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Star Shattered Time and Space Latest chapter update list


Main text Remarks on the launch, Mother’s Day, friends, please come in and take a lookText Chapter 1 TeenagerText Chapter 2 GuardingText Chapter 3 Underground Floor
Text Chapter 4 LearningText Chapter 5 HarvestText Chapter 6 GameText Chapter 7 The Working Emperor (Part 1)
Text Chapter 9 Shameful WasteText Chapter 10 See the light of day againText Chapter 11 StrengthText Chapter 12 Base (Part 1)
Text Chapter 13 Base (Part 2)Text Chapter 14 Base (Part 2)Text Chapter 15 Bad News (Part 1)Text Chapter 16 Bad News (Part 2)
Text Chapter 17 ReasonsText Chapter 18 Killing (Part 1)Text Chapter 19 Killing (Part 2)Text Chapter 20 Killing (Part 2)
Text Chapter 21 The strong man in the starry skyText Chapter 22 Leaving the Earth (Part 1)Text Chapter 23 Leaving the Earth (Part 2) End of Volume 1Text Chapter 24 Wormhole Jump (Part 1)
Text Chapter 25 Wormhole Jump (Part 2)Text Chapter 26 Brahma EmperorText Chapter 27 Rookie Pirate GroupText Chapter 28 Liuyun Star Territory
Text Chapter 29 Tianlun StarText Chapter 30 Forced SaleText Chapter 31 Forced PurchaseText Chapter 32 Getting rich
Text Chapter 33 Tianlun Auction HouseText Chapter 34 Star Tears (Part 1)Text Chapter 35 Star Tears (Part 2)Text Chapter 36 Star Tears (Part 2)
Text Chapter 37 Please enter the urnText Chapter 38 ShockText Chapter 39 Mecha Training (Part 1)Text Chapter 40 Mecha Training (Part 2)
Text Chapter 41 Mecha Training (Part 2)Text Chapter 42 The Prodigal SonText Chapter 43: Mecha BattleText Chapter 44 The pursuers are approaching
Text Chapter 45: Encounter on a narrow roadText Chapter 46 The clownText Chapter 47 The Stage of Life and DeathText Chapter 48 A battle of life and death
Text Chapter 49: Group Destruction (Part 1)Text Chapter 50: Group Destruction (Part 2)Text Chapter 51 The group is destroyed (Part 2)Text Chapter 52 Sky-high compensation
Text Chapter 53: Settlement of GrudgesText Chapter 54 Pirates meet robbersText Chapter 55 The Secret Realm of LiuyunText Chapter 56 Farewell
Text Chapter 57 Dimensional Subspace (Part 1)Text Chapter 58 Dimensional Subspace (Part 2)Text Chapter 59 Nine consecutive starsText Chapter 60 Another breakthrough
Text Chapter 61 Advanced Powerful ManText Chapter 62 Treasure StarText Chapter 63 Royal Imperial CollegeText Chapter 64 The ferocious beast of the universe
Text Chapter 65 Serious InjuryText Chapter 66 ReasonsText Chapter 67 LeavingText Chapter 68 Space Storm (Part 1)
Text Chapter 69 Space Storm (Part 2)Text Chapter 70 Death Row Star (Part 1)Text Chapter 71 Death Row Star (Part 2)Text Chapter 72 Death Row Star (Part 2)
Text Chapter 73 Anger (Part 1)Text Chapter 74 Anger (Part 2)Text Chapter 75 Anger (Part 2)Text Chapter 76 Thunderbolt Method (Part 1)
Text Chapter 77 Thunderbolt Method (Part 2)Text Chapter 78 Thunderbolt Method (Part 2)Text Chapter 79 Union (Part 1)Text Chapter 80 Union (Part 2)
Text Chapter 81 Riot (Part 1)Text Chapter 82 Riot (Part 2)Text Chapter 83 Full ControlText Chapter 84 Escape from Death Row Planet
Text Chapter 85: Interception on the roadText Chapter 86: Both sides suffer (Part 1)Text Chapter 87: Both sides suffer (Part 2)Text Chapter 88: First Arrival at Biyun Star
Text Chapter 89 CitizenshipText Chapter 90 Emperor HotelText Chapter 91 TreatmentText Chapter 92 Emperor Casino (Part 1)
Text Chapter 93 Emperor Casino (Part 2)Text Chapter 94 SuspicionText Chapter 95 Gambling (Part 1)Text Chapter 96 Gambling (Part 2)
Text Chapter 97 Gambling (Part 2)Text Chapter 98 Going bankruptText Chapter 99 The Laurent FamilyText Chapter 100 Sister
Text Chapter 101 Undercurrent (Part 1)Text Chapter 102: Undercurrent (Part 2)Text Chapter 103: RebornText Chapter 104 Assassination (Part 1)
Text Chapter 105 Assassination (Part 2)Text Chapter 106 Assassination (Part 2)Text Chapter 107 ReunionText Chapter 108 Interest (Part 1)
Text Chapter 109 Interest (Part 2)Text Chapter 110 Interest (Part 2)Text Chapter 111 Spirit DevouringText Chapter 112 Discussion (Part 1)
Text Chapter 113 Discussion (Part 2)Text Chapter 114 Discussion (Part 2)Text Chapter 115 Visit (Part 1)Text Chapter 116 Visit (Part 2)
Text Chapter 117 Royal Fighting ArenaText Chapter 118 ConcertText Chapter 119 Warriors Battle (Part 1)Text Chapter 120 Battle of Warriors (Part 2)
Text Chapter 121 Warriors Battle (Part 2)Text Chapter 122 Destruction (Part 1)Text Chapter 123 Destruction (Part 2)Text Chapter 124 Soul Golden Bead
