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The magical journey of the magic teacher Latest chapter update list


Text Chapter 25 I am determinedText Chapter 26 The mysterious little loliText Chapter 27 Yiwen is very angry and the consequences will be seriousText Introduction to Daisy
Text Chapter 28 A tragedy composed of infinite coincidencesText Chapter 29 ContractText Chapter 30 Alice¡¯s Unlucky DayText Chapter 31 The name of the organization is. . .
Text Chapter 32 Meeting. .Text Chapter 33 What is missing?Text Chapter 34 Qianyu¡¯s helplessnessText Chapter 35 Is there any problem with Gui Yanye¡¯s bento?
Text Chapter 36 Another fallen personText Introduction to the characters of Chaos (will be updated continuously)Text Chapter 37 It looks like a date?Text Chapter 38 It seems to be getting messier. . .
Text Chapter 39: Heavenly Punishment? ! Mu Yi¡¯s big crisis!Text Chapter 40 The crisis is approachingText Battle (complaint, trial version)Text Chapter 41 It seems safe. . .
Text Battle (2nd version after being seen by Soul Yaoming)Text 42 10 billion? !Text 43 The final endingText Chapter 44 The plot finally begins
Text Chapter 45: Surrounded by luck and misfortuneText Chapter 46 The reason why master and disciple do not recognize each otherText Chapter 47 You are not an idiot. . .Text Chapter 48 The good guy card finally appears
Text Chapter 49 How would you choose?Text Chapter 50 Simple happiness. . .Text Chapter 51 Big trouble is coming again.Text Chapter 52: He still ran away. . .
Text About Chapter 51   
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