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The final volume of The Book of Girls' Contract - Completion Remarks

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    After finishing the book, I felt a sense of relief, which was a good feeling, so when I wrote this essay, I felt very relaxed, unlike writing the main text, which was tiring and scratching my head.

    From the upload of "Girls" on Qidian on April 5, 2011, to the completion of "Girls" today on April 4, 2013, it has been exactly two years and nearly 4.7 million words. Although there are many interruptions in the middle, the overall  For me, I should still work very hard, right?

    ItĄŻs been two years, the timing is very coincidental, and whatĄŻs even more coincidental is that today is also Tomb-Sweeping Day.  Someone in the author group teased me that "I will think of the Queen every time during the Qingming Festival", which feels very good There should be nothing wrong with it, right?

    During the two years of writing this book, I have experienced a lot of things, the biggest of which is: I went from a slender boy weighing 110 pounds two years ago to the big, foot-picking guy I am today all the time  I all have a wish, hoping that a rich woman can take care of a pretty boy like me, but now IĄŻm afraid there is no hope, sigh.

    LetĄŻs talk about this book. ItĄŻs finished anyway, so IĄŻll tell you some things that were hard to say before.  In fact, when I wrote this book, I was in a hurry, or very casually, with no outline or world view. Even at that time, my understanding of Gensokyo was limited to Oriental Scarlet Sky, and my understanding of anime was also limited.  It's just superficial. When I first started writing, I didn't know about the moon. I only knew about the fateful night It can be said that at that time, I was just a novice on anime.

    So what was the original intention of writing this book?

    I canĄŻt remember the details. Maybe it was influenced by others, or maybe I just simply like these characters.

    When I first started writing, I had no ambitions, but now that I have started writing, I always hope to achieve something. After all, writing books is my hobby, but if I can make a living from it, it will also be a very happy thing.

    It was only after I actually wrote it that I realized how difficult and painful it was to write a book.

    I seemed to have said before that when I was writing Chapter 19, I had the idea of ??being a eunuch. Later, I was able to continue writing because of the signing message from the background.

    This is real.

    But I may not have said that when I was writing this book, I thought of the eunuch no less than fifty times.

    Yes, you are not mistaken.

    As mentioned above, my understanding of animation is only a rudimentary one, but if I want to write this book well, I cannot rely on such a one-sided knowledge, so I kept looking up information while writing: Revisiting the Past  I have spent a lot of time reading anime that I have watched over and over again, reading light novels that I have not read before, and looking up various information, such as various analyzes written by many animation veterans.

    Here I would like to thank these senior nerds who I donĄŻt know. Regardless of whether their analysis and insights are correct or not, at least they have given me a lot of help.

    However, it is very tiring to look up so much information, and I not only read it, but also analyze it myself, such as this person's personality and how he will react when encountering something In short, it is very, very  Tired.

    Then, because of the imperfect worldview and lack of acceptance, I often get stuck.

    In fact, at first, I just wanted to write a short novel with more than one million words, but as I kept writing, I found that the layout was getting bigger and bigger, and there were more and more pitfalls. I simply couldnĄŻt stop it, especially in the fourth volume.  At that time, even I couldnĄŻt grasp it.

    From the first volume to the third volume, the reviews of this book have increased. For example, I donĄŻt know where I saw a comment from someone who said that the first volume had the unique feeling of a newcomer, and the second volume felt like a newbie.  It started to become more mature, reached its peak in the third volume, and then started to decline in the fourth volume.

    Although everyone has their own opinions, and it may not be the case in the eyes of other readers, in the fourth volume, I did have some problems with the plot and setting, which cannot be denied.

    Of course there are many more painful things for me to write later, so I wonĄŻt mention them all here. Many times I thought about not writing, but when I saw the subscriptions in the background, although they were not many, they were supportive, and there was also a book review area.  With all kinds of encouragement, I finally continued to write this book down.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I remember seeing many people saying that my book was very popular in the early stage, but its popularity slumped in the later stage. In fact, this is wrong.  Because the performance of this book was very poor at first, with an average score of just over 1,000, and it lasted for several months. Until the end of September, when the sales doubled, I began to compete for the classified monthly ticket list. With the popularity of the monthly ticket list, the performance of this book  I was gradually drawn into it, and it was not until the end of the year that many alliance leaders appeared. It was probably the most popular time at that time.

    But even at that time, the number of subscriptions was only a little over 1,300.

    Now, there are 30,000 collections, more than 4,000 high-end orders, and an average of nearly 1,700 Although such results are completely different from those of popular books.?, but in the otaku market, and it is the most difficult to sell otaku novels that rely on animation as a selling point, this result should be very good.

    Of course, the performance of a book cannot be determined solely by subscriptions, but I am a professional writer, and subscriptions sustain my life. If I want to judge whether my book is good or not, I can only judge it from subscriptions.

    Well, after saying so much, I donĄŻt know what IĄŻm talking about. Anyway, I just write it and everyone can read it.

    In short, this book can not be completed until it is completed, and it is inseparable from everyone's support. Every click, every recommendation, every subscription, every monthly ticket and every reward is precisely because of your support.  Only then can I write this book satisfactorily.

    Maybe this book has many shortcomings, but at least I completed it with a serious attitude.

    I have been criticized by others, praised by others, scolded by others, and praised by others. Some people dropped their computers after reading it, and some people regarded this book as a masterpiece No matter what, in the past two years, I have read this book.  , I have experienced a lot, and you have also experienced a lot. Thank you for accompanying me through the past two years, allowing me to do what I want to do, and at the same time, it has also brought me certain financial benefits.

    Originally, I wanted to thank some people directly by name, but after thinking about it, I decided not to be coy.

    Regarding the ending of this book, there should be nothing much to say about it, happy ending. Maybe I forgot to fill in some of them, but they are probably not very important. Even if I didnĄŻt fill it in, I donĄŻt have to feel sorry, because even if I didnĄŻt fill it in,  The protagonist will also fill it in himself, and he will definitely fill it out better than me.

    So, this book is finished.

    After two years of writing books, my health got worse and I couldnĄŻt find another job. Of course, if I wanted to survive, I had to continue writing books.

    Originally, for a newbie like me who was on the verge of breaking out, if I could open a new book immediately with a seamless connection, I might be able to maintain my small popularity until the new book. After a long time, I would probably have to start over again.

    But as I said before, there was no plan when I wrote this book, so not only was it revised frequently at the beginning, but I even failed to make a splash on the most important new book monthly ticket list, which I have always regretted.

    So I have to prepare the new book well.

    The theme of the new book is fantasy. I will continue to maintain the funny and passionate style of the book, and then add a little cuteness Although I really want to write that kind of routine fantasy for TVB, but to be honest, I really donĄŻt.  It's suitable for writing that kind of book, so even though it's covered in fantasy, it's probably still niche.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????OUT OUT OF PHILADELPHIA

    And the theme of the new bookwell, probably the victory of the girl control.

    ??Okay, thatĄŻs it for the review. If there are no surprises, the new book will probably be released in mid-May. Of course, itĄŻs still the starting point.  So, let's say goodbye for now, and if you have any expectations for my new book, let's see you again in May.
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