Text Chapter 125 Xiao Jin’s AwakeningText Chapter 126 Xiao Jin’s StrengthText Chapter 127 SnacksText Chapter 128 Heading to the Capital Star
Text Chapter 129 Goodbye Angel (Part 1)Text Chapter 130 Goodbye Angel (Part 2)Text Chapter 131 Goodbye Angel (Part 2) End of Volume 4Text Chapter 132 War Clouds Gather
Text Chapter 134 Kidnapping (Part 1)正文 操作失误,大家见谅Text Chapter 133 Kidnapping (Part 1)Text Chapter 134 Kidnapping (Part 2)
Text Chapter 135: NosyText Chapter 136 Home (please recommend and subscribe)Text Chapter 137 Two QuestionsText Chapter 138 News that shocks the Federation (a 7,000-word chapter)
Text Chapter 139: Impolite, call me uncleText Chapter 140 Crazy IdeaText Chapter 141 Meeting CeremonyText Chapter 142 Dramatic changes in the Federation
Text Chapter 143 Earth FederationText Chapter 144: Master of ManufacturingText Chapter 145 Mental CoercionText Chapter 146 Liu Tianlun
Text Chapter 147: The Artifact of DestinyText Chapter 148 Untying the Heart KnotText Chapter 149 The Battle of the Strong (Part 1)Text Chapter 150 The Battle of the Strong (Part 2)
Text Chapter 151: Resolving old feudsText Chapter 152 ChoiceText Chapter 153 WarmthText Chapter 154 Unlucky Wang Jie
Text Chapter 155 Federal TechnologyText Chapter 156 Heading to EarthText Chapter 157: Former Home, SorrowText Chapter 158 Ancestor Worship
Text Chapter 159: KillingText Chapter 160 Earth Transformation PlanText Chapter 161 Wang Gan returnsText Chapter 162 The Wang Family
Text Chapter 163 Return to GallenteText Chapter 164 Super EstateText Chapter 165: Famous among the StarsText Chapter 166 Duke Wangtian
Text Chapter 167 The Duke’s TroublesText Chapter 168 Aquamarine Star (Part 1)Text Chapter 169 Aquamarine Star (Part 2)Text Chapter 170 Landscape Painting
Text Chapter 171: Incarnation (Part 1)Text Chapter 172: Incarnation (Part 2)Text Chapter 173 Sea Dragon KingText The fourth update and the outbreak of 12,000 are completed. Please count the votes.
Text Chapter 174 Blue Sea Silver DragonText Chapter 175 Deep Sea VolcanoText Chapter 176 Before departure (a 7,000-word chapter)Text Chapter 177 The Chaotic Stambler Galaxy
Text Chapter 178 City in the Sky (Part 1)Text Chapter 179 City in the Sky (Part 2)Text Chapter 180 Little Silver EvolutionText Chapter 181 Bao'er builds the body
Text Chapter 182 Legend (9,000-word chapter please vote for me)Text Chapter 183 The Fall of the StrongText Chapter 184 Baoer’s AdvancementText Chapter 185 The smallest starry sky warrior in history
Text Chapter 186 Secret (Part 1)Text Chapter 187 Secret (Part 2)Text Chapter 188 Laws of the UniverseText Chapter 189 Starburst vs. Law of Wood (Part 1)
Text Chapter 190 Starburst vs. Law of Wood (Part 2)Text Chapter 191 Starburst vs. Law of Wood (Part 2)Text Chapter 192 Return to Planet AquamarineText Chapter 193: Dragons have reverse scales, and those who offend will be punished
Text Chapter 194 A good man should be happy with his grudgesText Chapter 195 BattleText Chapter 196 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey (Part 1)Text Chapter 197: Kill the chicken to scare the monkey (Part 2)
Text Chapter 2 has been updated today. Friends who are not support members can come and take a look.Text Chapter 198: The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (1) "100 Monthly Tickets for Additional Chapters"Text Chapter 199 The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (2)Text Chapter 200 The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (3)
Text Chapter 201 The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (4) "125 Monthly Tickets with Additional Chapters"Text Chapter 202 The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (5)Text Chapter 203 The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (6)Text Chapter 204: The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (7) "145 Monthly Tickets with Additional Chapters"
Text Chapter 205 The Secret Realm of Xuanwu (8)Text Chapter 206 Ten YearsText Chapter 207 Strange MeteoriteText Chapter 208 The Pillar to the Sky
Text Chapter 209 A catastrophic disasterText Chapter 210 Xuanwu’s True BodyText Chapter 211 Shura ClanText Chapter 212 Five-clawed Golden Dragon
Text Chapter 113 The Dragon Clan’s Magical PowersText Chapter 214 Reunion (two chapters in one chapter)Text Chapter 215: Prepare for a rainy day (two chapters in one chapter)The text has been updated today. If you like this book, please come and read it.
