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Slam Dunk’s Data Career Latest chapter update list


Works related 2 updates today.Related works: A small explosion today, there will be another update in the eveningWorks related to Mitsui's bug.Works related About suspension.
Original model Rukawa Kaede - JordanModel Original Fairy Road - Tracy McGradyOriginal model Akagi - EwingOriginal model Miyagi - Boggs
Original model of Kimetsu nobubu - John PaxsonOriginal model Hisashi Mitsui - Reggie MillerEquipment area Allen sneakers - answer 10Equipment Area Chapter 1 Prototype Mode
Equipment Area Chapter 2 B-Level Skills Great ShiftEquipment Area Chapter 3 ShootingEquipment Area Chapter 3: Discovering MarksmenEquipment Area Chapter 4 This is the Thornhead Trio 1
Equipment Area Chapter 5 This is the Thornhead Trio 2Equipment Area Chapter 6 I Hate PerfectionEquipment Area Chapter 7 A Bad First DayEquipment Area Chapter 8 Ayako Inoue
Equipment Area Chapter 9 QuestionsEquipment Area Chapter 10 Knocking down MaedaEquipment Area Chapter 11 Coach AnxiEquipment Area Chapter 12 Competition 1
Equipment Area Chapter 13 Competition 2Equipment Area Chapter 14 Competition 3 (Revision)装备区 第十五章 这就是艾伦Equipment Area Chapter 16 Speed ??and Power
Equipment Area Chapter 17: Always use your sword when encountering an enemyEquipment Area Chapter 18 Miyagi’s Wonderful StoryEquipment Area Chapter 19 Perfect KillEquipment Area Chapter 20 Allen becomes stronger
Equipment Area Chapter 21 Haruko Akagi 1Equipment Area Chapter 22 Haruko Akagi 2Equipment Area Chapter 23 Haruko Akagi 3Equipment Area Chapter 24 The first encounter between the two
Equipment Area Chapter 25 The first encounter between two people 2Equipment Area Chapter 26 The first encounter between the two 3Equipment Area Chapter 27 PreludeEquipment Area Chapter 28 Amazing Skills
Equipment Area Chapter 29 Feng Chui Hongren’s Playing StyleEquipment Area Chapter 30 Akagi’s Dominance 1Equipment Area Chapter 31 Akagi’s Dominance 2Equipment Area Chapter 32 Big Score Lead (Second Update)
Equipment Area Chapter 33 IntermissionEquipment Area Chapter 34 Miyagi Shows His PowerEquipment Area Chapter 35 Allen’s DunkEquipment Area Chapter 36 Defeat Buri
Equipment Area Chapter 37 After the GameEquipment Area Chapter 38 Conflict with Mitsui Hisashi 1Equipment Area Chapter 39 Conflict with Mitsui Hisashi 2Equipment Area Chapter 40: Conflict with Mitsui Hisashi 3 The second update is here!
Equipment Area Chapter 41 Mitsui HisashiEquipment Area Chapter 42 Meeting Haruko AgainEquipment Area Chapter 43 A Visit to Akagi House 1Equipment Area Chapter 44 A Visit to Akagi House 2
Equipment Area Chapter 45 ‘The Man of Flame’ Hisashi Mitsui 1 (Revised)Equipment Area Chapter 46 ‘The Man of Flame’ Hisashi Mitsui 2Equipment Area Chapter 47 Rush Mitsui 1Equipment Area Chapter 48 Rush Mitsui 2 (Second update)
Equipment Area Chapter 49 Rush Mitsui 3Equipment Area Chapter 1 Grouping of CompetitionCounty Competition Chapter 2 Battle against Wuyuan 1County Competition Chapter 3 Battle against Wuyuan 3
County Competition Chapter 4 Allen’s PerformanceCounty Competition Chapter 5: Capture the Martial Arts GardenCounty Contest Chapter 6: Unparalleled TwinsCounty Contest Chapter 7 Popular Allen
County Competition Chapter 9 Akira SendōCounty Competition Chapter 9 The Gorgeous Performance of Immortality 1County Competition Chapter 10 The Gorgeous Performance of Immortality 2County Competition Chapter 11 Taoka’s Ambition 1
County Competition Chapter 12 Tian Gang’s Ambition 2 (Two updates!)County Competition Chapter 13 Tian Gang’s Ambition 3County Competition Chapter 14: Tian Gang’s Ambition 4 (Two more updates!)County Competition Chapter 15 Taoka’s Ambition 5
County Competition Chapter 16 Mari KawaiCounty Competition Chapter 17 Allen’s Gorgeous GoalCounty Competition Chapter 18 Thorny AllenCounty Competition Chapter 19 Enter the Dragon and Tiger 1
County Competition Chapter 20 Enter the Dragon and Tiger 2County Competition Chapter 21 Enter the Dragon and Tiger 3County Competition Chapter 22 Enter the Dragon and Tiger 4County Competition Chapter 23 Enter the Dragon and Tiger 5
County Competition Chapter 24: Battle to the Death 1County Competition Chapter 25: Battle to the Death 2County Competition Chapter 26 Amazing SkillsCounty Competition Chapter 27 Amazing Skills 2
County Competition Chapter 28 Tug of War 1County Competition Chapter 29 Tug of War 2County Competition Chapter 30 HalftimeCounty Competition Chapter 31: Chasing the Victory 1
County Competition Chapter 32: Chasing the Victory 2   
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