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Infinity ends in infinity 505: Witches and monsters are both monsters

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    "Then, it's up to me and the child to confirm whether you and everyone else are qualified to survive"

    The atmosphere, which was originally low and depressed due to the darkness and Rumia's eyes, instantly became much lower with the words of the ancestor miko.  (This chapter was uploaded by a netizen) With a soft sound, the ribbon was torn off, and at the same time there was a cracking sound.

    Then, a large amount of darkness emanated from Rumia's body like a thick fog. Her short hair gradually grew into long shawl hair, and at the same time, her small figure, which was originally only five or six years old, began to grow rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.  Growing up, she gradually became like a fourteen or fifteen year old girl.

    If there is anything that remains unchanged, it¡¯s probably the red color in the girl¡¯s eyes and the thick black mist surrounding her that looks like a part of her body, right?

    "is that so?"

    Rumia turned into a girl, the original innocence on her face disappeared, and she began to wear a strange madness.

    In the bright red eyes, there is a bloodthirsty light.

    ¡°I¡¯m hungry, hey, can these guys eat it?¡±

    Eat it.

    The monster of the dark night, Rumia, is an existence that feeds on human darkness.

    Although it is said that it feeds on the darkness of human beings, it is the same existence as swallowing human beings. After all, humans have two sides, black and white, and only the harmony of yin and yang can survive. Even the upright King of Knights, after unplugging  After the glorious hair, won't he also become a black tyrant?

    Looking at the red eyes of everyone in the Nanyanzhou team, they were filled with only one emotion.


    It is not the murderous intention to kill, nor the malice of attack, but pure and strong appetite.

    In Rumia¡¯s eyes, everyone in the Nanyanzhou team has become equated with food.

    Then, he was punched by the ancestor miko and fell to the ground.

    "This is not for you to fight, it's just a test Well, if you fail, you can eat it"

    "is that so?"

    The atmosphere became increasingly depressing, and it was the Nan Yanzhou team that broke the silence first.

    ?????????? The Blue Dragon Sword in Chana Ye¡¯s hand suddenly stretched out against the wind, a green light flashed, and the sword became one, turning into a green mad dragon, stirring up the strong wind and rolling towards Rumia who was relatively close to her.

    The fierce conflict between light and shadow started the entire battle.

    The Nan Yanzhou team was clearly divided into three teams. The two auxiliary personnel, Xue Ling'er and Aya, retreated. Neos, Richard and Tang Xi met the ancestors of the miko, while Setsuna Ye and Asagami Rina  Then he faced Rumia.

    ¡°A very wise choice.¡±

    As she spoke, a stern look flashed under the mask of the ancestor miko, and she slowly opened up a posture that was not very big. It looked more like a 'let's get started' posture than a 'warning' posture.  'It's just a signal.

    "Nios, Tang Xi, cooperate with me."

    As he spoke, Richard crossed the axe, his eyes blank.

    Gene Lock, Level 3!

    With a loud shout, surging golden light suddenly appeared on Richard's body. This golden light enveloped his whole body, and Richard suddenly looked as majestic as a golden statue.  The entire double-edged giant ax also became shimmering with golden light, but as time passed, the golden light slowly sank into his body, and the muscles on the middle-aged man's body began to spasm violently to a degree visible to the naked eye.  When he got up, the roar turned into a groan of pain.

    As the spasm slowly stopped, when Richard looked up at the ancestor witch again, his eyes were already red, and only the bloodthirsty madness could be seen in his eyes. The reason and restraint in his eyes before were completely gone.  disappear.

    "Is it a technique like madness is it really good in this environment?"

    The ancient witch said coldly, and at the same time, there was an inexplicable aura around her, which seemed to be overshadowing Richard's.

    As the momentum increased, the miko uniforms on the previous mikos began to flutter, vibrate, and make noises. Through the large gaps in the clothes, the sexy body covered by the black tights under the red and white clothes could be seen.

    But at this moment, no one would think of complaining about this absolutely unceremonious martial arts shrine maiden uniform, because they were facing everyone from the previous generation of shrine maidens, including Xueling'er and Aya in the rear, and even the idea of ????activating the self-created skill Berserker.  Chad instinctively felt a chill as if he was being stared at by a wild beast.

    The expression of the ancient miko has obviously changed.

    Even if there is no way to see her face, you can still feel it by the aura exuding from her body.

    &nbspThe darkness under Rumia's feet tumbled, turning into countless sharp swords emerging from the ground, stabbing Setsuna Ye fiercely, but¡ª¡ª

    "Twist it!"

    With a cold voice, the problem that should have been forcibly materialized by Rumia became a reality, but the essence was still the darkness of undistortable nothingness, but it was forcibly crushed by Asagami Rina's eyes.

    "Don't hinder Xiaosha, or your front teeth will bend 180 degrees."

    Rina Asagami said coldly with her hands folded, her black and red eyes full of murderous intent and seriousness.

    And in just this short time, Shanaya had already rushed in front of Rumia.

    The darkness rose on its own and turned into a solid wall, blocking Shana Ye from the outside.

    However, at the moment when the darkness was about to be completely closed but not yet completely closed, the red light on Shana Ye's body did not diminish, and added golden light. A powerful wave visible to the naked eye spread, and the surrounding environment was frozen in an incomparable state.  Slow state!

    "Roar, mad dragon!!!!"

    ?? Wushuang dances, tornado and whirlwind!

    A blue dragon energy suddenly rose from Shana Ye's body, and a golden dragon energy also rose from the Huanglong broadsword. Two roaring dragons entangled, with the power bonus of the dragging knife, and the braking force.  The self-created skill Qi Blast unlocked on Na Ye - the powerful explosion of the tide, turned into a thunderbolt, and the sharp dragon's teeth severely shattered the defense of darkness.

    The defense is broken, and there is no opponent in the front. The two dragons are entangled and roaring, like a strong wind passing through, shaking the world and sweeping the plain!

    When the two dragons gradually dispersed, there was nothing left in front of them that was flattened.

    "The enemy general is asking for help."

    The knife in her hand was turned upside down and propped on the ground, supporting her body that had fallen into a state of premature collapse due to the explosion of all her strength at once. The hair on Shana Ye's head fell down and she spoke softly.


    Author¡¯s note: Hey, Happy New Year to all book friends~!  Don't worry, it's impossible for Grandma and Rumia to have nothing to do Now, is there any point in the last part?  (wagging tail)
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