink?"

    Naye raised her head from her hands and saw the wine bottle handed over by Samael. She was stunned for a moment, then looked at Samael's face and reached out to take it.

    "Youhave become a good mother."


    Suddenly Samael said something carelessly, Naye looked at him strangely, he raised the bottle to the night sky and said.

    "It's amazing that you consider your children so much, and they are unrelated children. There is no doubt that you are already a mother. Do you want to take it back?"


    The topic was moved to Vivio, and Nanoha nodded firmly.

    "Yes, we must take it back, for the sake of the mother who wants to find her child"

    Samael moved the wine in his hand in front of Naye. Naye looked at the wine bottle in his hand, as if he wanted to clink glasses with himself. Was what he said just to relieve himself?  She looked at her wine bottle, then leaned on it gently and said.

    ¡°¡­In order to¡­want to see the mother¡¯s child¡­¡±


    Samael couldn't help but laugh when she said this.

    The two of them started to drink wine, one sip for you, one sip for me, one bottle for you, and one bottle for me. However, after a while, there were empty bottles everywhere.

    Nanoha was overwhelmed by alcohol and was already staggering around. Samael had also drank a lot before. In addition, he was full of worries and wanted to drink to drown his sorrows, so he was already drunk.

    "Are youreally going toleave? Do youdon't want meeveryone?"

    Naye was talking randomly, and the power of alcohol was constantly destroying Naye's psychological defenses, slowly letting go of the things she wanted to say but didn't dare to say before.

    "Hayate likes you so much Fite also needs you by his side Vita says he hates you but quarrels with you he is always full of energy.  Signamtoomany members of the Mobile Six Divisionall respect youCrono and the othersLindythey allmeme too"


    Samael was already sleeping on the ground. He didn't listen to a word of what Naye said. His mind was filled with his mother, and his consciousness gradually faded away. He only felt something lying on him, so he hugged him.  Yes, um, it's very comfortable to hold.

    [PS: It¡¯s a clich¨¦, it¡¯s a clich¨¦, because there is really no idea, and I feel a little embarrassed to be so cliche. The more you get to the ending, the worse it gets]
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