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Volume 2 Dragon Soaring Around the World Chapter 501 Rebirth of the Computer

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    Chapter 501 Reborn Computer

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Amidst the unbearable curses of the masked monk, Yueyue flew toward the Luo family's modification factory at lightning speed. At this moment, a black shadow passed by in front of him.

    Seeing the afterimage of the black shadow passing by, Liu Fei's heart skipped a beat. Looking at the afterimage like a black line, Liu Fei felt uneasy and immediately switched to the holographic screen. A dark alien appeared on the holographic screen.  .

    This is an alien that has evolved eyes, a pair of deep eyes with a hint of ferocity, and a golden line is looming on its abdomen.

    Advanced alien!

    At this time, the alien made a circuitous turn in the air and hovered in front of the right side of the modification factory. Around it were some low-level aliens flying aimlessly.

    What a smart alien!

    ¡°Obviously, this alien had foreseen Liu Fei¡¯s intention and actually ambush at the entrance of the modification factory.

    If you want to enter the modification factory safely, you can only kill this high-level alien first.

    Liu Fei's pupils shrank suddenly, and his hands were like smoke passing over the main control board. His hand speed reached the extreme. If anyone else watched at this time, they would be shocked. This is no longer a speed that humans can achieve, and it surpasses human speed.  limit.

    Crescent Moon didn¡¯t move, still flying at a constant speed, and there was no response to Liu Fei¡¯s input commands.

    Liu Fei was stunned for a moment. The holographic screen showed that the data was all normal. Without thinking, he jumped on the main control board with his hands and input instructions to the optical brain again.

    A strange scene appeared. The crescent moon was still flying at a constant speed, as if it was gliding according to its trajectory.

    Taxiing with a trajectory is the most dangerous flight, because it allows the enemy to predict and calculate the next step.

    The Crescent Moon is out of control!

    A dense layer of sweat appeared on Liu Fei's stern face.

    At this time, the high-level alien seemed to be aware of the strangeness of the alien, and kept hovering in the high air, looking like it was ready to move.

    Optical brain failure?

    Engine failure?

    Liu Fei started the self-test system of Yueyue. What surprised Liu Fei was that the optical brain showed that all the data was normal.

    As the saying goes, when the house leaks, it rains all night.

    Just when Liu Fei was in a state of panic, the eye-catching alien suddenly accelerated and hit the crescent moon like a black lightning. Behind it, there were hundreds of ordinary aliens connected in an array, like a black city wall.  As the high-level alien pressed behind him, a howling wind blew, the sound was extremely terrifying¡ª¡ª

    ¡°You idiot, please beg me, hehe¡ª¡± the masked monk suddenly appeared on the holographic screen and said with a sinister smile.

    Liu Fei glanced coldly at the masked monk on the holographic screen, and immediately understood that this guy was responsible. Without saying a word, he slowly took out the moonlight and bit it in his mouth.

    ¡°What are you going to do¡ª¡ª¡±

    The data on the holographic screen was refreshing like a waterfall.

    "The probability of bouncing is 98% - Damn, don't be so desperate, okay, I let you, I'm convinced - I'm fucking convinced - I'll give this old car back to you -"

    While the masked cartoon monk was cursing, the Crescent Moon engine suddenly accelerated and made a beautiful change of direction, changing the flight trajectory.

    Liu Fei regained control of Yueya.

    Liu Fei released his hand from the bounce button and breathed a long sigh of relief. His hands jumped quickly on the main control board. Immediately, the crescent moon shot towards the high-level alien that hit him like an arrow.  In the lightning flash of the collision, Crescent Moon's body rolled suddenly, avoiding a head-on collision with the alien. The magnetic chain saw on the left wing slashed across the alien's body, with extremely light movements, as if a dragonfly was touching water¡ª¡ª


    The gentle contact does not mean gentleness, but at this moment of contact, the magnetic chain saw showed its ferocious face. The high-level alien had disintegrated and turned into countless black fragments in the air.

    Immediately afterwards, the black "city wall" was already pressing over.

    ¡°Ah¡ª¡ª¡± At this critical moment, Xiao Qiao in the modification room let out a scream and covered his eyes, not daring to look.

