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Text About Chapter 51

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    Probably because the crackdown has recently started again, and my chapter 51 probably went too far because I wrote the word "kiss" (harmony).  My chapter 51 may have been directly harmonized by Qidian.  Now I will post the content again.  If this one is also harmonious, there is nothing I can do about it.  .  .  .  .  Fortunately, I left the manuscript behind. (Thinking casually.)

    Chapter 51

    "Here~, here are the washed clothes and today's lunch, please accept it." During the lunch break, Qianhe smiled and handed over a lunch box and a baggage.

    "Ah haha, I really bother you." He scratched his head in embarrassment.  As far as Chizuru is concerned, I am completely a useless man who is always being taken care of, which makes me feel very helpless.

    "Then I'll leave first, so I won't disturb your meal." Qianhe bowed to me and turned around to leave.

    Holding the lunch box and clothes in hand, when I was really ready to go to the rooftop to have a slow meal, bursts of cold air suddenly appeared behind me.

    ? ? Mechanically, after slowly turning his head, what he saw was.  .  .  Exuding black energy, the girls of Nanoha surrounded me in the corridor.

    "You guy you really never forget to cultivate relationships with other girls. Should we praise you for this? Mu! Yi!" Xing looked at me with a smile on her face, of course if  Not counting the dictionary in her hand that was almost filled with big holes, I wouldn't mind chatting with her.  but now.  .  .  My life is more important.

    "Umplease listen to my explanation, okay?" Braving a cold sweat, I tried to delay it for a while.  Why not say it is to relieve their anger?  Because I know that is absolutely impossible.  In their hearts, I'm afraid they've almost cut me into dozens of pieces.

    "Don't be wordy! Death penalty!" Without giving me any chance, Kasuga issued the death penalty order on behalf of the girls.

    "Stop joking! I don't want to die!" The corridor is blocked in three directions, so this is the only place!

    There was no time to unlock it, so he smashed the window in the corridor and jumped out.

    "No! I forgot that there are no manpower outside!" Seeing my behavior, she remembered that I was not a woman who could be measured by ordinary people's logic, and she suddenly exclaimed.  They all just wanted to catch me and take a good breath, completely forgetting to take precautions that I might successfully escape.

    Quickly ran to the window.  Seeing my fleeing back, the girls suddenly became angry and itched their teeth.

    "Does this guy think he can escape so easily? Shoko! Can you still feel where the guy is going?!" Haruhi asked unwillingly to another girl with long purple hair behind her.

    "Well over there." Xiangzi, who stood behind him demurely, nodded and ran downstairs.  You don¡¯t want to jump out of the window like me.  Although they don't care about the harm that distance may cause, but.  .  .  They are all wearing skirts.

    As I was escaping below, I felt the coldness around me that had not dissipated. I knew they would catch up, so the danger was not over yet.  They could only run desperately in one direction and pray that they would go back and rest when they were tired.

    After running for a long time, I felt that the cold air around me was getting colder and colder, and I was sweating more and more.  It seems that they have really decided to give me the death penalty today.

    "Where is it? No matter what! There is no other place to hide anyway!" Looking at the familiar cabin in front of me, I felt what my intuition told me. It was already surrounded by cold air from all directions. I didn't have anything else.  chosen.  I opened the door and ran straight in. They were all acquaintances anyway, so there was no need to be polite.

    "Huh? You guy actually" Yiwen, who was drinking tea, looked at me who suddenly ran in from the door and was about to lose his temper.

    "If you have anything to say, let's talk later! Lend me your villa for now!" After explaining to Yiwen, I hid directly in the villa, which made Yiwen feel confused for a while.

    "Excuse me!" Just when Yiwen was still confused, Kasuga's energetic voice came from the door.  It seems that she is completely unprepared to observe the so-called politeness.

    "Who are you? What's the matter with coming to my cabin?" Yiwen looked at Kasuga and the others with dissatisfied eyes. Her female intuition told her that these people in front of her were all her enemies.

    "Xiangzi, did that bastard Mu Yi just come here?" Kasuga completely ignored Yiwen's question and turned around to ask about Xiangzi.

    "Well, I feel like the one who disappeared near here is correct." Xiangzi nodded expressionlessly. It seemed that she was not in a good mood.

      "Hey! Answer my question first! What do you guys want to do when you come to my house!" Seeing that Haruhi and the others dared to ignore his questions, Yiwen's anger suddenly rose.

    "Little guy over there, you hid that guy Mu Yi, right? This regiment leader orders you to hand him over to me as soon as possible! Otherwise! Death penalty!" You haven't changed the habits of the previous world at all.  , Kasugao gave an order to Yiwen unceremoniously.

    "What did you say?!" Yiwen's anger suddenly became even greater when he heard that Kasuga dared to threaten him with the death penalty.

    "It has no effect? ??Does this little guy have anything to do with that bastard Mu Yi?" Haruhi saw that after hearing his declaration, he did not take any action at all. Instead, he began to look at his Yi with murderous eyes.  Wen suddenly felt angry.

