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Doomsday Exchange Master

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Doomsday Exchange MasterBrief introduction:

The end of the world, zombies, λ-driver exchange system, awakened people, source abilities, alien species, high-tech weapons, these are almost all in this book, if you add a few loving ladies and lolita.
Du Fei struggled in the apocalypse for nine years. He was alive for three years and dead for the next six years.  After death, he became a god. He could destroy a city with a wave of his hand, but he couldn't help himself and was controlled by others.
When the light of the natural art of reincarnation fell on him, he was reborn and returned to the day when the end of the world came...
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The?Golden Finger smashed the actor on the head?  Then go grab it back, that's what Du Fei did.
He has a vicious reputation, which is "when a cheap person comes from the south, corpses will fly from the sky".
He has a [Sharingan] and holds a [Wind Sword], and is nicknamed "Magneto".
His bad friend said: "Will you die if you are not so awesome sometimes? Leave a way for us bachelors to survive!"
His enemy said: "He is stronger than the legend. Whether you believe it or not, I don't believe it anyway. You have seen the result."
The rest of the interesting harem stories are restricted content, please make up your own mind.

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