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Volume 4: Immortal City Chapter 852: Goodbye, no regrets (completed)

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    Chapter 852 Goodbye, no regrets (completed)

    ¡ª¡ªEven if I fall straight into the underworld, I will never give up.

    Time flies, and without knowing it, the Night Butterfly Thieves Group has gone from its establishment to today.

    Chu Yu¡¯s death not only did not make them despair, but also joined forces with the murderer Matthew Butan. It must be said that this is the richness of the star world.

    In this new world, there are countless possibilities. As long as you have enough ability, even life and death are not irreversible. This is the miracle of the star world.

    Just like the miracle happening at this star gate at this time.

    The seven princess stones shine with a strange brilliance, which is the most charming baptism, reflecting like an aurora on the side of the star gate, creating an unprecedented miracle.

    Even the members of the Night Butterfly Bandits never thought that these last few Princess Stones would be obtained by such a chance, nor did they expect that the Night Butterfly would complete the promotion the moment it passed through the Star Gate.

    However, this kind of thing is really nothing compared to the feat that Princess Mononoke is accomplishing.

    In fact, after the Night Butterfly swallowed the seven Princess Stones, it was taken into Chen Xiaoming's hands. He looked like he was holding a vase and did not dare to move, which made everyone laugh.

    However, no one could laugh.

    Standing on the eyeball deck of the Hope, with that indescribable solemnity and tension, everyone was already mentally prepared.

    Yes, what comes next is a huge challenge for everyone.

    Needless to say, Chen Xiaoming, although Princess Maaya said it simply, no one has been to the world of reincarnation at all, and it is even doubtful whether it really exists.

    so what?  !  Even if Ye hadn't confirmed the existence of the reincarnation world to Chen Xiaoming, Chen Xiaoming would not have hesitated at all. He might be able to give up many things, but he would never give up his heart.

    He knew that he could not give up, he must chase Chu Yu, even if she has entered reincarnation, he must find her back

    This is enough.

    No matter where the world of reincarnation is, Chen Xiaoming will never frown. Even if he dies, he will die in the same world as Chu Yu.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I have no regrets in this life.

    "However, Chen Xiaoming firmly believes that he will never die. He will definitely find Chu Yu, then return to the montage area and continue his journey of exploring the Marmot Star. This is the battle of his life.

    Chen Xiaoming's path may be the most dangerous, but he is the calmest. On the contrary, the future of the other members of the Night Butterfly Bandits is somewhat unpredictable.

    When they were on Paradise Star, the members of the Night Butterfly Thieves Group might have thought that all of them would die, but they would never have thought that they would join another team, not to mention that this team was still in the montage area and had a very high status.  Team Hope.

    This kind of thing is simply unheard of and unthinkable.

    Joining the Hope means that they will directly enter a super high altitude. The huge challenge involved makes even Wen can't help but tremble with excitement.

    Yes, none of them are afraid, some are just excited, and some are just excited.

    This perverted team that dares to challenge Aphrodite and Artemis is a perverted combination. In their hearts, the word fear will probably never exist.

    For the original members of Night Butterfly Bandits, the future is full of challenges and exciting. They will not be afraid because they are still waiting for the return of Chen Xiaoming and Chu Yu.

    So, no regrets.

    Those who have no regrets also include the new member of the Night Butterfly Bandits, Princess Mononoke.

    She is actually the member who has sacrificed the most.

    No one knows the pain of a soul split into two,

    From now on, no one knows the pain of falling into deep sleep.

    But even so, she has no regrets.

    Because, at least she met Matthew and allowed him to find himself again. No matter how high the price was, she would not hesitate to do so.

    "Everyone has no regrets, and everyone has a determined expression, but only Matthew Butan, this red-haired man, fell into confusion for the first time in his life.

    Before coming here, he was so aloof. He never thought that he would fail, and he never thought that he would repent.

    However, when this moment really arrived, he discovered that it was so easy to repent.

    Perhaps, this is the hope that I have always longed for.

    The only thing that confused Matthew was Princess Mononoke¡¯s choice.

      Even in the end, she did not agree to Matthew Butan's invitation. She told his childhood sweetheart that she had always belonged to the Night Butterfly Thieves Group and would never join any team again.