    "Hey! What do you want to do!" Just as Yiwen and Haruhi were glaring at each other, Xiangzi walked directly past Yiwen.

    "Here." After being pulled by Yiwen, Xiangzi stood directly on the spot and pointed at the model-like 'villa', and said calmly.

    "Here? Are you saying that Mu Yi is inside this toy?" Haruhi, who also walked in, looked at the 'villa' and began to wonder.  Although she trusted Xiangzi's intuition, this small villa that looked like a model toy did not seem to have the ability to accommodate a person.

    Xiangzi did not speak, but nodded affirmatively. She believed that the intuition she had cultivated over the years (Muyi search system?) was absolutely correct.

    "But how to get this thing in?" Haruhi looked at the small 'villa' and started to have trouble.  Although I taught her the ¡®Word of God¡¯ and let her learn to use her ¡®power of hope¡¯ to do many incredible things, her knowledge of this kind of magic is still infinitely close to 0.

    "I said! What are you doing here!" Yiwen shouted angrily when he saw how Haruhi and the others were completely ignoring him.  If her magic power hadn't been sealed, and these girls exuded a strong sense of oppression, she would have started fighting with these guys.  When he thought about magic, Yiwen's resentment towards Naji increased again.

    "Okay, let's tell you, we are here to find that bastard Mu Yi." After Yiwen's continuous questioning, Haruhi finally answered Yiwen's question.  .  .  It feels so perfunctory.

    "Nonsense! I already knew you were here to find that guy Mu Yi! I'm asking who you are!" Seeing Haruhi's completely perfunctory attitude, Yiwen began to feel like sucking her blood dry.  Impulsive.

    "That bastard kidnapped me and ran away alone. Why do you think we were looking for him?" After saying the reason, the girls headed by Haruhi collectively began to exude black energy.

    "You mean, you were all abducted by that guy Mu Yi?" After hearing this, Yiwen lowered his head, and his body began to exude a black aura that was not weaker than that of the other girls.

    "UmI" Fite, who originally wanted to say that he was not kidnapped but came with me voluntarily, was about to say a few words for me when his mouth was immediately blocked by Nanoha and Hayate on the side.  .

    "Feite-chan~, this is not the time to speak for brother Mu Yi."

    "Well, it's time for Master to learn a lesson." After blocking Feit's mouth, Nanoha and Hayate pulled Feit behind and began to brainwash him.

    "But" Feit looked at the two friends beside him. Although he knew that they were doing it for his own good, Feit still felt a little uneasy.

    "Are you going to speak for that guy Mu Yi despite the anger of those people?" Naye omitted the word 'brother' and directly used 'that guy', and pointed to the side indicatively.  Black people.

    Fitt looked at the girls who were constantly exuding a terrifying black energy because of their resentment, and he didn't dare to say anything nice for me. He started to stand quietly beside Nanoha and the others and quietly watched the subsequent development of the matter.

    "Even if that guy Mu Yi abducted you, but you followed him back so stupidly, what should I say to you?" Although there was an urge to run and suck my blood immediately, Yi Wen  Still holding back the anger in his heart, he began to laugh at Haruhi and the others with contempt.

    "What did you say?!" Listening to Yiwen's mocking voice, Haruhi and the others also became angry.

    "Speaking of which, what's the status of your relationship with him? I've lived with him for several years." Yiwen chuckled and covered his mouth gracefully, looking at him with contemptuous eyes.The girls in front of me got up.  In fact, she just wanted to test the relationship between the girls and me.

    "What's the point of living together! We have already kissed." Haruhi also looked at Yiwen with a contemptuous smile.  But if you pay attention, you can find a bunch of intersections appearing above her and Yiwen's heads instantly.

    "Feite-chan, where are you and Brother Muyi now?" Inexplicably, the girls started discussing other issues at the same time because of their fighting spirit, and even temporarily forgot about the matter of finding me.  .

    "Eh?! It's nothing! It's just a matter of holding hands" Seeing Naye's meaningful smile, Feite waved at Naye in panic, but his little face kept turning red.  It was burning, and there were signs of smoke coming out.

    "Really, Fit-chan? Then why is your face so red?" Seeing Fit's panic, Hayate started to join in the fun and hugged Fit's neck from behind.  After that, he started to torture Feite with an ambiguous look.

    "Speaking of which, Tomoyo, where have you and that guy reached?" After Xing thought for a while, she turned to ask Tomoyo, the only one who came to this world with her.

    "I just went to the amusement park a few timesKiss has never experienced anything" After thinking about it for a while, Tomoyo began to feel lost.

    "Really?" After a little comparison, Xingdun felt much more comfortable.  Although I have only kissed a few times, it is at least better than Tomoyo's situation.

    Shoko looked at Himeji Mizuki behind her, as if she thought of some bad memory, and the black energy on her body became even more intense.

    "Hey you are looking for that guy Mu Yi, right?" Yi Wen asked in a low voice after hearing the girls' confessions.

    "Now, I will take you to find him"
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