Text Chapter 216 The Wedding (Strong Summoning of Monthly Votes)Text [In urgent need, a strong call for monthly tickets at four o'clock in the morning]Text Chapter 217 It’s getting late, let’s go to bed [First update, please vote]Text Chapter 218 Three Years [Second update, urgently asking for monthly tickets]
Text Chapter 219 Sealing the Heaven and Seal the Earth (Part 1)Text Chapter 220 Sealing the Heaven and Seal the Earth (Part 2)Text An unforgettable June, thank you allText Chapter 221 Family Love
Text Chapter 222: Interstellar Portal (Part 1)Text Chapter 223: Interstellar Portal (Part 2)Text Chapter 224: Unable to control the situationText Chapter 225: First Encounter with the Shura Clan (two chapters in one chapter)
Text Chapter 226: Terror in the Secret Realm (6,000 words long chapter)Text Chapter 227 The war is comingText Chapter 228: Fierce battles one after anotherText Chapter 229: Destruction of Life and Death
Text Chapter 230 ReturningText Chapter 231 A new beginningText Chapter 232: Integration (a 7,000-word chapter)Text Chapter 233: Federal First College
Text Chapter 234 Murong XiaohuaText Chapter 235 Liar?Text Chapter 236: There is no place to be found after wearing iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get thereText Chapter 237 Conflict (please vote)
Text Chapter 238 VulnerableText Chapter 239: Getting what you wantText Chapter 240 TrialText Chapter 241 Jurassic
Text Chapter 242 Crisis (8,000 words long chapter)Text Chapter 243 Tyrannosaurus RexText Chapter 244 The trial is overText Chapter 245: Killing each other among the same race
Text Chapter 246 Good fortune and misfortune are unpredictableText Chapter 247 The Realm of LishenText Chapter 248 RuinsText Chapter 249 Return to the Academy
Text Chapter 250: Taking Advantage of Young MasterText Chapter 251: The Origin of the Federal Cultivation SystemText Chapter 252 Heavenly Level ControllerText Chapter 253 Play hard to get
Text Chapter 254 GiftText Chapter 255 DandyText Chapter 256 The Power of the Sima FamilyText Chapter 257 Prey (9000 words updated)
Text Chapter 258 New energy shield?Text Chapter 259 DestructionText Chapter 260 Sima Tianhao (7000 words long chapter)Text Chapter 261 The Realm of the Wandering God
Text Chapter 262 Old Friend (please vote for me)Text Chapter 263 Heading to the Meteorite Star TerritoryText Chapter 264 Breaking the SealText Chapter 265: Tragic
Text Chapter 266 Summoning (a 7,000-word chapter)Text Chapter 267 Plane正文 第二百六十八章 来龙去脉Text Chapter 269 Breakthrough
Text Chapter 270 Being a GuestText Chapter 271 Everyone gets what he needsText Chapter 272: Exploring Spiritual ConsciousnessText Chapter 273 Discussion
Text Chapter 274 Evenly matchedText Chapter 275 Interstellar Civilization Assessment ConferenceText Chapter 276 Link’s EmpireText Chapter 277 Crystal Stone
Text Chapter 278 TransactionText Chapter 279 Soul EnergyText Chapter 280 GuxincaoText Chapter 281
Text Chapter 282 The First Battle (Part 1)Text Chapter 283 The First Battle (Part 2)Text Chapter 284: Whereabouts Exposed (Part 1)Text Chapter 285: Whereabouts Exposed (Part 2)
Text Chapter 286 Energy VortexText Chapter 287: Plane Survivors (Part 1)Text Chapter 288: Plane Survivors (Part 2)Text Chapter 289 The so-called artifact
Text Chapter 290 More perverted than me?Text Chapter 291 ElfText Chapter 292 Heading to the Elf ForestText Chapter 293 Guardian
Text Chapter 294 Energy ShieldText Chapter 295 Plane PassageText Chapter 296 The Fruit of OriginText Chapter 297: Old friends meet, brothers meet again
Text Chapter 298 Division of StrengthText Chapter 299: Little Dragon Transforms (Chapter 2)Text Chapter 300 Killing Asura (Part 1)Text Chapter 301 Killing Asura (Part 2)
Text Chapter 302 Killing Asura (Part 2)Text Chapter 303: In the blink of an eye, a thousand years have passed, and the world has changed (Part 1)Text Chapter 304: In the blink of an eye, a thousand years have passed, and the world has changed dramatically (Part 2)Text Chapter 305: In the blink of an eye, a thousand years have passed, and the world has changed (Part 2)
Text Chapter 306 Who in the world doesn’t recognize you?Text Chapter 307 The Five Elements UniteText Chapter 308 Chaos SpaceText Chapter 309 Reunion of old friends
Text Chapter 310 The final battle (finale)Text: Final ThoughtsText New book uploaded 
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