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Text Chapter 180 Dreamlike Shadow

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    Zhang Zhen covered his forehead with his hand and rubbed it vigorously a few times, but felt that his palms and forehead were covered with sweat. He rubbed his eyes, looked at Fei Xue and said, "Fortunately, it's just a dream."

    "Dream?" Fei Xue put her delicate hand on Zhang Zhen's arm, felt water stains on her hand, and asked softly: "Did you have a nightmare?"

    "Yeah." Zhang Zhen shook his head, recalling the plot of the dream, sighed and said to Fei Xue: "I actually dreamed that they no longer looked down on me, and wanted to kill them all. Finally, I was taken to the laboratory for permanent incubation.  White rat." As he spoke, Zhang Zhen's eyes shone brightly, his body floated slightly, the quilt fell off automatically, and all the sweat from his body flowed to his right palm in violation of the laws of physics.

    The silver light grew stronger, and the sweat that flowed into the palm of his hand was as big as a ping pong ball, changing in Zhang Zhen's hand as his mind power fluctuated.

    "It's okay, husband, it's just a dream." Feixue leaned on Zhang Zhen and said softly to Zhang Zhen: "This kind of thing won't happen, unless they all want to be dead."

    Zhang Zhen threw away the sweat in his hands, fell on the bed, took a deep breath, and loosened his hands weakly.  She did not answer Fei Xue's words, but said with a smile to herself: "Now that I think about all the things in the past, it really seems to be a fucking dream. Looking back, I feel like I am dreaming. It can't be from now on.  When the biohazard broke out, I just kept dreaming."

    "Husband?" After hearing this, Fei Xue felt that Zhang Zhen might be a little mentally disturbed because he suddenly lost his power, so she quickly said: "Please touch me and see, it's definitely not a dream Otherwise, I will order the special team now  Get rid of all those people and deal with the rest later.¡±

    "Honey, farewell, I'm just talking casually." Zhang Zhen sighed, he was indeed a common person, any consideration of the overall situation, any deep understanding of righteousness, it was all nonsense, he knew that he still felt a sense of loss that he couldn't stop.

    "Husband, what about you" Feixue looked at Zhang Zhen with worry in her eyes.

    "It's okay." Zhang Zhen thought for a while and laughed at himself: "I guess I'm just like the time when I was about to graduate, confused and at a loss I'll just get used to it after a while."

    "Yeah." After hearing this, Feixue leaned on Zhang Zhen's shoulder and said softly: "No matter what, you still have me."

    "Yes, I will always have you!" Zhang Zhen felt relieved, turned around and hugged Fei Xue and said, "Good wife, let's go on to sleep."


    Someone¡¯s melancholy is not enough to affect the weather. The sun still shines on the earth the next day.  In the season approaching winter, Zhang Zhen and Fei Xue have a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy their normal life, traveling around the mountains and rivers together.

    Zhang Zhen no longer needs to intervene in various government affairs in the base. All arrangements are directly coordinated by the Provincial Provisional Government.  The former base office has also been renamed Yongyang Town Government. Most of the office staff there have become 'civil servants', and their positions and titles are uniformly appointed by the government.

    Zhang Zhen no longer needs to worry about the military dispatch in the base. All combatants in each regiment have been reorganized and reorganized by the military region.  The war that was exploding in the distance was also far away from Zhang Zhen's life.

    The trains are still speeding on the railway, and the boats are still breaking the waves in the river.  Everyone in the base knew that Zhang Zhen had returned power to the government, and had also brought about a series of changes in the upper-level personnel of the Yongyang base, but what remained unchanged was their equally busy work.

    During the few days that Zhang Zhen and Fei Xue were enjoying themselves, the First Army arrived at the base, and after sweeping away the zombies in the two cities, they continued southward along the railway.  However, this has nothing to do with Zhang Zhen.

    During a drinking session with Li Hui and Xiang Tianming, Zhang Zhen learned that the world would change drastically.  The world's giants, the United States, the Republic of China, the European Union, and Russia, all covet the rich oil fields in the Middle East, which has led to irreconcilable diplomatic conflicts.  It is said that the four parties have sent troops to Egypt, Israel, Iran, Turkey and other countries these days when most cities in the country and the excess zombies have not been dealt with.

    Xiang Tianming said with a smile at that time.  Don't let World War III break out before all the zombies are killed.

    Of course, Zhang Zhen took this kind of thing as a pure joke.  Because it has nothing to do with him.

    A few days later, at another gathering of several old friends, Zhang Zhen learned again that history had changed dramatically.  It seems that several forces have reached an agreement and intend to form a cross-century Earth Federation.

    Li Hui, who used to read novels a lot, said at that time.  As expected, history is more damning than Piao Even though he has now officially joined the National Defense Forces of the Republic and seems to have become a school-level officer, he still looks like a half-soldier when he drinks and talks.

      After countless baptisms of blood, most of the cities in the province were liberated by the powerful human war machines.  At that time, the provincial government held a banquet and invited Zhang Zhen and Fei Xue.  During that meal and drink, Zhang Zhen vaguely learned that there are indeed aliens in this world. It seems that the global biological crisis is related to them (them). Then, the Federation integrated and transformed the space weapons on the earth.  Ready to fuck that alien.  Conduct one of the most difficult and epic outer space strikes

    Time passed by in such a blur, until one day, all kinds of 'authorities' that Zhang Zhen had suddenly disappeared, as if mankind's outer space attack had succeeded.  Fortunately, the power of thought has not disappeared.  When he has nothing to do, Zhang Zhen, who still possesses extremely abnormal powers, likes to hold Fei Xue and fly up to the sky, through the clouds, and experience the feeling of love from the gods.

    Almost three months later, Zhang Zhen and Fei Xue attended the wedding of Li Hui and Yan Lin. Li Hui, who had always been single, finally said goodbye to his record of zero love history Just as Fei Xue said at the beginning, what Yan Lin needed was safety.  feel¡­¡­

    At the same time as them, Xiang Tianming and Shen Hanxiang also got married, and then Lin Xu and Cheng Qian There were too many twists and turns of the love story in between, which Zhang Zhen could not know.  But what is certain is that the story must be exciting.  I will definitely ask them carefully in the future and let¡¯s gossip about it.

    As for Zhang Zhen, he still played around with Fei Xue. They often saw Cheng Lingfeng and Wang Xiaoya having fun, and saw Zheng Chi blushing and being teased by the two female high school students looking at the scenery in the world.

    (Complete book)


    A sudden crisis brought an ordinary man's honor.  I experienced various mental changes during this period, witnessed the transformation from danger to opportunity, completed the historical role in the crisis transition period, and finally exited the stage, feeling the changes around me with a normal heart I have finished expressing what I wanted to express.

    Life is like a dream, excitement is often accompanied by pain, joy is often accompanied by loss.  It seems that there is nothing left.  But what is left behind is the eternal memory.  Just like my own memory

    Once upon a time, I stopped updating for a few months because I couldn¡¯t quit my job.  Those book friends, such as Crybaby Pudding and May the Motherland Be Strong, disappeared and never appeared again.  There are just comments and conversations that are enough to make people nostalgic.  Of course, there is no need to say more about Steel Soul and W5, and there is no need to use words to describe anything.

    Finally, I would like to sincerely thank the friends who like this book. If it were not for your support, it would be difficult for me to write it down and fulfill one of my dreams.

    All I can say is, let¡¯s meet again after reading this book.  I also want to write the melody that never stops in my mind.
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