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Volume 3 Going Home Chapter 588 Utopia (Finale)

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    Chapter 588 Utopia (Finale)

    Everyone is here in the bright ward.

    The eldest brother, Niufang, brought two children. There was no pain on his face, only a more mature emotion. Loving these two children was equivalent to loving the person who left.

    The third child Liu Xiaobin, the fourth child Yangyu, Ji Tielan, Ouyang Xiu and Qin Xiaoyuan looked at each other, but they didn't know what to say. This was a kind of exhaustion after experiencing life and death, so exhausted that even talking felt tired.  But even without saying anything, that kind of sincere and sincere feeling can already make everyone understand what the other person is thinking.

    At noon, Du Qihuang and Li Shuhua came to see their son and brought lunch for Yiyi and Yaya.  Illya refused to leave the ward, so the most the little devil could do was run out to vent his anger and then come back to pester Illya.  So Li Shuhua brought them three meals a day and checked on Du Fei at any time.

    Li Shuhua took the two little girls to eat next door. After Du Qihuang saw his son, he went to work. Human order was restored and the transition from military technology to civilian technology began. Biomedical research work still needs to be busy.

    The boss and others gathered around the hospital bed in silence.

    After a long time, the third child looked at the sleepy Du Fei and said slowly: "I don't know when the second boss will wake up. Those losers from the federal government are all trying to take credit and want to rule the world."

    "If it were before, I would definitely kill those losers." The boss helped the two little guys running around and took off his shirt. He has become a kind father, doubling his efforts for his beloved wife who left.  Loving two children.

    "The second brother's idea should be not to initiate a war. When he wakes up, everything will be solved." The fourth child rarely expressed his opinion.  Although the fourth child talks little, he is thoughtful and understands Du Fei very well.

    "To put it bluntly, it's not cruel enough, but enough bloodshed and sacrifices have been made. If we continue to kill each other for a little bit of dispensable power, it would be really stupid." Lao San shrugged.  Indeed, when they reached their current position, they had already made clouds and rain with their hands, and there was nothing they could not gain.  Are you going to inform all mankind again?  Isn't this uncomfortable?

    Only those who are unhappy and incompetent want to make their existence known to the world.  If you have the ability to walk on the surface of the sun, who cares if a few mediocre people know about it?  World domination is just an idea for a weakling who is struggling to survive.

    "But it seems that the second boss is not awake yet, and another war has already started." The third child nuzzled in the direction of Ji Tielan's three daughters.

    The boss smiled sarcastically, picked up the two little ones in each hand, and strode outside. As he walked, he said, "I can't do anything about this kind of war that life cannot bear. I'd better go home and nurse the children."

    The fourth child saw that he shouldn¡¯t stay here and left too.

    "You're right, I want to go back and start the human-creation campaign as soon as possible." The third child said as he walked out and turned to look at Ji Tielan and the other three girls. He felt that he should help Du Fei, so he joked with a playful smile, "I suggest that you also  Those who can empathize with each other should quickly empathize with each other. Those who can't, quickly separate them. We are all brothers and sisters. We have come through life and death. If anyone is allowed to die alone again, Qingdeng Ancient Buddha will be dead.  After a lifetime, other people will be sad to see it, right? But you have to be careful, the second boss might never wake up"

    Ouyang Xiu couldn't hide her temper. She grabbed a cup and threw it at the third child, cursing: "Get out! I don't need you to worry about me being an old girl for the rest of my life."

    The third child gave a strange laugh and slipped away.

    Ji Tielan, Ouyang Xiu and Qin Xiaoyuan looked at each other. They all knew what it meant, but their hearts were in a mess.

    Ouyang Xiu couldn't stand the stalemate atmosphere, took a deep breath and chased the two people away. He closed his eyes and shouted: "Do whatever you want, find someone to marry and live a good life. If Du Fei can't wake up, I will  This is my decision to be an old girl for the rest of my life."

    Ji Tielan and Qin Xiaoyuan didn't know how to respond and remained silent.

    Qin Xiaoyuan lowered her head and held it in for a long time before saying: "Then I will be an old girl with you. There is no one better than my brother in this world."