    He didn¡¯t understand what kind of power this team had that could make her almost give up her life after waiting for him for countless years, and even choose to reject herself until the last moment.

    But even though he didn't understand it, he could see the lack of regrets in Maaya Asuka's eyes.

    That look in his eyes said it all.

    This made Matthew Butan sigh, "Perhaps, this lack of regrets is their true strength."

    The bloody eyeball replaced the Night Butterfly and headed towards the montage area. It was only a moment away from the star gate.

    Princess Mononoke finally reluctantly said her last goodbye to Matthew. Her soul transformed into two white balls of light and merged into No. 13 and Night Butterfly respectively, and became silent again.

    Matthew Butan, this man who has never shed tears, could no longer control himself that day, and he shed bloody tears.

    Men only cry when everything is over.

    For Matthew, perhaps what he shed at this moment was just the blood in his heart.

    This man who has always been invincible across the starfields is now like the most ordinary person, holding a ceremony for Chuyu with the members of the Night Butterfly Bandits.

    This is a memorial ceremony, because the ceremony is held for the body of a blue-haired girl.

    But although everyone¡¯s faces were stained with faint traces of tears, they were all filled with smiles at this moment. This was a truly brilliant smile, a smile full of hope.

    Just for her no regrets, just for her rebirth.

    Chu Yu¡¯s body was ignited with starlight, and her figure gradually became blurred, gradually looming, and finally, it was like an aurora, quietly scattering the forgotten starlight.

    At the same time, a bloody door suddenly shattered the void and opened suddenly at the place where Chu Yu disappeared.

    There is no doubt that this is the gate to the underworld leading to the world of reincarnation!

    This is undoubtedly the most spectacular miracle, but no one pays even the slightest attention to the Gate of Underworld. Their eyes are only on one person.

    It was a young man with black hair. He was wearing a snow-white cloak with a vivid three-legged night butterfly tattooed on it.  He held a butterfly-like fan in his hand, with seven colorful butterflies flying leisurely on the fan.

    The young man seemed to treasure this fan very much and held it tightly.

    Everyone¡¯s eyes were on him, but he didn¡¯t hesitate, didn¡¯t look back, and didn¡¯t say a word of farewell.

    He just walked towards the gate of hell silently, taking the most determined steps.


    Liuli played music. The music was nameless, but she devoted all her efforts to it.

    "A simple melody, but it contains indescribable sadness and hope, and forgotten feelings, but it interprets the greatness of the starry sky.

    As the music drifted leisurely, the Bloody Eye Hope finally completed its journey to the montage area.

    The figures gradually disappeared, but only this sad but lively music echoed for a long time.

    Along with the lingering sound of this piece of music, Chen Xiaoming¡¯s figure also disappeared into the Gate of Underworld.

    He has already embarked on the road to reincarnation.

    He doesn¡¯t know what his future will be like, and he doesn¡¯t want to think about it.

    He just held the butterfly fan in his hand and sang a song with no rhyme in his tone-deaf voice.

    That piece of music that can¡¯t be faded for a long time seems to be the perfect accompaniment. It is so beautiful, like the sound of nature.

    However, no matter how beautiful the music is, it cannot withstand the baptism of space and time. As the Star Gate and the Gate of Hell close, the sound becomes smaller and smaller after all.

    However, this tone-deaf singing still continued intermittently, seemingly never ending.


    I don¡¯t want to recall the day we met.

    Just remember that if you are not careful, you will be deceived.

    On days when our swords clashed with each other, we fell into thunder together.

    When you fall into a demonic barrier, you raise your sword to my heart

    Being by your side day and night, I have long been accustomed to your breath.

    Always remember your words

    "If you forget, I will kill you myself."

    How can we forget your promise?

    I know I'm lying to myself.

     But even today, I don¡¯t want to believe that you are gone



    I can still feel your temperature and your heartbeat.

    No matter how far away,

    Or die,

    I will always be by your side

    No matter you are in hell,

    It¡¯s still heaven

    I will take you back

    Even if you fall straight into the underworld

    I will never give up either

    Our hearts have already transcended life and death

    I believe that the star sand sky worm will lead me to find you

    Even in the abyss of the Nine Netherworlds and the Valley of the Styx

    One day,

    I will hold your hand myself


    Welcome back.



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