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Interstellar Jianghu

Interstellar Jianghu最新章节列表,Interstellar Jianghu全文阅读

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Interstellar JianghuBrief introduction:

In the vast interstellar era, a young man who grew up in a slum and dreamed of mechas, when he entered the dream, what greeted him was the magnificent interstellar world!
He not only has superb mecha fighting skills, but also has surgeon-like precise knife skills. He has turned killing into an art, and he can do it freely among millions of people, strolling around without a drop of blood,  One knife after another, flowing like clouds and flowing water, just like a stage art performance...
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      Interstellar Jianghulatest chapter:Volume 2 Dragon Soaring Around the World Chapter 501 Rebirth of the Computer

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