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Book of Girls  Contract

Book of Girls  Contract最新章节列表,Book of Girls  Contract全文阅读

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Book of Girls  ContractBrief introduction:

??Sign a contract with the beautiful girls from the second dimension, and then conquer the world together!
The arrogant and powerful Railgun Misaka Mikoto!  ...The genius magician Red Devil Tohsaka Rin!  ...The Gospel of Darkness, the True Ancestor of Vampires, Yiwen Jielin!  ...The final lineage of the Seven-Glory Treasure Tree, Raifli!  ...The Black Rock Shooter, the heavy artilleryman who brought an end to the evil world with Blue Flame Brahma!
"The Immortal Witch of Destiny CC!"  ...The flame-haired and scorching-eyed conqueror Shana of the scorching-eyes!  ...The world’s number one princess, Hatsune Miku!  ...The favored concubine of the tyrant of the Space and Time Management Bureau attacks Ye Tianshou!  ...The Queen of the Sky, Ikaros, descended from the sky!  ...The totally cool Servant Sakuya Izayoi (comes with Scarlet Devil Mansion)!  ...Eternal and Momentary Sinner Horaizan Kaguya (with Eternal Pavilion included)!  ...Miko Hakurei Reimu of the Mysterious Paradise (includes Gensokyo)...
Of course, this is just the beginning!

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