    Not only Xiao Qiao¡¯s face turned pale, but everyone else¡¯s faces changed color.

    The holographic image shows that Crescent Moon flying at this time is probably completely covered by the black city wall, which means that Crescent Moon cannot escape.

    This is a dead end.

    No, this is not a dead end!

    Just when people were screaming, Crescent Moon, who was about to collide with the alien, suddenly made a terrifying and heart-stopping change of direction, and the entire car?A 360-degree reversal that made people's blood flow backwards.

    This abrupt 360-degree reversal made Yueya fly in the same direction as the overwhelming aliens. The connected aliens almost touched Yueya's tail, which was extremely thrilling.

    People breathed a long sigh of relief.

    With the speed of Crescent Moon, no alien can catch up with it.

    There are three minutes left.

    After three minutes, the steel gate will open.

    However, the next scene made people stunned, because after Yueya got rid of the formation of aliens, he actually returned and rushed towards the huge steel monster.

    People once again turned their attention to the steel monster, and saw that the huge steel monster was already covered in scars, with deep pits all over the body.  A harsh grinding sound.

    "Boy, you still have a conscience." The masked monk once again appeared on Yueya's holographic screen, with a look of great comfort on his face.

    "Do you know Xiaoqiang?" Liu Fei stared at the masked monk closely. He had a hunch that this monk must have some kind of connection with Xiaoqiang's optical brain.

    "Little bright light brain? Is it a computer?" The masked monk didn't seem to care about the current predicament, waving his thick and clumsy mechanical arms like he was chasing away flies.

    "Well, the optical brain is the computer." Liu Fei nodded.  Computers are just the name for optical brains in the Earth era. After the interstellar era, computers are called optical brains.

    "Light brain¡ª¡ªhehe¡ª¡ªI like¡ª¡ª"

    "answer me."

    "do not know."

    "Do you have a chip or something?" Liu Fei drove the Crescent Moon and circled around the steel monster, constantly hunting the aliens. The steel monster recovered and began to fight back accurately. The iron arms rotated like windmills, establishing a  A watertight line of defense, one far away and one close to the crescent moon, complement each other and appear to be at ease.

    "Chip - haha ??- I don't need the chip for a long time - child, let's go, I have been reborn, and no one in this world can stop me -" The masked monk spoke a little garbledly, and after a while, I  Xiao Na laughed for a while, and then, there was another burst of weird laughter.

    "Are you sure?" Liu Fei couldn't help but be stunned. This guy started to scream for help desperately, but now he is no longer needed, which feels a bit abnormal.

    "Can you take me away?" the masked monk said with a strange smile.

    "This-" Liu Fei hesitated, taking away this guy weighing hundreds of tons really gave him a headache.

    "Little guy, live well, I took the first step -"


    With a loud noise, the behemoth weighing hundreds of tons suddenly collapsed without any warning and lay motionless on the ground.


    Liu Fei yelled several times without any response. The huge steel monster seemed to have suddenly lost its life.

    What surprised Liu Fei was that the alien birds and beasts that attacked him dispersed.

    Could it be that the alien has sensed that it is dead?

    ¡°Beep, beep, beep¡ª¡± A rapid alarm sound woke up Liu Fei. It was a holographic call request.

    "Liu Fei, get out of there quickly, the aliens are forming an array." A frightened face appeared on Yueya's holographic screen, it was Xiao Qiao.

    The holographic screen was switched, and what appeared on the holographic screen was a huge black net, which was made up of countless alien-shaped hooks and connected arrays. It almost blocked the entire sky, and the layers upon layers pressed over it like a dark cloud cover.

    There are high-level aliens participating in the battle.

    Liu Fei's heart skipped a beat. He was very familiar with aliens. This web-forming combat method was aimed at small and flexible warships. Under normal circumstances, this combat method requires a high-level alien organization to form such a large-scale battle.  battle formation.

    Usually, this kind of battle formation is difficult to maintain for a long time, because it requires high-level aliens to send out brain waves to interfere with ordinary aliens, which is similar to a compulsive behavior.

    "In two minutes, we will open the steel gate and now the countdown will begin."

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