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County Competition Chapter 32: Chasing the Victory 2

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    Piao Tianwen At this time, the score between the two teams gradually became closer.  Xiangyang paid too much attention to the abilities of Allen and Mitsui and ignored the importance of the inside. Whenever Allen or Mitsui got the ball, they would unconsciously focus on them, and it is precisely because of this.  Inside, Akagi and Maeda Gen easily succeeded many times.

    On the other side, Mitsui still seemed to be able to face Hasegawa's nubuck defense with ease. He fully demonstrated the strength that an MVP should have.  []

    "Mitsui Hisashi, I want to stop you!"

    Mitsui said: "You want to stop me?! Just because you are not qualified."

    "In this game, my goal is to block your three-pointers. I don't care about the rest!" Hasegawa ignored Mitsui's words.

    The ball was passed to Mitsui, who immediately put on a triple-threat posture to face Hasegawa, and sneered: "Aren't you going to block my three-pointer? Now I am going to use a three-pointer to score. If you can block it,  If you want to live here, let¡¯s give it a try.¡± As soon as he finished speaking, Mitsui Shou immediately jumped up and assumed a posture that was as graceful, smooth and standard as a textbook.

    ¡®Damn it, you didn¡¯t even make a fake move!  Hasegawa felt angry, and he jumped up with all his strength, and slapped directly towards the basketball cap in Mitsui's hand, but Mitsui was superior, and his shot was faster than Hasegawa's hand.  , the basketball drew a perfect parabola directly in the air, and then plunged into the basket, but Hasegawa's hand missed.

    The flame man arrogantly glanced at Hasegawa, who was silent and had a little loss on his face, and said: "I have mistakes to make up for, reasons why I can't lose, and dreams I made at the beginning that have not yet been completed. In  Before this, I would not give up easily, so I will continue to score and score. No matter who stands in front of me, I will try my best to defeat him!"

    After Mitsui finished speaking, he turned around and ran back to his own half, leaving Hasegawa looking at him in astonishment

    After Mitsui scored the goal, high-decibel cheers suddenly erupted in the arena, and the emotions of most of the audience reached their climax in an instant.

    Because, after this three-pointer.  Xiangbei finally surpassed Xiangyang!

    77 to 78!

    Xiangyang, who had always been in the lead, finally started to panic at this moment!

    Fujima immediately felt bad and called a timeout!

    Mu Shen looked at Fujima in the Xiangyang rest area and said, "Xiangbei finally caught up with the score, Fujima, what are you going to do?"

    "It is necessary for Xiangyang to call a timeout. The inside and outside lines were beaten repeatedly, and morale was affected. If we did not call a timeout, maybe Xiangbei would have led by more points!" Tian Gang, the coach of the Lingnan team, mused: "Last year, it was unknown.  Shohoku, I didn¡¯t expect to become so strong this year. The fearless Allen, the persistent Mitsui and the immature but promising Miyagi Ryota, with their addition, Shohoku has become completely new. If we play against them in the next game  Xiangbei, we in Lingnan must be extremely careful!"

    In the Xiangbei rest area, everyone looked happy.

    "Ai, Allen, give it!"

    When Yasuda saw Allen coming, he quickly handed the towel and water in his hand to Allen.

    He did this without any complaints because he was doing it for the people he admired.  He felt proud to do this.  Strong people can be admired by others even if they don't show it deliberately, just like Allen.

    Allen took the towel and wiped the sweat randomly.  Then he took the water unceremoniously and drank it in big gulps: "Thank you!"

    "Ai, Allen. We must win!"

    Yasuda looked at Allen excitedly, his eyes full of admiration and envy, and his voice stuttered because he was too excited.  It's not just him, but many first-year students are like this. Although they are both in the same first-year class, Allen has accomplished what they have not done.

    Coach Anzai patted Mitsui on the shoulder, nodded and said, "Well done, Mitsui! Keep working hard!" After being recognized by Coach Anzai, who respected him like a god, Mitsui was extremely moved.  Words: "Yes! Coach Anzai!"

    "Miyagi, come on, don't hold everyone back!" Ayako patted Miyagi's shoulder energetically and vigorously.  Although Miyagi grimaced in pain, but because the person photographing him was Caizi, his eyes immediately turned red and he fainted: "Haha, it hurts, Caizi~~!"

    After Coach Anxi called everyone together, he asked with some profound meaning: "Do you still remember what I told you during the first timeout?"

    Everyone was stunned for a moment, then subconsciously blurted out: "We are strong!!!"

    Coach Anxi smiled cheerfully: "Ha??Haha~!  Okay, let¡¯s just hold this idea in mind and defeat Xiangyang!  "


    In the rest area over at Xiangyang, everyone's expressions became more and more solemn, and a heavy atmosphere spread.  They were leading by 11 points at the beginning, but now they are overtaken by one point. How can they be happy?

    Fujizama stared at Xiangbei for a long time, his eyes swept over each player's body, looking at the fighting spirit on everyone's face, and a thought suddenly flashed through his mind for no reason:

    ¡®Whether it¡¯s Allen, Akagi, Mitsui, Miyagi and Maeda Gen, each of them is very strong. After that first-year Allen finished that dragon, they became different!  Can I defeat them?  Can Xiang Yang defeat it?  ¡¯

    After the timeout, the game continues.

    With Xiangyang¡¯s possession of the ball, Hanata replaced the demoralized Minami.

    After being hit by Allen¡¯s one-man dunk, Minamida¡¯s morale has been low throughout the game. He was succeeded in singles by Akagi one after another. Fujima had no choice but to replace this senior.  Hanagata, a flexible center, will play in place of Minamida. I hope Hanagata can use his flexibility to overcome strength with softness and control Akagi in the paint.  Fujima said sincerely: 'Damn it, Shohoku's captain Akagi has already grabbed 19 rebounds, yet he actually grabbed so many important rebounds.  And there are still 18 points recorded.  If you want to defeat Shohoku now, you can't do it without controlling Akagi first!  Hanagata, whether Xiangyang can defeat Xiangbei now depends on you.  ¡¯

    Fujima dribbled the ball past half-court, then ignored Miyagi's height and passed the ball to Hanagata inside with a lob.

    Fujima has faith in Hanagata. He has the best relationship with Hanagata in Xiangyang. Although the score is one point behind, he still chooses to trust Hanagata.

    Fujima shouted to Hanagata: "Hanagata, come on! You have to defeat Akagi!"

    Hanagata received the ball with his back to Akagi.  Hearing Tengzhen shouting to himself, the fire in his heart was already burning, 'I can't let Tengzhen down.  We at Xiangyang must enter the national competition again this time.  We absolutely cannot lose to Xiangbei!  ¡¯


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