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Star Shattered Time and Space

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Star Shattered Time and SpaceBrief introduction:

The Earth, which has entered the space age, is on the verge of destruction due to a sudden war; some people on Earth have established new countries in the galaxy, while a small number of people are fighting to the death against natural disasters and mutated beasts on the Earth.  In this nearly ruined land, Wang Tian, ??through his own efforts and acquired evolution, walked out of the earth and prepared to go to the new galactic human federation, but he was unexpectedly caught by an accident.  .
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Book title: Golden Eyes; ISBN: 162383
Zhuang Rui, a clerk working in a pawn shop, suffered a sudden change in his eyes in an accident.
The beautiful ceramics, the ancient and generous bronze, the thrilling gambling stones, the beautiful nurses who benefit the quality of the heart, the cold and frosty giants have followed, and his life has also changed.
Eyes with dual pupils, wealth life
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