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global biohazard Latest chapter update list


Text Chapter 1 The Eve of YinhuoText Chapter 2 Fear ComesText Chapter 3 The Spread of DeathText Chapter 4 Special Survivors
Text Chapter 5 Mutation or EvolutionText Chapter 6 Human NatureText Chapter 7 BlockadeText Chapter 8 The Crisis of Tranquility
Text Chapter 9 The Rational SurvivorText Chapter 10 Just for SurvivalText Chapter 11 HeroineText Chapter 12 Waste
Text Chapter 13 Moving forwardText Chapter 14 Bloody BattleText Chapter 15 Gas StationText Chapter 16 Relaxation Behind the Gun
Text Chapter 17 Automobile Factory GroupText Chapter 18 CannibalismText Chapter 19 Zombie GroupText Chapter 20 Love in the End of the World
Text Chapter 21 The so-called conquestText Chapter 22 Armed TransformationText Chapter 23 Another journeyText Chapter 24 The Danger in the Tide of Corpses
Text Chapter 25 ShockText Chapter 26 The Wind RisesText Chapter 27 Cloud surgeText About these days
Text Chapter 28 Yongyang MallText Chapter 29 The Eve of MutationText Chapter 30 Blood-stained BaseText Chapter 31 Death Cry
Text Chapter 32 The atmosphere of despairText Chapter 33 FlameText Chapter 34 Flash ThoughtsText Chapter 35 Ambition
Text Chapter 36: Disabling Mind PowerText Chapter 37 Today¡¯s World (Part 1)Text Chapter 38 Today¡¯s World (Part 2)Text Chapter 39 Today¡¯s World (Part 2)
Text Chapter 40 RuizhiText Chapter 41 RoadText Chapter 42 Base No. 1Text Chapter 43 High Pressure Measures
Text Chapter 44 Heart¡¯s HopeText Chapter 45 The Authority of the BaseText Chapter 46 New SystemText Chapter 47 Elite Special Operations Group
Text Chapter 48 Supermarket RescueText Chapter 49 National TasksText Chapter 50 CrisisText Chapter 51 The Moment of Life and Death
Text Chapter 52 Escape after the disasterText Chapter 53 Old FriendText Chapter 54 Farewell to the PastText Chapter 55 Soldiers
Text Chapter 56 The government dispatches personnelText Chapter 57: Great increase in personnelText Chapter 58 A first look at the differencesText Chapter 59: Struggle for Power
Text Chapter 60 The surging voidText Chapter 61 DefeatText Chapter 62 The undercurrent is surgingText Chapter 63 Deterrence
Text Chapter 64: Retaking control of the baseText Chapter 65 Reorganizing the BaseText Chapter 66: Rare RelaxationText Chapter 67 Drunk
Text Chapter 68 Mental PowerText Chapter 69 ChoiceText Chapter 70 UntitledText Chapter 71 Food
Text Chapter 72 A sudden turn of eventsText Chapter 73 Unprecedented changesText Chapter 74 Drastic changesText Chapter 75 Starting over
Text Chapter 76 PhantomText Chapter 77 Yan LinText Chapter 78 The waiting temporary residenceText Chapter 79 Living with a Beauty
Text Chapter 80 Awakening from DreamText Chapter 81 Tomb of Heroes of Wenwen TownshipText Chapter 82 Tenderness in the End of the WorldText Chapter 83: Experience in beauties
Text Chapter 84 A powerful mountText Chapter 85 Human Base in the MountainsText Chapter 86 A new worldText Chapter 87: Then and Today (Part 1)
Text Chapter 88: Then and Today (Part 2)Text Chapter 89: Then and Today (Part 2)Text Chapter 90 Before CooperationText Chapter 91 Discussion
Text Chapter 92: Temporarily Return to the BaseText Chapter 93 Obtaining SuppliesText Chapter 94 Dr. GongText Chapter 95 Human Hope¡ªInstitute of Science
Text Chapter 96 A grand plan for the world on paperText Chapter 97 From now on, fearless in fighting close enemiesText Chapter 98 The Speeding TrainText Chapter 99 Food?
Text Chapter 100 A flash of thoughtText Chapter 101 The Iron-Blooded OrderText Chapter 102 The wind and the remaining cloudsText Chapter 103 The Battle of Suppression
Text Chapter 104 Blood-stained killing spreeText Chapter 105 Finally Returning to BaseText Chapter 106: Continuous WarText Chapter 107 Bullets have no mercy but lovers have love
Text Chapter 108: The overall situation comes firstText Chapter 109 Prelude to the BattleText Chapter 110 BlitzText Chapter 111 The Burning Road
Text Chapter 112 The war is temporarily overText Chapter 113 Water and FireText Chapter 114 The Eve of RestText Chapter 115 Let the mind feel comfortable
Text Chapter 116 The first stepText Chapter 117 Getting on the Right TrackText Chapter 118 Let the Bullets FlyText Chapter 119 Solving the Food Problem
Text Chapter 120 Preliminary ConstructionText Chapter 121 What to doText Chapter 122 Dressing upText Chapter 123 Ready to go
Text Chapter 124: Being taught before the battleText Chapter 125 The bloody battle in YongyangText Chapter 126 Small ShipyardText Chapter 127 Moving into Yongyang Town
Text Chapter 128 Cannons and ChariotsText Chapter 129 Rescue OperationText Chapter 130 Under the NightText Chapter 131 Armored Train
Text Chapter 132 The Second Rescue LineText Chapter 133 New CharactersText Chapter 134 Initial FormationText Chapter 135 Meeting
Text Chapter 136 The breeze blows by the riverText Chapter 137 Drunk on the knees of a beautiful womanText Chapter 138 Women¡¯s BattlefieldText Chapter 139 Wake up drunk
Text Chapter 140 The Song of Separation OvernightText Chapter 141 The Arrow Leaving the StringText Chapter 142 Calm downText Chapter 143 Second Regiment
Text Chapter 144 VoidText Chapter 145 IncentiveText Chapter 146 Training his troopsText Chapter 147 The Righteousness of Survival
Text Chapter 148 ShockingText Chapter 149 Set foot on Yulin Mountain againText Chapter 150 New forcesText Chapter 151 The Future
Text Chapter 152 PreparationText Chapter 153 DepartureText Chapter 154 BattlefieldText Chapter 155 In an instant
Text Chapter 156 KillingText Chapter 157 The Crossroads of LifeText Chapter 158 The ignorant are fearlessText Chapter 159 Great increase in personnel
Text Chapter 160 Weapons and EquipmentText Chapter 161 Pressure from the ArmyText Chapter 162 ExpansionText Chapter 163 Water Base
Text Chapter 164 On the IslandText Chapter 165 The dazzling style returnsText Chapter 166 Base Office (Part 1)Text Chapter 167 Base Office (Part 2)
Text Chapter 168 Base Office (Part 2)Text Chapter 169: Game of the World - Layout, the Game of the WiseText Chapter 170 WaterwaysText Chapter 171 Land
Text Chapter 172 National Defense Material Reserve MarketText Chapter 173 National TasksText Chapter 174 The precursor to counterattackText Chapter 175 Military Parade
Text Chapter 176 Smoke spreadsText Chapter 177 Smile at lifeText Chapter 178 A glass of wine releases military powerText Chapter 179 Sad Dream
Text Chapter 180 Dreamlike Shadow   
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