    "I just want to wait for him to wake up and don't think about anything else." Ji Tielan looked at Du Fei quietly and said leisurely.

    "No, when you say that, I feel that you are several levels higher than me. What I just said doesn't count. Let's do it again" Ouyang Xiu said unconvinced after hearing Ji Tielan's words.

    "Stop making trouble, come to the bowl quickly No, help me up quickly." Du Fei suddenly opened his eyes and said.

    "Ah ha, you bad guy turned out to be pretending to sleep and eavesdropping on our conversation." Ouyang Xiu rolled up his sleeves and wanted to go up and beat Du Fei.

    ¡°I really can¡¯t move my limbs and my limbs are numb.¡±??Hel me up first.  "Du Fei said again.

    The three girls heard that Du Fei really couldn't move, and hurriedly stepped forward to help him up.

    Du Fei held the hands of the three women and said, "Don't argue, I like them all. Sleeping together should be very exciting."

    "It's a beautiful idea, you bad boy." Ouyang Xiu glared and cursed.

    "That's fine, as long as you don't drive me away, anything will be fine." Qin Xiaoyuan said happily, hugging Du Fei's arm.

    "I am satisfied to have such a day." Ji Tielan said, holding Du Fei's hand tightly with his fingers.

    Du Fei looked at Ouyang Xiu and said, "Okay, you're the only one left. Anyway, you are fierce, greedy, and cunning, and not gentle enough. Then you can go and don't disturb us."

    "What a beautiful idea. I've taken away almost all the first time. Now you want to be irresponsible? You are mine now. I don't care. We will have a wedding tonight." Ouyang Xiu said with eyes wide open.

    "Go away, go away He is mine, you are not allowed to snatch it." Yaya suddenly jumped onto the bed with a "whoosh" sound, shouting while pushing the three girls.

    Du Fei reached out and pinched the little devil's pink cheeks on both sides, and asked: "When did I become yours again?"

    "You belong to my sister, and my sister is mine, so you are mine too." Yaya also reached out to pinch Du Fei's face and said confidently.

    When Ilia found out that Du Fei had woken up, she ran in excitedly, threw herself into Du Fei's arms, put her arms around Du Fei's neck, pursed her lips and kissed Du Fei on the face.


    After Du Fei's body fully recovered, he slid along the meridian magnetic field, flew to the South Pole, and took out Queres's spiritual box.

    He respectfully held the spiritual box and flew to the moon. He stood in the large pit that Yan Dingtian had exploded, looking at a small moon-white flower blooming in the deepest part. He dug a hole and buried the spiritual box.

    The roots of the small moon-white flower grow towards the spirit box and wrap it up. The nearby earth and rocks gather to bury the Kira Flower and Queres's spirit box.

    After completing his promise to Quires, Du Fei returned to Earth and erected a tall tombstone on the rising continent of the southern Atlantic Ocean. He engraved the names of the heroes who died for mankind on the tombstone to record the souls of each passing hero.  .

    Yan Dingtian and other densely packed names are engraved on the stone tablet. Each name is a piece of tragic history. Maybe time will forget them, but Du Fei will always remember it and keep it in his heart.

    Many people, familiar and unfamiliar, came to this tombstone, looked at the names on it, and prayed silently.  It is precisely because these people died that more people lived.

    Du Fei and his family stood in front of the tombstone to pay homage to the departed heroes.

    Then build a magnificent temple in front of the tombstone, enshrine the way of sublimation on the temple, radiate the light of the soul, and allow grateful humans to establish spiritual links.

    Du Fei easily "convinced" all ambitious humans to establish a new human civilization and no longer use the concept of country because it is too narrow.

    Under the spiritual link of the sublimation path, human beings can feel collective joy and sorrow, and their hearts are connected together, and no one will hurt others.  With common sorrow and joy, society will not be so indifferent. Everyone is willing to help the old lady and is not afraid of being blackmailed.  Because to blackmail others is to blackmail yourself.

    ??The soul connection is the only answer to Utopia.

    After establishing a new human civilization, Du Fei analyzed the technology hidden in the Xel'Naga Star, allowing the technology of human civilization to rapidly leap forward and move towards a higher level of Xel'Naga civilization.


    (End of book)
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