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Infinite direct death

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Infinite direct deathBrief introduction:

"Two fused souls, with the ability to kill everything, a small butterfly, fanned an earth-shaking hurricane in the infinite world.
This article is Sanwu Baihe (the "transformation" has been removed according to the reader's request). It does not follow the realist route like other infinite streams. The loveless people will retreat and the trolls will retreat. We accept negative suggestions but please pay attention to civilized language; sometimes there may be some mistakes in the text.  Please note that there are some uncomfortable content (such as curiosity, curiosity, and curiosity); if you think it is well written, just read it. If you think it is not good but can be improved, you can give your comments. But if you feel it is not eye-catching and you are not interested,  Don't curse, just click the "X" in the upper right corner.

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      Infinite direct deathlatest chapter:Infinity ends in infinity 505: Witches and monsters are both monsters

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